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Unika Solid Wood Worktop Cleaner

Unika Solid Wood Worktop Cleaner

With a pH7 neutral formulation, this 500ml spray bottle of Unika specialist solid wood worktop cleaner leaves no surface build-up or smears that many multipurpose cleaners can cause. This non-hazardous, non-foaming substance cleans countertops effectively and is ideal for daily use. Solvent-free and biodegradable, this solid wood worktop cleaner removes light grease, fat, cooking stains and food residues while continuing to be safe for the environment and families. A pH7 neutral formula is ideal, as it is safe to use on unfinished and finished wood. To apply, simply spray onto a worktop and wipe off with a clean cloth. This Unika solid wood spray cleaner is ideal for all of our timber worktops and will help to prolong their natural beauty and grain pattern for years to come.




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