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Unika ColorFill - Block Beech CF009

Unika ColorFill - Block Beech CF009

This 25g tube of Unika ColorFill is an essential installation accessory. A lack of additives and hydrophobic polymer structure makes this joint sealant completely waterproof - ideal for laminate worktop joints. After just an hour, Unika ColorFill is touch dry - along with this, it is waterproof and resistant to all household detergents and cleaners. This high-performance sealant will be colour-matched to your worktop for a seamless finish, providing essential strength and stability to your worktops without sacrificing style. This sealant is low-maintenance due to it being a self-setting material which requires no mixing.

Each sealant corresponds to different worktops (depending on their colour). The available colours are listed in the table below, along with details of the worktops they are recommended for use with:

Please note: you will need one tube of ColorFill per joint.

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