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All About Laminate Kitchen Work Surfaces: A Worktop Express® Nutshell Guide

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  1. Can the beech laminate worktop be made with a curved end to fit over a curved kitchen unit?

  2. Hi Ann,

    We have not long added a selection of laminate worktops to our collection, and plan on expanding it considerably in the near future – to hopefully include beech-effect worktops, too.

    All of our laminate worktops are provided with matching edging strips, so should you want to create a radius corner that matches your units, the worktop can be easily re-finished.

    At present, our bespoke laminate services do not include this service, though this is something we plan on introducing soon. You can read about the laminate worktop cutting services we currently offer on the following page:

    I would also recommend considering our solid beech wooden worktops. These can be easily customised including smooth radius corners to match your units (and many more bespoke amendments, too). Learn more about our bespoke wood worktop cutting service on the this page:

    Real beech worktops are very good value for money, and are both hard-wearing and have unique characteristics that you won’t get on a laminate surface.

    You can find out more about them on this page:

    Kind regards,

    Ben @ Worktop Express.

  3. Interested in the black granite work top-nimbus and wondered if you have any samples, if so I would like a sample.
    Look forward to your reply.
    Kind regards

  4. Hi Pauline,

    Thanks for getting in touch regarding our black nimbus laminate worktops.

    We sell a laminate sample pack which includes a small sample of each of the laminate surfaces in our collection for just £5 including delivery:

    If you go on to purchase a worktop from us, we will happily refund the cost of the sample pack against your order.

    Kind regards,
    Ben @ Worktop Express

  5. I would like to use a “Stainless Steel” laminate top (900 deep) as a working desk up against a wall. Can you cut holes for cable passage from below? Say 100mm diameter? And if so should I give you a plan of where I want them cut? Additional cost?
    S Furnell

  6. Hi Stephen,

    We can certainly cut any holes required to accommodate your cables. We are also able to cut the worktop to size, if required.

    Please send the full details of your requirements to [email protected] and a member of our fabrication team will be able to give you a quotation.

    The standard costs of our fabrication services are listed on the following page. A hole to accomodate your cables will likely come under the same price bracket as our tap hole cut-out:

    Kind regards,
    Ben @ Worktop Express

  7. I am interested in the Full Stave Rustic Oak laminate worktops
    The size I need replacing. Is 4 metre length by. 63.5 cm deep
    Can you let me know if you have this size and the cost
    Terry Harland

  8. Hello Terry,

    We have passed your request to our sales team and somebody will be in touch shortly to discuss this with you.

    Kind regards,

    Stephanie @ Worktop Express.

  9. Hi is it possible to have kitchen table that comes of wall to have bevelled profile on both long sides needs to be gloss laminate and attaches to wall with single chrome leg support

  10. Hello Mrs. Bennet,

    Thanks for getting in touch regarding your requirements for a kitchen table.

    We can certainly help you to produce a laminate kitchen surface, but will be unable to help with your requirements for a bevelled edge profile. Our range of laminate worktops come with either a smooth profiled edge or with square edges, and cannot be customised to create any different edge profile.

    If using a single chrome leg to support the surface, we would recommend that the table protrudes no longer than 1 metre from the wall. We would also recommend that a section of wood is used to support the entire width of the surface where it is attached to the wall. This will help to ensure it is strong, stable and does not deform over time.

    To talk further about your requirements, I would suggest you contact our fabrication team via telephone or by emailing [email protected]

    All the best,

    Ben @ Worktop Express.

  11. I am looking at Colmar Oak or similar Laminate worktops one of which will be 3.8m long and a 900mm Peninsular Worktop/Breakfast Bar but will also require bespoke cutting including 100mm radii to the Peninsular Worktop and a 600mm Worktop end and suitable matching upstands. Firstly do I ideally need to choose a square edge profile for the radii and secondly the Upstands appear to be only 3m. Please advise.

  12. Dear Mike,

    Thank you for your enquiry.

    You would need to chose a square edged laminate in order for a radius to be completed. Our upstands are also only available in 3m lengths. You are welcome to email our fabrication department for a formal quote [email protected] or you can use our online tool to order for 10% off fabrication services here:

    Kind Regards,
    Tarns @ Worktop Express

  13. Hi,

    I am interested in the grey slate laminate work tops but for a bathroom, would they be suitable?

  14. Hello Bev,

    We do have a range of laminate worktops that are specifically designed for use in bathrooms – and feature a core of moisture resistant particle board – but unfortunately not any in a grey slate effect.

    Our grey slate Luna Nero worktops could be used in a bathroom, but there are a couple of things you will need to make sure of before deciding if they are the right option for your home. The positioning of the worktop is important to think about before deciding if it can be used in your bathroom – as the core of this work surface is not moisture resistant, it is important that it will be in an area that will not be covered or submerged in water. It will also be incredibly important to ensure that all the edges of the work surface are sufficiently finished, or that a waterproof silicone or sealant is used around the edges of the worktop where it connects to your walls.

    Whilst this worktop is not designed for use in a bathroom, with the correct installation and careful treatment of the work surface, there is no reason that it could not be used in a bathroom.

    Kind regards,

    Stephanie @ Worktop Express.

  15. Interested in the mint green glass effect for a kitchen, and want to use a 600mm for a side bar (not on units). Back and 1 end will be against wall in an alcove, and other end supported by leg. Noted it is 28mm thick, will this be stable enough for a ‘breakfast bar’ without sag? Overal length is 1.7M, and would like to only use 1 support if possible.

  16. Hi Roger,
    Thank you for contacting us about our Mint Green Glass laminate worktops.

    Despite being slimmer than some of our other worktops, our glass-effect worktops are still constructed with a sturdy core. They can be used as a breakfast bar with no problems at all, helping your kitchen look up-to-date and sleek.

    We recommend that a support is used at least every metre to ensure the worktop is completely secure, and would not advise having an overhang of 300mm or more from any support. Although your worktop will be affixed to a wall on one side, we would advocate using two supports – with one a minimum of 300mm from the free end – to ensure your worktop is fully supported and prevent sagging.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information.

    Kind regards,
    Ben @ Worktop Express

  17. Do you do bespoke sizes? We are looking for a replacement centre island worktop – 3200 x 1000 x 38. Is that possible?

  18. Hello Lorraine,

    We do not manufacture our laminate worktops so are unable to offer anything as large as the size requested below. A lot of the laminate surfaces we stock are available in a 3m x 900mm size, or a 4.1m x 600mm but unfortunately nothing bigger.

    Our wooden worktops can be created to suit a number of size requirements, so if you are looking for a solid wood worktop, please email our fabrication team at [email protected] for a quote.

    Kind regards,
    Stephanie @ Worktop Express


  20. Hi Michelle,

    Yes, our 900mm Oak Block worktop is edged on both long sides, making it the ideal choice for an attractive and low-maintenance breakfast bar. Please follow the link for more information

    Many Thanks,
    Adrian @ Worktop Express

  21. Hi

    If I provide a template

    Would you cut the laminate worktop in your factory

  22. Hello Ken,

    We provide a number of alteration options via our bespoke worktop cutting service – you can find the details for this here: For laminate worktops, you can use our bespoke online tool (available here: to provide the measurements and requirements to us, or you can provide the measurements to our fabrication team at [email protected]. Once we have all the information, we will provide a drawing and when you have signed this off we can start cutting your laminate worktop to size for you.

    Kind regards,
    Stephanie @ Worktop Express

  23. Can you cut the workshop to various lengths ?

  24. Hello Pete,

    Our laminate worktops can be cut to suit length requirements – either through our laminate worktop cutting service (details available here: or on site after the worktops have been delivered. If you choose to utilise our bespoke worktop cutting service, services ordered through our bespoke online tool (here: have 25% off until 20th November 2018.

    Kind regards,
    Stephanie @ Worktop Express

  25. Does the white oak laminate worktop come with the ends pre edged as it’s ABS edging.?

    I’m looking to purchase a breakfast bar and two standard worktops I understand the breakfast bar top will have both sides edged and the standard worktops one side edged but how about the ends?

  26. Hello Dan,

    Our 900mm wide white oak laminate worktop does not have finished ends, so this will need to be done prior to installation. This product has enough edging for the two shorter sides included, so you will not need to purchase additional edging in order to finish the surface.

    If you need any guidance on fitting the edging strips, we have a guide with step-by-step instructions here: or you can utilise our bespoke service which provides edging strip application for a small charge.

    Kind regards,
    Stephanie @ Worktop Express

  27. Hi do you hold in stock laminate worktop that are 635mm wide to be fitted on ikea units..

  28. Hello Tony,

    Our laminate worktops are generally 600mm or 900mm wide, but we can cut the 900mm wide surfaces down to fit on ikea units (or units from any other supplier) so long as we have the correct measurements. We do not offer next-day delivery for bespoke worktops, though if you are able to cut-to-size on site we do provide a next-day service on orders placed before 12 noon.

    Many thanks,
    Stephanie @ Worktop Express

  29. Hello,

    Could you tell me whether you have Grey Granite Laminate worktops – Dolomite in 28mm as well as 38mm?

    Many thanks.

  30. Hello Vivien,

    Our laminate worktops are only available in the sizes listed – I apologise for any inconvenience. The laminate bathroom worktops in our collection (which you can see here: are 28mm thick and we stock a number of solid wood worktops in a 27mm thickness.

    Kind regards,
    Stephanie @ Worktop Express

  31. Hello.
    I’m very keen on Arlington Oak laminate worktop for my new Kitchen. Unfortunately one run of worktop is just over the 3m (3.15m) it’s a straight run so a join would not look good,
    I notice you only appear to do 3m max run on this one . Is this correct or do you do a longer length.
    Many thanks for your help,

  32. Hello David,

    All of our sizes are online, and unfortunately we are unable to offer our Arlington Oak laminate surfaces in a longer length. From our collection, the closest alternatives are our rustic oak effect or our white oak effect surfaces, both feature a full stave oak look with square edges and both can be purchased in a 4m length.

    Kind regards,
    Stephanie @ Worktop Express

  33. Hello,
    I want to order Arlington Oak laminate worktop for breakfast bar.
    However, I am worried that the square edges will be too sharp for the breakfast counter. Am I right in assuming that? If yes, please suggest me an alternative or a solution if possible.


  34. Hello Niv,

    Thank you for your message. If you are concerned about how sharp the corners of the breakfast bar countertop will be, we have a laminate cutting service which can add radius corners or radius ends to create smooth curved corners on your worktop. The cost of these start from £26.25 but you could save additional money by using our online bespoke tool. If you require any additional help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Kind regards,
    Stephen @ Worktop Express

  35. Hi could you help we have bought worktops from you they are great bought black sparkle andromeds and just ordered upstands we are wondering if you do sparkle worktop 1800 x800 x40 if so how much would this cost. My kitchen is now looking fabulous thinking off making a breakfast bar.

  36. Hello Angela,

    Thank you for your message. Although this is not a standard size, we can create a bespoke worktop for you. You can also use our online bespoke worktop tool.

    Kind regards,
    Stephen @ Worktop Express

  37. Hi,
    I’m looking at using a 3m x 610mm x 22mm laminate worktop (Anthracite Grey – Super Matt Worktop) as a desktop in my study, but it will need some unsupported spans for the sitting area. What is the recommended maximum unsupported span?

  38. Hi, i would like to order the calcatta marble worktop but i would like it in gloss finish and it says the finish is premium smooth. I would order a sample first but u dont have the time as i would like the worktop as soon as possible. Is the finish if the marble calcutta worktop gloss?

  39. Hello Aliya,
    Our Marble Calcutta worktops are a fantastic option and we are glad to hear you would like to order them! As stated on our website, these laminate worktops are available with a premium smooth finish, this is so the worktops have their realistic marble appearance.
    We understand time is short but our laminate worktop samples are dispatched the same day when ordered before noon, so you won’t be waiting long. Please follow the link to see more:
    If you require any additional help, please do not hesitate to contact us.
    Kind regards,
    Ellie @ Worktop Express

  40. Hello Ian,

    Thank you for your message. For a 3m laminate worktop, we would recommend that the unsupported area does not exceed 900mm.

    If you require any additional support, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

    Kind regards,
    Ellie @ Worktop Express

  41. Hi, I am looking for an oak block laminate worktop. It is not clear what the colour is from the website photos. It looks quite orange rather than light brown. I have ordered the samples pack but whilst waiting for it to arrive can you give me an idea of whether it is a bit orange like most beech worktops or more of a light brown shade? Many thanks :-)

  42. Hello Cat,

    Thank you for getting in contact. Our Beech Block laminate worktops are a light wooden effect with hints of warm red hues. In comparison to this, our Oak Block laminate worktop features a light to medium brown surface, with hints of yellow tones. Our laminate worktops are as authentic as possible, therefore the staves will naturally vary in colour, as our solid oak worktops do.

    If you require any additional support, please do not hesitate to get in contact. We hope you are looking forward to getting your sample!

    Kind regards,
    Ellie @ Worktop Express

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