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When our quest for a new kitchen begins, our instincts tell us to look for investment – a kitchen that will last for years to come. Worktops made from materials such as marble, granite, and quartz are classic investment pieces for kitchens, however, come at a high price. Thankfully, our new solid laminate worktops provide the same level of longevity and timeless style as these surfaces at a much more affordable price, allowing you to invest in your kitchen without breaking the bank.

In this blog post, we get to know the seven new solid laminate worktops we’ve just added to our collection and give you some inspiration to help you style them in your kitchen.

Zenith Cloudy Cement

These worktops are an excellent addition to any contemporary kitchen thanks to their versatile design, featuring neutral hues and unusual markings that complement a variety of kitchen styles. Tones of light grey and beige entwine to create this stunning, industrial-inspired countertop. Combine this worktop with matching splashbacks, dark wood cabinets, and a stainless-steel sink to create a minimalistic feel in your cooking space. Alternatively, style with white shaker cabinets, bow handles, and open storage for a stunning classical-contemporary kitchen with a more lived-in feel.

Zenith Cloudy Nova

These dramatic worktops feature a stark contrast of their dark grey stone effect with white-veined markings to create a striking, modern aesthetic. For a stunning focal point in your kitchen, use these worktops on a central island and style the room with pure white handleless cabinets to create a truly contemporary feel.

Zenith Marble Veneto

Marble Veneto Solid laminate worktops are an excellent alternative to solid marble at a fraction of the cost. These smooth white surfaces feature prominent grey markings that perfectly replicate real marble. Combine with a Belfast sink, navy cabinets and mixer tap to create a kitchen with plenty of classic charm. Alternatively, traditional grey cabinets and mushroom knobs can complement these surfaces for a sleek, modern design.

Zenith Trieste

These stylish surfaces feature a beautiful limestone finish that complements a wide range of kitchen designs. Use our Zenith Trieste worktops with off-white shaker cabinet doors and dark grey walls, to create a contrasting contemporary aesthetic. Alternatively, for a more seamless look between your worktops and walls, choose our stunning matching splashbacks.

Grey Marble

Available exclusively at Worktop Express, these worktops feature multiple shades of grey and white broken by beautiful streaks of rose gold. These luxurious surfaces imitate the beauty of natural marble perfectly, offering a surprisingly affordable alternative to solid marble. Style these worktops in a modern way with pure white cabinet doors and silver accents such as sinks and handles. You could even choose to inject more metallic tones into your cooking space with rose gold or silver appliances to enhance the contemporary aesthetic.

White Quartz

A timeless design that will be on-trend for years to come, our White Quartz solid laminate worktops are an affordable alternative to solid quartz. These worktops feature small, subtle flecks of grey and brown throughout for a versatile option that can be used with just about any kitchen design. Style our quartz effect countertops with a variety of pastel tones for a soft look. Alternatively, combine these surfaces with our solid wood worktops as a breakfast bar for an extremely popular mixed-material kitchen.

White Terrazzo

These unique surfaces feature a white base covered in prominent flecks of grey and brown. Our White Terrazzo worktops are an elegant, sophisticated choice for any kitchen design, with enhanced durability thanks to their solid core. Style our terrazzo-effect countertops with traditional wood cabinets and floating wooden shelves for a conventional spin on contemporary design.

Our new solid laminate worktops are now available to buy online and in our nationwide showrooms. We also sell solid laminate worktop samples to allow you to experience the quality of these worktops from the comfort of your own home.

What do you think of our new solid laminate worktops? Let us know in the comments below. Do not forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for even more stories like this or subscribe to our newsletter for updates and information about new products, special offers and competitions.

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