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Laminate Worktop Sample Pack

Laminate Worktop Samples

All of our eye-catching laminate worktops are best seen in person, to allow customers to truly appreciate the attractive and low-maintenance finish of this water-resistant work surface. We have two worktop sample packs available, which both contain examples of a selection of our laminate worktop finishes so you can consider each one within the comfort of your own home.

Our wide range of laminate worktops includes many different styles, such as those that replicate the appealing look of natural wood and slate along with modern alternatives such as high-shine, gloss surfaces that contain small flecks of glitter. The contents of each pack can be found under the products below.

A sample costs £5 including delivery, and this cost is deducted from your order if you purchase a worktop from us (see our sample policy for full details).

Purchasing laminate kitchen worktop samples is the ideal way to discover how well your prospective new worktop will complement the rest of your furnishings. We therefore offer this handy sample service to help you find the right product for your requirements.

Visit our laminate worktops page to discover the full range of finishes we have on offer and to find out more about each surface.

Laminate Worktop Sample Pack A - Basics (Set 1) includes the following decors with samples that measure 105mm x 150mm x 1mm each:

  • Black Granite - Nimbus
  • Oak Block
  • Walnut Block
  • Black
  • Sealand Pine - Driftwood
  • Luxe Grey Andromeda
  • Grey Slate - Luna Nero
  • Stainless Steel - Brushed Steel
  • Full Stave Rustic Oak
  • Grey Granite - Dolomite
  • Galaxy Gloss - Glitter
  • Luxe Black Andromeda
  • Copper Effect
  • Stone - Ipanema Grey
  • Black Quartz
  • White Quartz Stone
  • White Glass Effect
  • White Oak
  • Cascina Pine - White Wood
  • Grey Haze*
  • Black Sparkle - Andromeda
  • White Sparkle - Andromeda
  • Grey Sparkle - Andromeda
  • Blue Sparkle - Andromeda
  • Red Sparkle - Andromeda
  • Trebbia Stone
  • Luxe White Andromeda

Laminate Worktop Sample Pack B - Basics (Set 2) includes the following decors with samples that measure 76mm x 115mm x 1mm each:

  • White
  • Cream - Taurus Beige
  • Colmar Oak
  • Beech Block
  • Mystic Pine
  • Pure White - Super Matt
  • Silver Oak
  • Chalet Oak
  • Rab Oak
  • Marble - Calcutta
  • Concrete - Grey
  • Vintage Oak
  • Grey Quartz - Brasilia
  • Painting Brown
  • Seattle
  • Minos Stone
  • Dark Walnut - Romantic
  • Arlington Oak
  • Caribbean Stone
  • Romanicus
  • Atlanta Marple
  • Pokhara Marble
  • Rustic Wood - Mississippi Pine
  • Megara - Black Marble
  • Patina Rock
  • Anthracite Grey - Super Matt
  • Woodstone Blanc
  • Empire Slate
  • Woodstone Grey

*Our Grey Haze sample is marked 'Cloud Quartz'. This was its previous name and the décor remains the same as our Grey Haze laminate worktop.

Laminate Worktop Sample Pack

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Laminate Worktop Sample Pack A - Basics (Set 1)

Laminate Worktop Sample Pack A - Basics (Set 1)



Availability - In Stock
Laminate Worktop Sample Pack B - Basics (Set 2)

Laminate Worktop Sample Pack B - Basics (Set 2)



Availability - In Stock