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Quantum Leap Shrewsbury solid wood worktops. Shrewsbury Castle solid wood worktops. Full stave prime oak solid wood worktops are a popular choice in Shrewsbury.

With a layout that remains largely unaltered from medieval times, Shrewsbury is a stunning market town with many timber-clad buildings of the 15th and 16th centuries. The town is home to a magnificent castle constructed from red sandstone, and has historically been a centre for the wool and brewing industries. What's more, Shrewsbury has a strong horticultural background, with the town's annual flower show constituting one of England's largest horticultural events.

The historic town is the birthplace of the evolutionist Charles Darwin and, in his honour, a striking sculpture - 'The Quantum Leap' - was constructed alongside the River Severn in 2009. The twisted construction was designed by architectural firm Pearce & Lal, and is perceived to take inspiration from Darwinian themes of dinosaur skeletons, DNA or back bones.

Our drivers are frequent visitors to Shrewsbury, and we find full stave prime oak worktops to be a popular order in the area. We attribute this worktop preference to the traditional charm of oak combined with the stunning appearance of large swathes of solid wood with minimal natural imperfections. The golden hues of oak are a popular choice for many households, comprised of sturdy and hard-wearing wood that gives a homely impression to both modern and traditional interiors.

We also have a selection of laminate worktops and Earthstone kitchen surfaces, which customers in Shrewsbury may be interested in trying through our sample service. This provides confidence in your purchase - we are certain you will not be disappointed! Samples cost from just £5 each or per pack, and can be discounted against your worktop order on a one-for-one basis.

Order your worktops by 12 noon for next day delivery to Shrewsbury.

Image Use:
"Quantum Leap" by Richard Law is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
"Shrewsbury Castle" by Rev Dan Catt is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0