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Solid Laminate Worktops Aftercare Instructions

Solid laminate worktops are easy to maintain and following these simple steps will help keep them in the best condition for as long as possible.


Although durable and resistant to water ingress, we recommend mopping up any spillages as soon as possible with a clean dry cloth. This is to ensure your worktop remain hygienic and safe to use.


Quick and simple to maintain, solid laminate worktops can be cleaned easily with a mild detergent and water solution before wiping over with clean warm water. Gently dry with a clean dry cloth. Please note, sanding solid laminate surfaces is not advised and can cause irreparable damage.


Due to their solid, non-porous surface, solid laminate worktops are resistant to stains, mould, mildew and bacterial growth. Any spillages should be immediately wiped clean, however, if discolouration appears use a mild solution of detergent and water to clean the surface.

For more persistent stains, clean with a solution of equal parts domestic bleach and warm water. Non-abrasive cream cleaners can be applied with a non-abrasive nylon brush to more stubborn stains or if all else fails, use a Scotchbrite™ pad and warm, soapy water.


Please use a chopping board when preparing food. Although tough, we recommend that you do not cut directly onto the worktop. Scratches, marks and general wear and tear will be more visible on a darker worktop than a lighter one.

Hot Cookware

Solid laminate worktops are resistant to heat, however, we strongly advise that you do not place hot pans or dishes directly onto the surface, this may result in lasting damage to the worktop; instead use a pan stand, trivet or hotrods.