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If you are looking to update your kitchen you might be considering replacing your current countertop with a laminate worktop. But are laminate worktops any good? We explore this question in more detail.


If you are looking for a work surface that is practical then laminate worktops are a great choice. Maintenance is minimal and they can be cleaned easily in seconds with just a soft cloth and warm soapy water.


If you are looking for a work surface that is excellent value for money then laminate worktops are the perfect choice. Starting at just £60, they are an inexpensive solution that does not sacrifice quality.


If you are looking for a work surface that is robust and durable then laminate worktops are a good option. Just because they are less expensive than alternatives does not make them any less hardwearing. A practical solution for busy kitchens, laminate surfaces are constructed from a high-grade composite wooden particle board core and wrapped in a tough laminate top layer resulting in a long-lasting and water-resistant worktop.


If you are looking for a work surface that is stylish then laminate worktops are the ideal solution. Our ever-expanding range offers you a choice of decors – from those that emulate natural materials, such as marble or wood, to those that are purely decorative like our Andromeda sparkle range. Either way, our collection is diverse and suitable for a range of kitchen designs.


If you are looking for a work surface that will suit any kitchen then you should consider laminate countertops. As mentioned above, our range of decors makes them perfect for a variety of kitchen settings – not only this but we also offer a laminate worktop cutting service. This means that our laminate kitchen countertops can literally fit into any kitchen.

So, are laminate worktops any good? It depends. If you are looking for a work surface that is practical, durable, stylish, versatile and excellent value for money, then yes, absolutely. Still unsure if these countertops are the right choice for you? Ask your questions below or contact us to find out more information. Alternatively, drop into your local showroom or order a laminate worktop sample pack online to experience them first hand.

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2 Responses to “Are Laminate Worktops Any Good?”

  1. What are the best laminate types for heat resistance? What temperatures can they stand?

  2. Hi Tim,
    Our Laminate worktops are heat resistant, but if you are looking for durability and very high heat resistance, then we recommend our Solid Laminate worktops that can withstand temperatures of up to 220C!
    Many thanks,
    Adam @ Worktop Express

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