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Our wooden worktops are made from the finest hardwood timber in our European facility and are provided without any treatment as standard.

Though a range of different treatments are available for wood worktops, we suggest using a kitchen worktop oil; our suggested oil is easy to apply, and will give a beautiful low-lustre finish that is also food safe.

At Worktop Express® we recommend using Rustins Danish Oil, or our own Danish Oil for Worktops which is available in 1L, 2.5L and 5L capacities.

A wood worktop needs three coats of kitchen worktop oil on the top surface and 6 coats on the sides to ensure it is fully sealed. To coat your worktop, you will need to order approximately 1L of oil for every 3M of worktop.

After you have performed the initial oiling, you will need to treat your worktop regularly for the first six weeks to build up a protective layer. We would recommend that you re-oil the worktop once every three months after this point.

For a comprehensive guide to oiling your worktops, please check out our ‘Oiling Worktops Nutshell Guide.’

At Worktop Express® we take great pride in offering the UK’s largest selection of kitchen countertops. Each month we review our extensive collection and choose one ‘Worktop of the Month’, highlighting the fantastic qualities of this individual worktop option.

This month we chose beech as our favoured solid wood surface, which – thanks to its affordable price – is always a firm favourite with our customers, too.

Our European beech timber has a delicate grain pattern and soft golden hue, elements that combine to create a light, bright alternative to our maple or cherry worktops. Beech worktops are suitable in a wide variety of kitchen settings, whether contemporary or classic in theme.

Beech worktops are a highly-affordable solid wood surface that suits any kitchen – whether contemporary or classic in design.

If you think our beech worktops would be the perfect choice for your new kitchen, why not order one of our worktop samples? Priced at just £5 including courier delivery, each wooden worktop sample measures 200mm x 150mm x 40mm and comes pre-oiled on the top face so as to provide a good representation of the finished product. If you go on to order a worktop, the cost of the sample can be discounted – just speak to one of our advisers before making your purchase.

Real wooden worktops are unsurpassed by veneered imitations in both strength and beauty – and our Deluxe Sapele worktops are no exception. Indeed, these kitchen surfaces – which are perfect for infusing your space with an innate sense of warmth – have been awarded the accolade of ‘Worktop of the Month’. Read on to learn more!

Deluxe Sapele countertops are crafted from only the highest-quality raw materials, producing a work surface that is both beautiful and robust. Deeper in colour than iroko and warmer than black American walnut, sapele starts out pale but develops rich chestnut hues soon after installation.

October’s Worktop of the Month – Deluxe Sapele worktops with 90mm wide staves.

Sapele boasts a wavy grain and an even texture, with a notable lack of knots; furthermore, it’s extremely hard-wearing – even denser than oak.

The Deluxe worktop configuration incorporates extra-wide, 90mm staves, which are perfect for displaying the timber’s attractive grain pattern to the fullest effect. Each of these staves is finger-jointed and glued under high pressure, creating durable, long-lasting worktops that measure up to 4M in length.

Complete the look of your Deluxe Sapele worktops with coordinating Deluxe Sapele worktop upstands – an elegant finishing touch that will disguise the expansion gap at the back of the counter. If you would like to balance the look with matching plinths, we also supply full stave sapele plinths that will coordinate beautifully.

Order your worktop sample today to discover the true charm of solid sapele worktops in person. These representative samples cost just £5 each, the cost of which can be redeemed when you go on to place a full order with Worktop Express®.

We believe wooden counters are the natural choice for kitchens – quite literally! Crafted by Mother Nature herself, solid wood surfaces are totally unique, wonderfully warm and innately appealing. This month, we want to draw attention to our cherry worktops: thanks to their caramel colouration, these surfaces are sure to create an inviting and cosy kitchen environment – perfect for the upcoming autumn and winter seasons.

Cherry countertops have a fairly linear grain structure and are noted for their uplifting, warm colouring. This timber originates from the cherry tree, which is famous for its beautiful spring blossom. Though most commonly associated with the spectacular blooms of Japan, cherry trees are thought to have originated in Europe, and can also be found across Britain, Norway, and as far afield as Morocco and Tunisia.

Our charming cherry wooden counters will fill your kitchen with warmth and cosiness.

Due to the modest proportions of most cherry trees, our cherry worktops are only made in our ‘standard’ configuration, using 40mm-wide staves of solid wood (Deluxe and full stave constructions with 90mm-wide staves are unfortunately not available). Applying coats of Rustins Danish Oil helps to nourish these work surfaces, enhancing the natural grain and showing it at its best. The addition of cherry kitchen upstands creates a seamless join between your solid worktop and wall: a truly stylish finish.

If you fancy brightening your kitchen with charming cherry tops, why not take advantage of our kitchen worktop sample service? Samples are available in 200mm X 150mm X 27mm and 200mm X 150mm X 40mm sections, and come oiled on one side so that you can compare the original and finished product. For a price of just £5 (including delivery), these samples are too good to miss; and, better still, the cost can be redeemed against your order total when you purchase wooden worktops from Worktop Express®.

Our wonderful wood worktops feature in a plethora of beautiful kitchens across the country. Not only are they a popular choice for homes, but we have also seen them used to magnificent effect in offices and businesses. This week, we were thrilled to receive photographs of our glorious caramel bamboo work surfaces – bearing all manner of delicious-looking treats – in Edinburgh’s quirky Cuckoo’s Bakery.

You can find this charming cupcake emporium in Bruntsfield Place, a street lined with an impressive assortment of boutique shops and restaurants. Cuckoo’s Bakery can also be found on Dundas Street, where the tearoom and cake shop offers a scrumptious range of sweet treats and savoury brunch and lunch menus.

Whilst Cuckoo’s Bakery offers a delectable choice of signature baked goods and celebration cakes, available to eat-in or take away, their incredible confections are also sold at the prestigious Harvey Nichols Foodmarket and at Waterstones on Princes Street in Edinburgh’s West End. Cuckoo’s Bakery now prepares up to 1,000 artisan cupcakes daily in order to satisfy Edinburgh’s cupcake cravings, so do stop by if you are in the area!

The company was founded by Graham and Vidya in late 2010, and opened its door on Valentine’s Day 2011. Here’s what Graham had to say about our worktops:

“We have used Worktop Express® worktops in both of our Edinburgh shops and highly recommend them. We put a huge amount of research into the opening of our second store, but returned to Worktop Express because the service is fantastic and the quality and price of the worktops is excellent. We used iroko worktops in our first store and these have withstood a great deal of daily wear and only require a little Danish oil every 6 to 9 months. They have been in situ for 5 years. The caramel bamboo worktops in our second shop (opened over a year ago) are beautiful and they still look as good as new – I’d highly recommend these for a mid-tone, eco-friendly and natural feel to a kitchen space – and they are great for repelling water!

We aim to offer our customers a relaxed, welcoming and ‘at home’ feel in our shops and the wooden worktops from Worktop Express provide the perfect amount of character and warmth.”

Find out more about the benefits of bamboo in our handy bamboo worktop information guide.

The latest series of the Great British Bake Off has just started, launching the nation into a cupcake-making frenzy. If you are as obsessed with the latest series as we are, you may be interested to hear about the #BrilliantBakeOffer competition that our sister brand Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets® is currently promoting. The competition offers one lucky winner the chance to win a baking kit bundle worth £500, including a Kenwood kMix Mixer and Blender, and lots of cooking equipment from Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood’s own baking ranges. Visit their current offers page to find out more!

Walnut wood worktops are well known for their characterful colouring: one of the many features that make walnut an exceptionally popular worktop choice. Better still, our black American walnut worktops comprise the personality of their European counterpart and add a dark and luxurious twist.

The beautiful, rich grain pattern of this work surface is pretty remarkable. The timber originates from the black walnut (Juglans Nigra) tree, an impressively resilient species. The black walnut tree grows rapidly, making it easier to source the timber responsibly and sustainably. Though wood obtained from American cannot receive FSC certification, we ensure all the wood is protected by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), which dedicates itself to promoting sustainable forest management and upholding high ecological, social and ethical standards. Instead of purchasing through a third party, we prefer to deal directly with our suppliers, so that we can be certain all our timber is grown in adherence with our strict environmental policies (find out more about our policies on our Environmental page).

Our black American walnut wooden worktops are a popular choice for those who prefer a dark and luxurious surface.

Every species of timber is unique, and we particularly appreciate the fascinating grain of black walnut, which offers both the gorgeous chocolate brown heartwood from the core of the tree, and the paler sapwood from the outer layers of the trunk. Typically, the grain runs in straight lines along each wooden stave, though a more rounded grain pattern can also be present on occasion.

Discover the true beauty of these impressive countertops by taking advantage of our wood worktop sample service. Our efficient in-house delivery service will deliver a representative sample of the worktop to your door, which will have been coated with protective Danish oil on one side and left unfinished on the other (allowing you to assess the finish). Samples cost just £5 and measure 200mm x 150mm x 40mm. Moreover, when you purchase your sample you will be provided with a code that will allow you to deduct the cost of your sample from a future worktop order at checkout. Want to buy more than one sample? The cost of each sample can be refunded against worktops on a one-for-one basis!

A wood work surface makes an impressive feature in any kitchen. Whilst many high-street retailers do not sell wooden worktops that measure longer than 3m, here at Worktop Express® we stock a wide range of sizes that are ideal for those who would like extra-long kitchen worktops.

In our standard configuration (40mm staves) our timber worktops measure up to 4m long, and this size is available across all of our timber species. These worktops can be purchased in widths of up to 720mm and thicknesses of 40mm. We also supply 3m-long worktops that measure up to 960mm wide.

Whilst our 4m worktops can be purchased online or by telephoning our helpful sales team, we also offer solid wood worktops up to 6m long, 1500mm wide and 60mm thick, which can be made-to-order via our bespoke worktop cutting service. Due to their size, these custom worktops can be very heavy, so we strongly recommend enlisting the help of a number of people to help receive them at the point of delivery.

Our long wooden worktops are available in the following timbers: oak, Prime Oak, beech, Prime Beech, European walnut, black American walnut, cherry, maple, wenge, zebrano, iroko and sapele.

If you are looking for extra-long laminate worktops, we are also pleased to provide 4.1m-long laminate worktop surfaces in a variety of styles and finishes.

Discover the high quality of our worktops by ordering kitchen worktop samples. Costing just £5 each, wooden worktop samples provide a unique insight into the superior materials and finish of Worktop Express products. We also offer a laminate worktop sample pack, which showcases the range of designs we can supply (also priced at just £5). Best of all, the cost of samples can be redeemed against your worktop order on a one-for-one basis.

Here at Worktop Express® we are dedicated to taking care of the environment; as such, when sourcing our beautiful wood worktops for kitchens, we ensure that all manufacturers utilise timber from well-managed forests with established, rigorous replanting programmes.

We know that many of our customers are as passionate about the environment as we are, so – for the eco-conscious among us – we wanted to explain a little more about our two most planet-friendly work surfaces: bamboo worktops and rubberwood worktops.

Our bamboo tops are available in two variants: standard and caramel. Our caramel bamboo worktops possess the same qualities as regular bamboo, but have also undergone an extra-special treatment to produce a beautifully warm colour that is reminiscent of honey.

Bamboo worktops take a unique spot within our collection – largely because bamboo is not technically a wood. Instead, bamboo worktops are made from a material that is classified as a grass, and which grows rapidly. Thus, whilst trees can take a long time to grow to full size, bamboo is quickly replenished within only a few years, making it one of the most sustainable materials in the world. What’s more, bamboo has a very consistent texture, which means it experiences little of the variation seen in other surfaces such as our walnut worktops. Though this sustainable raw material is known to have large pores, it is very water-resistant – a characteristic owed to its high silica content – making it even more practical and hygienic as a worktop surface.

A relatively new addition to our website – though a very eco-friendly one – our rubberwood worktops use timber sourced from plantations where the rubber trees are tapped for latex sap. These trees grow on a plantation for about 30 years, at which point their latex yield slows and they are harvested and replaced. Many years ago, the trees would be burned after felling, or chopped up for firewood. Nowadays, the timber is used extensively for furniture and – due to their size – a good deal of wood can be provided by each rubber tree. This repurposing of the timber establishes far more sustainable practices, and allows us to provide our beautiful and robust rubberwood worktops, which are known for their innate resistance to fungus, bacteria and mould.

If you would like to see these worktops in person, why not visit one of our kitchen showrooms? Alternatively – should you find that there is not a showroom close to your home – you could also take advantage of our efficient sample service and have wood worktop samples delivered straight to your address.

To find out more about our eco-friendly ethos, please visit our ‘Environmental Policy’ page.

Here at Worktop Express® we love a kitchen with personality, which is why – out of all our stunning wooden worksurfaces – beautiful walnut worktops are a firm favourite. Best of all, our customers love them too, making gorgeous walnut tops one of our top sellers.

What is it that makes European walnut such a well-loved timber choice? There are many reasons, but its distinctive colour variation has to be one of the most important: walnut is an eye-catching choice, and one that is certain to be a talking point in any kitchen. The unmistakeable staves of these worktops showcase both dark heartwood and pale sapwood from the walnut tree, creating a striking aesthetic. Walnut worktops from Worktop Express® are available in 27mm and 40mm thicknesses, giving you the option to choose which look you prefer.

Lustrous European walnut is an excellent choice for wooden worksurfaces.

Handsome European walnut timber is also reputed for its lustrous grain (with a far richer colouration than that of English walnut), which makes it a keen favourite for homeowners and woodworkers alike.

In cutting out the middle-man and selling directly to our customers, we are able to supply solid wood worktops at prices that are up to 75% cheaper than those offered on the high street. Our beautiful walnut work surfaces are excellent value and start at just £170 (for a 2M x 620mm x 40mm worktop).

Impressed by this fabulous, hard-wearing timber? Try our speedy sample service and discover the high-quality finish of our wood worktops from the comfort of your home. Samples cost just £5 each, and can be refunded against your order when you go on to purchase worktops from us.

Our full stave kitchen tops are the most luxurious solid wood surfaces that we offer, boasting an opulent construction of hardwood staves that run the full length of the worktops (thus measuring up to an impressive 3.5 metres in length).

The vast majority of the full stave worktops in our collection are made from a selection of 90mm wide staves that show off much of the timber’s natural beauty. However, as part of our range of oak and Prime Oak worktops we are delighted to offer a 40mm stave variant that is equally stunning, but – thanks to the narrower staves – can be offered at an even more competitive price.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the slimmer staves make this surface any less appealing; in fact our 40mm full stave oak and prime oak worktops have an incredibly seamless appearance, as the narrower staves are easier to colour match.

In our 40mm full stave oak worktops you’ll find plenty of endearing natural features, meaning that these surfaces are ideally suited to gorgeous ‘country’ kitchens. By contrast, our 40mm Prime Oak worktops are constructed from staves that are specifically chosen for their even colour and lack of natural features (such as knots), and are fantastic additions to contemporary kitchens.

If you can’t decide which of these wooden worktops is the ideal choice for your kitchen, why not order one of our worktop samples? Priced at just £5, each sample is sanded to a smooth finish then pre-oiled on the top and sides to provide a good representation of the finished product. Furthermore, if you go on to purchase one of our worktops, we’ll happily refund the cost of the sample on a one-for-one basis.