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Earthstone Worktops Cut to Size

Earthstone Kitchen Worktops Cut to Size

To ensure that your worktops fit perfectly within your kitchen, there are a number of customisations that may be required; moreover, it may also be necessary to customise your worktops to accommodate appliances and accessories (such as sinks or taps). The skilled fabrication team at our Gloucestershire location offer a number of services for your Earthstone worktops cut to size, saving you time on site when your delivery arrives. There are a variety of customisation options available for your Earthstone surfaces, all of which can be completed within a short timeframe. Indeed, once we have finalised the relevant diagrams, we are able to cut worktops to your requirements and deliver them within 3 - 5 working days.

Our experienced bespoke team utilise cutting-edge technology and the latest techniques to ensure all alterations meet your specifications. We can provide options for cutting to size alongside more intricate amendments (including cut-outs for hobs or overmounted sinks).

Further details on the individual services we offer are listed below. If you would like to order your Earthstone worktops cut to size, or customised in any of the ways listed below, simply email our fabrication team () or complete our contact form to request a quote.

Please note: Any cut edges will require re-finishing on site as we are currently unable to offer edging strip application (though we will be offering this service soon).

Our standard lead time for bespoke Earthstone worktop orders is 3-5 working days from customer confirmation of diagram to receipt of the order at your premises (depending on the customisations required).

Fabrication Service
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Bespoke Earthstone Worktops


Get Earthstone worktops cut to size with our handy worktop cutting service

We are able to cut Earthstone worktops to size as per your exact measurements. We use specialist machinery to ensure high precision. All equipment is serviced regularly to maintain our standards of quality.

Standard Price
£20.00 (first cut)
+ £15.00 (each additional cut)
Prices above are for first cut and charged at the discounted rate for multiple cuts.

Overmounted Sink Cut-Out:

Our skilled team can create an inset sink cut-out in Earthstone worktops with optimum precision

Overmounted sinks can also be called 'drop-in' or 'inset' sinks. The cut-out service we provide creates a space for an overmounted sink in your work surface, and can be routed to any size as per your requirements.

We recommend sealing the exposed core of the worktop using a clear sealant, and suggest that you apply this product to the rim of your sink during installation, too. Please be aware that we are unable to offer square corners for these cut-outs (a minimum corner radius of 8mm is available).

Standard Price
Priced per cut-out.

Hob Cut-Out:

Our hob cut-outs for kitchen worktops can accommodate models from a wide range of brands

A built-in hob provides a sleek and cohesive finishing touch to any kitchen. We are able to produce neat, precise apertures for hobs - simply provide the measurements for your preferred appliance, and we will do the rest.

Leaving a gap of 100mm around the end of the worktop and the edge of the cut-out is highly advised to ensure that the structural integrity of the worktop is maintained. Please be aware that square corners create a weak point in worktops with cut-outs - as such, we are unable to offer them. The minimum corner radius is 8mm.

Standard Price
Priced per cut-out.

Mason's Mitre Joint:

Choose a mitre joint to allow you to join two Earthstone worktops seamlessly

Joining Earthstone worktops using a mason's mitre joint provides a strong connection and is considered to be the best joining method.

Due to the hockey stick shape that is cut on one side of worktop, this method is also known as a 'butt and scribe' or 'hockey stick joint'. 'Dog bone' worktop connector bolts can be fitted to three grooves that are routed to the underside of the work surface, providing a secure join.

Standard Price

We utilise this technique because it wastes less material than the 45° mitre joint that is traditionally used in kitchen fitting. Before fitting, it is recommended that the edges of your work surface are sealed with a worktop sealant or PVA to prevent water absorption. The corresponding Earthstone jointing adhesive for your worktop will need to be used when securing separate lengths together to ensure joints appear seamless.

Biscuit cut-outs increase the area available for gluing and as such will be included for added stability.

Irregular Cut-Out:

Earthstone worktop with irregular cut-out

Kitchens come in a multitude of different shapes and sizes, and we appreciate that worktops may occasionally need to accommodate a variety of fixtures and fittings. Our irregular cut-out service can be used to incorporate a number of different features into your Earthstone worktops: from plug sockets to extruding walls or beams, our skilled fabrication team will cut to meet your requirements.

Please note: we are unable to offer square corners in any irregular cut-outs as they create a weak point in Earthstone worktops. A minimum radius of 8mm is available.

Standard Price
Priced per cut-out.