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Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, any of our worktops can be cut to your exact specifications. Our machinery ensures precise and accurate cutting, and you can incorporate designs and features you would like into our online bespoke fabrication tool. Whether you need cut-outs for appliances and sinks, edge profiling, radius corners or something completely different, Worktop Express can make your vision come to life. Here are some of our favourite ideas for unconventional worktop cut-outs.

A rising set of plug sockets on a kitchen worktop

Credit : Pinterest

Hidden Plug Sockets

For a sleek and modern look, consider a cut-out to concealing a pop-up plug socket in your worktop. Stashed out of the way until you need to use them, they can provide extra sockets where you would not otherwise be able to put a row of plugs. This kitchen shown here features a power bank on the worktop to make the space more flexible and useful. We can create the perfect-sized hole for extra plugs if provided with accurate measurements.

A small herb garden in the middle of a kitchen island

Credit : Ewe

Handy Herb Garden

Bring nature into your kitchen by opting for a herb garden on your kitchen worktop or island. A small herb garden is a convenient way to store fresh herbs, and could prompt you to use them more often. As an added benefit, the greenery is an attractive and beautiful feature that adds an extra touch of homeliness. Our talented fabrication team are adept in producing irregular worktop cut-outs, so will have no trouble creating this feature.

A multifunctional trough sink with oysters and a bottle of champagne

Credit : House Beautiful

Multifunctional Trough Sink

The next step up from an integrated herb garden is to have a ‘trough’ sink that offers many different uses and is separate from your main sink. This addition is not only rather useful, but is the perfect feature for entertaining. You could use this as a herb garden, as a space to keep bottles chilled or as an extra food preparation area. The cut-out needed for this installation is no different to some of our previous worktop alteration requests.

A circular worktop cut-out to sweep rubbish away

Credit : Kitchn

Waste Space

Whilst it may not be the most attractive part of a kitchen, dealing with waste is a fundamental aspect that needs consideration. If you have cupboard space to spare, you could put a rubbish, recycling or food waste bin inside and incorporate a cut-out in your worktop to easily sweep mess away. You may have seen this solution in coffee shops or fast food joints, and it provides an elegant option that hides the bin out of sight – whilst still being practical.

To see more of the worktop cut-outs and features we can incorporate, please visit our bespoke worktop fabrication gallery. You may need to contact us regarding your specific requirements. Which of these cut-outs would you choose for your kitchen?

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2 Responses to “Unusual Worktop Cut-Outs: Ideas for Your Kitchen”

  1. Amazing! I’ll definitely follow these tips! We’re planning on renovating our kitchen for a change and this gave me ideas what to do! Thank you!

  2. Wow nice ideas! I like the hidden plug sockets because most of the time I charge my phone / ipad when Im following a recipe online so this will come in handy instead of putting an extension plug.

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