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All About Laminate Kitchen Work Surfaces: A Worktop Express® Nutshell Guide

In addition to our impressive collection of solid wood kitchen work surfaces, we also stock a range of attractive laminate worktops, all of which come in a variety of styles and finishes. Here you can find out all you need to know about these low-maintenance worktops:


Our ever-expanding range of laminate worktops comprises a range of styles to suit every taste, budget and home design scheme.

For those that prefer the look of natural materials, our collection includes a number of wood-effect worktops: these surfaces replicate the grain patterns of timbers such as oak and walnut. We also offer worktops that imitate both the colouring and the surface texture of natural slate.

If you fancy adding some sparkle to your kitchen, our Andromeda range can cater for this: these eye-catching work surfaces contain small sparkling flecks similar to those found in real granite, and come with a smooth, high-gloss finish. Our Black Nimbus worktops are a popular choice for those who favour a granite-effect surface with a low-lustre finish.

Luxe Black Laminate Worktop

Please visit our laminate worktops page to discover the full range of styles that we have to offer.

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Laminate worktops are available in a range of finishes. Each of our finishes offers something different in terms of aesthetics, so you can find the ideal look for your home.

Gloss – Gloss worktops have a highly reflective finish, and are a particularly popular choice for contemporary kitchens; these high-shine surfaces are an excellent choice for deflecting light around kitchens that are deprived of natural light.

PLEASE NOTE: marks that can develop on work surfaces through normal wear and tear may be more visible on high gloss worktops than on standard finish.

Standard (Semi-Gloss) – Our Standard (Semi-Gloss) finish is a perfect compromise gloss and matt, providing an affordable and low-lustre work surface.

Textured (Gloss) – This premium finish is slightly textured and features a reflective sheen to reproduce the natural look of stone or oiled wood.

Textured (Matt) – Textured worktops offer a matt finish that better disguises any small scratches that may occur, and often imitate the feel of natural materials.

Extra Matt – Our premium Extra Matt finish is best suited to contemporary kitchens and offers a subtle, sophisticated surface that blends well with natural materials.

Textured (Quartz) – This textured finish has small, irregular dimples on its surface with reflective flecks that catch the light at certain angles to mimic the look of natural cut stone.

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Each of our laminate kitchen worktops will have one of the following edge profiles. Some of our decors are available in more than one edge profile option – this will be specified on the individual laminate worktop page:

6mm Post-Form Edge

These post-formed worktops feature a 6mm radius edge profile on the top and bottom edges along the front of the worktop (and along both the longer sides on breakfast bar worktops). The 6mm profile provides an attractive, rounded edge, whilst the laminate is sealed underneath to form a drip barrier.

6mm radius worktop edge profile

Square Edge (Standard)

Square edge worktops have edges which fit squarely against the top of the work surface at a 90° angle. Square-edged kitchen surfaces are popular in contemporary settings due to their bold, clean lines. Standard square edges are finished with the same layer of decorative laminate that covers the top of the work surface.

Square Edge (ABS/PP)

Square edge worktops with ABS edging have the same contemporary appeal as our standard square edge worktops, but ABS & PP edging is highly durable and designed for use in commercial applications. ABS & PP is thicker than the resilient laminate that is used, making it even more durable than a standard square edge surface.

Square worktop edge profile


Our laminate worktops are available in a range of sizes, including a 900mm-wide breakfast bar surface.

To create these laminate worktops a section of composite fibreboard is covered by a decorative laminate overlay; this is then sealed tightly with pressure and heat to create a hygienic, hard-wearing and impact-resistant finish that protects against water and steam. To give additional moisture resistance, a foil impregnated with resin is fixed to the underside of each worktop, whilst a rebate with a polyurethane resin in-fill acts as an extra moisture barrier.

In the case of post-formed worktops, the laminate overlay is sealed beneath the front edge (or both the longer sides on breakfast bars) to enhance the protection against water and steam and create an effective drip barrier.

These laminate countertops have an EN312:2003 E1 grade high-density particle-board core – a more environmentally-friendly material compared to those produced by other manufacturers – which is PEFC certified. All of our laminate worktops are made in the UK, and many have also been awarded FIRA Gold certification for product excellence.

Laminate Worktop – 3000 x 600 x 38mm

3050mm Laminate Worktop One Post-Formed Egde
Our standard laminate worktops are 600mm wide and 38mm deep. The decorative edge of this 3000mm-long worktop has a 6mm radius edge profile, which is sealed to protect it from moisture.

Laminate Worktop – 4000 x 600 x 38mm

4100mm Laminate Worktop One Post-Formed Edge
This 600mm wide worktop is 4100mm long and can be cut down if necessary. It features one decorative formed edge and is one of the longest worktops available from Worktop Express.

Laminate Worktop – 3000 x 900 x 38mm

900mm wide Breakfast Bar Worktop Two Post-Formed Edge
This extra-wide, 3000mm-long work surface has been specially designed for use as a breakfast bar. The length of both sides features formed edges, providing the worktop with a 6mm corner radius and a decorative finish along both sides.


Our laminate countertops can be purchased with coordinating upstands and splashbacks. These kitchen accessories are a sophisticated alternative to tiling all the way down to the work surface and will enhance the well-coordinated look of your kitchen. They also create a seamless and hygienic join between the worktop and wall and disguise small gaps behind the work surface.

We are pleased to offer our own professional laminate worktop cutting service. However, should you choose to cut your worktops on-site, coordinating edging strips are also available for finishing any exposed edges.

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Our laminate countertops can be purchased with coordinating upstands and splashbacks. These kitchen accessories are a sophisticated alternative to tiling all the way down to the work surface and will enhance the well-coordinated look of your kitchen. They also create a seamless and hygienic join between the worktop and wall, and disguise small gaps behind the work surface.

  • We advise against cutting directly onto laminate worktops as – particularly in the case of gloss laminates – this can leave scratches on the surface.
  • Mop up any spillages immediately; though the material is highly water resistant, this action will help to prevent staining.
  • Do not place hot cookware directly onto the worktops; we suggest using a pan stand instead to ensure the surface is not compromised.
  • For general cleaning, warm soapy water and a soft cloth will suffice. It is best to avoid abrasive chemicals and scourers.

Installation and Aftercare Guide


By purchasing our stock in bulk, we aim to offer the most competitively-priced laminate worktops on the market, whilst also providing excellent customer service and support.

We hold worktops in stock at all times, allowing us to deliver directly to our customers in a quick and efficient manner via our in-house 2Man delivery service.

By using innovative online stock-ordering systems, we are able to reduce the amount of unallocated stock that we hold. Our direct-to-public method of selling means that we can maintain lower prices than our competitors.

Prices start from just £99.

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Luxe Black Laminate Worktop


When you buy laminate work surfaces from Worktop Express, you can have confidence that you are investing in a quality product. Not only are these worktops made in the UK, they are also PEFC-certified, assuring you of their sustainable origins. What’s more, our laminate surfaces are sourced from suppliers with FIRA Gold Product certification, offering our customers the peace of mind of knowing our worktops comply with all the relevant legislation and meet the highest standards set for the industry.


Thanks to the broad range of styles we offer, there is a laminate worktop to suit every style of home interior. Whether you favour a wood-effect worktop for a country cottage or a glossy Andromeda surface for a modern high-contrast kitchen, we are certain you will find a worktop that is the perfect fit for your kitchen at Worktop Express.

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