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Laminate worktops are stylish, affordable and durable but are they versatile? Many of our customers ask, “can laminate worktops be curved”, and the answer is yes. Carry on reading this blog post to find out more.

The Benefits of Curved Laminate Worktops

There are several advantages of fitting a curved laminate worktop in your kitchen, each one benefiting different lifestyles and personal preferences. A smooth countertop helps with the flow of a kitchen, especially within small spaces. It also adds interest and can be used in replacement of a rectangular kitchen island. From a functional perspective, there are no sharp corners for small children to bang their heads on.

Types of curved laminate worktops

We offer a laminate worktop cutting service that allows you to add bespoke curves to a laminate worktop. A few options are outlined below.

Radius Corners

Curved corners on a worktop are a stylish and popular option for contemporary and traditional kitchens alike. We cut radius corners to between 50mm to 300mm on square edge surfaces only – this is due to incompatibility of round edge worktop fabrication. This service is ideal if you have a corner cabinet or want to create a softer look in your kitchen.

This example shows exactly how stylish a laminate worktop can look with a curved edge. The contemporary kitchen cabinet doors have a pleasing shape which is accentuated by the radius corner of the pale marble effect laminate worktop. It draws the eye and helps to create a focal point within the kitchen.

Radius Ends

Providing a perfectly rounded finish, a radius end is ideal for a kitchen island or a breakfast bar, and much like radius corners offer a modern look for a contemporary kitchen. You can choose to have this bespoke feature on any of our square edge laminate worktops.

How to Order a Curved Laminate Worktops

To order a curved laminate worktop, visit our laminate worktop cutting service page or our online bespoke worktop tool which also saves you 10% on all fabrication services. Alternatively, you can also contact us via if you would like to send a fabrication diagram through to our team.

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