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After progressing to the final of Gloucestershire’s FA Minor Cup Final, as Alkerton Rangers’ sponsor, we were excited, tinged with a suitable amount of nerves as to whether they could pull it off against the mighty Poulton to take the win. We sent our resident football pundit (and wood kitchen work tops expert), Andy ‘The Cobra’ Cotty along to get us a match report:

“It was a beautiful evening in Gloucester at the grounds of Tuffley FC, where these two titans of local-league football meet to decide who’ll be the minor league winner of the 2013/2014 season.

The first half’s underway and both teams have fired out of the gate with the action going back-and-forth up the pitch, but neither team managing to initially break down the defence. Alkerton took great advantage of two breakaway attacks and caught Poulton off guard to score two well worked goals. Poulton managed to come back with a consolation goal in the dying moments of the second half. Both teams went in to half-time with high spirits, but with Alkerton showing they might have the edge.

The second half was delayed a little as officials chinwagged over a half-time brew, but before too long the whistle was blown and the match was underway again.

Early pressure from Poulton searching for an equaliser saw two changes go agonisingly wide of the Alkerton goal mouth. The next 15-20 minutes saw both teams probe at each other’s defences a number of times, culminating in a free-kick deep in the Alkerton half. Poulton’s chosen man swung the ball in to the Alkerton box, which was cleared to safety by the central defence.

Alkerton’s midfield picked up the ball and played out wide on the right wing and the ball made its way to the dangerous Alkerton striker. Sprinting clear of the Poulton left back defence, a 20 yard run found him at the edge of the Poulton box, where he let fly with a shot that bobbled twice in front of the keeper before squeezing through the keeper’s legs and in to the net. 3-1 Alkerton!

Poulton, clearly frustrated by the goal came flying in with some dangerous late tackles on the Alkerton players, resulting in 3 yellow cards in just over 5 minutes.

With just 5 minutes remaining in the half, Poulton struggled to get any fresh opportunities to break through the Alkerton defence, and the final blow was dealt when a lovely ball found its way to the Alkerton striker, leaving him 1-on-1 with the Poulton keeper. 4-1!

With the game firmly wrapped up, a minute of injury time drew the game to a glorious end. Alkerton players and coaching staff were in jubilant celebration, with the 4-1 win thoroughly deserved.”

A massive congratulations from all of us here at Worktop Express®, who all look forward to supporting you through the next season. If you’re interested in following Alkerton Rangers’ progress and finding out about our other sponsors, remember to keep a close eye on the blog.

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