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Information Guides > Fabrication > The Pre-Oiling Service and HABiol Worktop Oil: A Worktop Express® Nutshell Guide

The Pre-Oiling Service and HABiol Worktop Oil: A Worktop Express® Nutshell Guide

12 Responses to “The Pre-Oiling Service and HABiol Worktop Oil: A Worktop Express® Nutshell Guide”

  1. When you oil your widen work surfaces, how long do you have to leave it before you can apply another coat.

    Many Thanks


  2. Hi Paul,

    Getting into a routine of regularly maintaining your worktops is the best way to treat solid wood worktops, and ensure they stay looking fantastic for many years to come. How often you should treat them entirely depends on how long you have had your worktop though.

    For newly installed worktops, we recommend oiling once a week for the first 6 weeks, then once every 3 – 6 months afterwards (depending on how busy your kitchen is). Oil has an approximate drying of time of 4 – 6 hours before applying another coat. Before installing a worktop, we recommend 3 coats top and bottom and 6 on the edges to ensure it is well protected.

    For further information on oiling your worktops, please read our ‘Oiling Worktops‘ Nutshell Guide, which gives you further recommended information on how to oil your worktops successfully.

    All the best,

    Ben @ Worktop Express

  3. Hello,

    We’ve just bought your pre-oiled oak worktops – they look lovely! I was just wondering if it is possible to use the Rustins worktop oil on them, instead of the Danish oil? Or would the two react badly together?
    Many thanks,


  4. Hi Jess,

    If you purchased pre-oiled worktops from us, we would recommend you use the Rustins Danish Oil to maintain your wooden surface, as we are able to guarantee its compatibility with the oil used by our fabrication team. Unfortunately, we are not able to recommend any other types of oil.

    Kind regards,

    Ben @ Worktop Express

  5. For a pre-oiled worktop is the Surface Cleaner to be used just for the initial oiling after installation or for the first year or for all subsequent oilings thoughout the life of the worktop?

    I ask as this step doesn’t seem to be necessary for DIY worktops so I presume that as the Danish oil builds up it will at some point cease to be necessary?

  6. Hi Steve,

    Rustins Surface Cleaner is – as you say – ideal for prepping a surface before initial oiling, but can also be used throughout the life of the worktop to remove light marks and patches that may have become dull over time. The solution will remove the top layer of oil to help revitalise the timber beneath, so after treatment a further fresh coat of oil will be necessary once the application of surface cleaner has dried.

    We would not recommend it is used regularly unless absolutely necessary, as if your wooden worktop is suitably protected from stains, scratches and wear marks, it should only be needed very occasionally throughout the life of the worktop.

    You can find out more about keeping your worktops clean and stain-free in the following information guide:

    Further information about removing stains and discolouration can be found in this guide:

    Kind regards,

    Ben @ Worktop Express.

  7. Why do you recommend maintaining with Rustins oil rather than Habiol itself?

  8. Hello Marg,

    Habiol is an industrial product which is produced for application on a large scale, whilst Rustin’s Danish oil is a premium item that is readily available in most hardware stores. The two items are fully compatible, we just recommend Rustin’s Danish oil because it is more widely available.

    Kind regards,

    Stephanie @ Worktop Express.

  9. Can you manufacture worktop 1050 wide x 3400 long?

  10. Hello Michael,

    Thank you for getting in touch. We are able to do this for any of the wooden worktops we supply – if you would like to email our fabrication team at fabrication@worktop-express.co.uk and let them know what timber you would require, they will be able to provide you with a quote.

    Kind regards,
    Stephanie @ Worktop Express

  11. At the risk of sounding stupid, doesnyour preoiled service mean that I don’t have to put three coats of oil on and can just install it straight away?

  12. Hello Liz,

    Our pre-oiling service will get your wooden worktops ready for installation, but oil will still need to be applied after your worktops have been installed. After installation, oiling should be done approximately once a week for the first 6 weeks, then once every 3 – 6 months afterwards, depending on how busy your kitchen is.

    Kind regards,
    Stephanie @ Worktop Express

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