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A Guide to Shopping for Kitchen Worktop Offcuts

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  1. Hi,
    I am looking for a solid wood topping off-cut for an above-a-boxed in toilet (it is a single toilet and not part of a bathroom). The length is 740mm, width is 330mm and the depth can vary but around 40mm. Do you have any off-cuts that could work for what I require? Thank you.

  2. Hi Lisa

    Please take a look at our clearance page. It has many different dimensions of wood which might be suitable for your requirements. If you cannot find the specific size, our wood can be easily altered on site using a circular saw. Alternatively, you could always use our worktop cutting service to get exactly what you need.

    Kind regards,
    Stephen @ Worktop Express

  3. Oak 1000 x 800 required as table top replacement.
    Can cut down something near this

  4. I require a off cut kitchen worktop in beech your standard depth 600mm or 620? x 450 wide One piece Regards John Moore. delivered to the Margate area of Kent

  5. Hello John,
    We do not sell beech worktop offcuts. However, you may wish to look at our clearance page which has a selection of wooden worktops at heavily discounted prices.
    If you must have a beech worktop, our smallest standard size is 2M X 620 X 40mm at just £100 which you can cut to size on site.
    Alternatively, you could always use our worktop cutting service to get exactly what you need
    Kind regards,
    Ellie @ Worktop Express

  6. Hello David,

    Your best option would be to buy a 2m x 960mm worktop and cut this to size. This can be altered on-site or by using our bespoke cutting service

    Kind regards,
    Ellie @ Worktop Express

  7. Need a work top for a sink in the garage please.
    Any grey or black mix laminate
    38” 60” depth x 150” or longer length
    Anything like that available

  8. Hello Dee,

    Thank you for your message. If you have an under-mount sink, you will need to choose one of our solid laminate worktops, as they have a solid core making them completely waterproof. However, if it is an over mounted sink, you can choose between our standard laminate worktops as well. Your best option would be to go for a surface that is 3m or 4m in length and use our bespoke cutting service to get the worktop cut to size. We have a fantastic range of decors for you to choose from, here are some that you may like:

    Laminate worktops:
    Woodstone Blanc Laminate Worktop
    Lunar Night Laminate Worktop

    Solid Laminate worktops:
    Cloudy Nova Zenith Worktop
    Magma Zenith Worktop

    Kind regards,
    Ellie @ Worktop Express

  9. Hi, I’m looking for small piece of work top, approx 580x540x35mm in white. If you could supply this what would the cost be and would you be able to send to Jersey in the Channel Islands? thank you, Pam

  10. Hi Pam,

    Please send an email with your full requirements including delivery to our bespoke cutting team at who will able to advise and create a quote for you.

    Many thanks,

    Adam @ Worktop Express

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