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Solid Beech Floating Shelves
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Beech Shelves

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Our beech shelving is made entirely from the highest-quality timber. A good deal of care goes into creating each of our solid beech floating shelves: Each piece of timber is specifically chosen from European forests that are managed in a sustainable and ethical manner. The beech wood is then transported to the UK where it is cut and finished by our skilled craftspeople.

With a warm hue and distinctive grain pattern, beech makes for elegant and attractive solid wood shelving. Fabricated from the same robust timber as our beech worktops, this wood is a fantastic choice for sturdy and resilient shelves in your kitchen or office.

Our beech shelving is available in a range of widths, from 300mm up to 1500mm, and comes with a standard depth of 200mm and a 40mm thickness. Each one is provided with square edges and sanded to a 150 grit smoothness. Following this, they are coated in 3 layers of HABiol Oil, which enhances the stunning natural features of the wood and helps to protect it from general wear and tear.

Our solid beech shelves come with all the fixings required for quick and easy installation.

Each shelf is comprised of a number of 40mm staves, which are finger-jointed and high-pressured glued together. This technique is ideal for optimising both the strength of the construction and the attractive look of the wood.

To make installation as hassle-free as possible, all of our floating shelves are supplied pre-drilled and ready for mounting on to the specialist shelf fixings provided. We supply each shelf with the number of brackets required for its size, which are: 2 brackets for 300 and 600mm wide shelves; 3 brackets for 900 and 1200mm wide shelves; and 4 brackets for the 1500mm wide option. These 'invisible' brackets complete the effect of our fantastic floating shelves, which look magnificent mounted onto any wall.

Comprising only solid wood, it's unsurprising that this shelving is rather heavy. Therefore, we recommend that your shelves are fixed to brick or concrete walls, which are best for supporting the weight. Alternatively, if you are attaching the shelves to timber stud walls, ensure that the supports are fixed directly into the studs.

Beech floating shelves have an impressive appearance that far surpasses that of cheaper softwood or laminate imitations. Carefully crafted from only the highest-quality raw material, our shelving is imbued with unfaltering natural resilience and charm. Due to the fact that these shelves are manufactured from real timber, small knots and splits may occasionally be present. However, this is very rare and is considered a natural development in the wood, adding to its unique character.

For information on installing our solid beech floating shelving, please see our installation instructions. Additional details can be found in our useful 'Nutshell' information guide.

Solid Beech Shelves

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