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Each and every month hundreds of bespoke wood worktops pass through our fabrication workshop, and November 2015 was no exception. As usual, the customised worktops created by the team behind our bespoke worktop cutting service are of the highest quality, and will no doubt become the centrepiece of some stunning kitchens.

Here are November’s top three bespoke worktops:

Full Stave Iroko

November’s Fabrication Top Picks: Full Stave Iroko

Full stave iroko is the most luxurious form of this exotic African timber, showing off the unique figuring in a number of wide 90mm staves that run the full length of the worktop.

Iroko usually starts as a yellow-coloured timber, but matures into a rich golden brown hue over time. This particular wood is also naturally antibacterial and more water resistant than many other timbers, thanks to its naturally high oil content.

This particular worktop features a rectangular cut-out for an undermounted sink, a smooth pencil edge profile and a small radius corner, which combine to give the worktop a softer finish. After fabrication, several layers of oil were applied to accentuate the natural colour and help protect the surface during delivery and installation.


November’s Fabrication Top Picks: Wenge

Our wenge worktops are regarded as the darkest and most opulent option in our range. It appears almost black in colour, though lighter flecks and strong grain patterns are still visible on closer inspection.

Wenge is one of the most dense and hard-wearing timbers available, which makes it an ideal choice for kitchen worktops.

This particular wenge worktop features two irregular cut-outs – one of which has a smooth radius corner. These cut outs were made to allow the customer to install the worktop into their kitchen with minimal fuss.

Like any other worktop that passes through our fabrication facility, this piece was coated with several layers of oil to accentuate the natural colour and help protect the worktop during transit and installation.

Full Stave Prime Oak

November’s Fabrication Top Picks: Full Stave Prime Oak

Oak is by far the most popular timber in our range, and our Full Stave Prime Oak is without doubt the most stunning example of this well-known timber.

This particular example may not feature any unusual cut-outs or other major alterations, but it warrants inclusion simply because of its great width. Our team biscuit-jointed two worktops together to create a surface over 1300mm wide, which will sit perfectly atop a very large kitchen island.

The biscuit joint is used as this will retain the solid wood’s strength without affecting the look of the timber – in fact, most would struggle to tell that this surface was made from two separate pieces.

After sanding to a smooth finish, a number of coats of oil were applied to protect the worktop and prepare it for installation.

If any of the fabricated worktops featured in this month’s ‘Fabrication Top Picks’ have inspired you to create a customised surface for your kitchen, we highly recommend giving our Online Bespoke Worktop Tool a try. Our ongoing promotion offers 10% off any customisations ordered via the online tool, which makes our bespoke worktops better value than ever!

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