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Using Wooden Worktops for Desks: A Nutshell Guide

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  1. In your homepage collage of an L shaped office desk, and in particular, the bottom left image, there is what appears to be a large steel bracket supporting the worktop. Is this something you can supply? Looking to build similar.



  2. Hi Marc,

    Unfortunately we do not offer any desk supports such as that at present. Please consider the weight of a solid wood worktop when shopping for a suitable set of legs.

    Kind regards,
    Ben @ Worktop Express

  3. What is the type of wood used on Patrick’s desk?

  4. Hi Roberto,

    Patrick’s desk was made from a solid oak worktop he ordered from us in 2011, that had endcaps applied at either end. Although it does look darker than most oak surfaces, this is purely due to the exposure of the picture.

    You can see more examples of oak worktops in our Worktops Gallery.

    Kind regards,

    Ben @ Worktop Express.

  5. Can you tell me the measurements of the bottom left image ?

  6. Hi Cade,

    The bottom left image was fabricated by our team from a 3M x 620mm oak worktop. It was cut to 2620mm, given an end cap on both ends, and a soft pencil edge profile applied to the top and bottom edges.

    Kind regards,
    Ben @ Worktop Express

  7. Hi,

    Any Idea which Legs/Trestles Patrick put on his table?


  8. Hi James,

    Unfortunately, we are not sure what table legs Patrick used. However, we do sell a range of oak breakfast bar legs that are available in a range of finishes, and can be easily cut-to-size for lower office desks such as this.

    You can see our full range of breakfast bar legs on the following page:

    Kind regards,
    Ben @ Worktop Express

  9. I am looking to install a worktop desk in a very similar way to the desks by Simon Forster or Cloud 121. I have a 2.8m width and the desk will be supported on battens on a wall on three sides. With regard to the fourth side, how much span can I use between legs or brackets? Will this work as well with 20mm as with 40mm bamboo worktop?

  10. Hello Helen,

    Thank you for your enquiry.

    We recommend that there is a leg or support at least every metre of the length to avoid bowing. I am afraid that we do not supply 20mm thick Bamboo worktops however for structural stability I would advise that 40mm worktops are used.

    Kind regards,
    Ben @ Worktop Express

  11. Hello

    I would like to enquire about getting a desk similar to Patrick’s. I want either oak or walnut (with end caps) Ideally 2 meter in length, width i only need 900mm (would this be possible?) depth will be 40mm

    Thanks Clarke

  12. Hello,

    Thank you for your enquiry.

    We have a full fabrication service available and are able to create worktops to your specifications, please Contact us for a formal quotation or you can order using our Online Bespoke Tool for 10% off fabrication services.

    Kind regards,
    Ben @ Worktop Express

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