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Choosing the Right Colorfill for Your Worktop

Colorfill is an industry-leading sealant that is designed to complement specific worktop decors. By choosing the correct sealant, you can guarantee that any joins in your worktops are neat and tidy. Use this handy guide to find the perfect sealant for any worktop.

Why Choose Colorfill?

A lack of additives and hydrophobic polymer structure makes this joint sealant completely waterproof - ideal for laminate worktop joints. After just an hour, Unika ColorFill is touch dry - along with this, it is waterproof and resistant to all household detergents and cleaners. This high-performance sealant will be colour-matched to your worktop for a seamless finish, providing essential strength and stability to your worktops without sacrificing style. This sealant is low-maintenance due to it being a self-setting material which requires no mixing.


Which Colorfill is Right for My Worktop?

Please consult this table to find the most appropriate Colorfill for any worktop:

Colorfil Matching Worktop Styles
Medium Bridge Oak CF056 Californian Walnut
White/Grey Marble CF124 White Andromeda, White Quartz Stone, Marble Effect - Calcutta, Luxe White Matt Andromeda, Lily White
Polar White CF070 White Glass, White
Diamond Black CF030 Black Andromeda, Galaxy Gloss, Black Granite, Black Quartz Stone, Black
Linear Oak Effect CF140 Rustic Wood, Tennesee Hickory, Arlington Oak, Rustic Oak, Oak Block
Light Wenge CF261 Copper, Grey Granite
Plum CF291 Walnut Block, Dark Walnut, Dark Oak
Grey Dust CF047 Trebbia Stone, Venato Marble
Dark Melange CF414 Luxe Black Andromeda
Fog CF040 Grey Andromeda, Ipanema Grey
Block Beech CF009 Beech
Red Gloss CF397 Red Sparkle
Midnight CF212 Blue Andromeda
Capitol Pine CF111 Taurus Beige, Mosaic Stone
Stardust CF086 Industrial Concrete, Classic Terrazzo, Slate Grey
Ash White CF199 Gris Marble, Statuario Marble, Light Sandstone, Whitewashed Oak, Classic Marble
Black Aurora CF155 Dusk Granite, Amethyst Geode
French Walnut CF126 Yunnan Walnut, Burned Copper
Silent Oak CF178 Sherwood Oak, Basque Oak
Royal Granite CF259 Luxe Grey Andromeda
Colorado Oak CF112 Vintage Oak
Grey Slate Effect CF391 Black Marble
Howden Maple CF283 Natural Sandstone, Sofia Oak, Maruyama Cherry
Mountain Timber CF117 Charcoal Basalt
Sarum Grey CF076 Dawn Granite
Silver Grey CF115 Icelandic Spruce, Grey Haze
Soft Ivory CF327 Concrete, Honey Limestone
Samari Ash CF435 Silver Oak
Grey Oak CF437 Vintage Flint

If you have any questions about Colorfill please don't hesitate to get in touch.