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Here at Worktop Express, we love seeing our customers’ new countertops in their kitchens. In this blog post, we explore a kitchen case study from Dot and Charlie who live in Glasgow. Let’s take a closer look at how they have used their new worktop.

When Dot and Charlie wanted a new worktop for their kitchen, they decided to visit our Glasgow showroom for inspiration and to see first-hand the quality they could expect. With a mixture of traditional and contemporary features, such as traditional cabinet frontals and stainless-steel appliances, their L-shaped kitchen is a prime example of the mixed materials trend that is very popular.

This kitchen includes a central island which presented the perfect opportunity to utilise two different worktop styles. The countertop they chose was a full stave oak worktop. When compared to the solid black granite worktop, the effect is completely different in terms of colour and material.

The black granite worktops contrast beautifully with the pale wall cabinets but also complement the dark blue base cabinets. The oak worktop on the island mirrors the material choice of the solid wood cabinets and also helps to lighten the kitchen while softening the highly reflective surface of the granite worktop. The chopping board and black shiny domino induction hob on the island reflect the materials used in the work surfaces, adding continuity to the kitchen. To help create a flow throughout the space, radius corners have also been added to the island worktop.

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