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Okiror John Chris, Tasuma Suzan and family with the tree nursery they own thanks to the support of VEFO and ITF.
Moses Wakida collecting seedlings to be planted at Kadenge Community Nursery Bed

Last month, we wrote about the support we have provided to the International Tree Foundation for their COMAID project in Cameroon that seeks to create a sustainable food forest for residents of the Dom community. Indeed, we are proud to be involved with a number of ITF projects, and like to provide updates on all facets of our work when possible. Today we will be looking at the success of the Village Enterprise Foundation Organisation in Uganda.

The project is working with local residents to build their entrepreneurial skills in tree nursery management. Community members have suggested that the depletion of trees can be attributed to large areas that are being removed to provide additional space for farming and house construction. Trees are also cut down to provide fuel for brick manufacture and cooking. With a lack of seedlings to plant, woodland clearance has contributed to climate change locally.

Last August, we wrote about the work for VEFO that had already been undertaken, which included the planting and survival of more than 34,000 seedlings, and the training of over 5,600 locals in tree planting and care. By August 2017, the aim is to have 176,900 tree and fruit seedlings planted within six established nurseries throughout the Budaka district. The project is also working to encourage the planting of more indigenous species (including iroko).

We are incredibly proud of our work with ITF and are excited for further updates as the final few months of the VEFO project unfold. We will keep you up to date with progress as it happens. At Worktop Express, we work hard to ensure our kitchen worktops and other accessories are sustainably and responsibly sourced. Should you wish to know more, please visit our environmental policy page.

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