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Moisture Barrier Installation Instructions

Please click here to view our moisture barrier instructions as a PDF.

You Will Need

These Instructions
Moisture Barrier (provided)
Moisture Barrier Tape (provided)
General Purpose Silicone Sealant (to be purchased separately)

moisture barrier installation step one

Step 1: Preparation

On the bottom side of worktop, mark where the relevant appliance is going to be placed (and therefore the area the moisture barrier needs to cover). When marking this area please leave a gap of approximately 30mm from the front side of worktop.

moisture barrier installation step two

Step 2: Adhesive

Apply adhesive to the marked area, preferably dotted around evenly as shown.

moisture barrier installation step three

Step 3: Fixing Moisture Barrier

It is the black side of the moisture barrier (the non-reflective side of the material) that will need to be fixed to the work surface. Place the moisture barrier in the area covered with adhesive (so that the reflective silver surface side is exposed). Rub the moisture barrier in sweeping motions from the centre outwards to the edges, spreading the glue evenly.

moisture barrier installation step four

Step 4: Sealing with Moisture Barrier Tape

Now that the moisture barrier is firmly fixed to the underside of the worktop, seal the edges with a strip of moisture barrier tape, leaving approximately 5-10mm from the front edge (this will provide an overlapping final protection, covering the edge of the moisture barrier and also the majority of the exposed worktop surface, leaving only a small gap at the edge of worktop).

Please click here to view our moisture barrier instructions as a PDF.

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