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Earthstone Worktops

Kitchen Upstands

Our high-quality worktops are the crowning feature of any kitchen. With the addition of coordinating kitchen upstands, the impressive look of all our attractive work surfaces is further enhanced, giving an impression of immense sophistication.

The kitchen worktop upstands in our collection make an appealing alternative to tiles or splashbacks, and are available in a wide range of styles. If you have chosen some of our beautiful solid wood worktops, we offer matching wooden upstands in every timber we stock. This includes each type of stave configuration, from standard 40mm-wide staves to exclusive 90-mm wide variants, and luxurious full staves that run the full length of your upstand.

Alternatively, you may prefer to opt for our laminate worktops. Once again, we supply laminate worktop upstands to coordinate with every finish: from matt, granite-effect laminate surfaces to high-gloss, sparkle-infused styles, there is something to suit every taste and budget.

Earthstone worktops provide a touch of luxury for a fraction of the cost. Created from solid acrylic, the same 6mm thick acrylic that tops each Earthstone work surface, our Earthstone upstands can be connected almost seamlessly to our worktops. This gives the appearance of a custom worktop without any templating requirements.

Worktop Upstands

Kitchen upstands create a smart join between a countertop and wall, and are perfect for disguising an uneven wall surface or wood worktop expansion gap. We recommending attaching your upstands to a wall using a contact adhesive, whilst silicone sealant produces a smooth and hygienic join between the worktop and upstand. This may vary depending on the material used to create your worktop upstands, and we would recommend following the installation instructions supplied.