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Every year since 2000 Pantone have released a colour that relates to the spirit of the age. Their colour of the year 2019 is Living Coral – an enlivening pinkish orange hue that, although vibrant, exhibits mellow characteristics. This allows it to be used in a variety of designs. In this blog post, we examine which worktops complement Pantone’s choice for 2019.

Black Granite Solid Laminate Worktops

Black granite solid laminate worktops perfectly complement Living Coral.

Our black granite solid laminate worktops, with their dark colour, beautifully complement Living Coral. In this combination, the warm shade is accentuated, resulting in a welcoming and cosy kitchen. Pantone describe the colour as optimistic, which in some respects explains why it is the perfect companion to black – it offers a well-balanced colour scheme.

White Marble Solid Laminate Worktops

The colour of the year 2019 works particularly well with white marble solid laminate worktops.

At the opposite end of the spectrum are our white marble solid laminate worktops. This combination creates a light and airy kitchen whilst the slight golden undertone of Living Coral adds warmth and stops it from feeling too cold. Both the colour of the year and these worktops work well in contemporary kitchens whether utilised on walls or on cabinet frontals.

Grey Sparkle Solid Laminate Worktops

Grey is a very versatile colour that can be pair with Living coral.

Grey worktops not only form a stylish foundation for any modern kitchen, their colour means that they are compatible with many shades and hues – including the colour of the Year 2019. In many ways, Living Coral is the exact opposite of grey. It delivers high-spiritedness and buoyancy and by combining it with grey you can create a beautiful aesthetic in your kitchen.

Deluxe Wenge Worktops

The luxuriously dark shades of wenge make it the perfect worktop partner for Living coral.

Deluxe wenge is a luxuriously dark solid wood which features a black and brown grain pattern. This natural opulence combines perfectly with Living Coral and results in a unique colour scheme. By complementing the deep hues of wenge, the lightness of the colour of the year makes a dramatic statement.

Mint Green Glass Effect Laminate Worktops

The oceanic colours of glass effect laminate worktops beautifully complement Living Coral.

Glass work surfaces are well suited to contemporary kitchen design and the glass effect laminate worktop is no different. Mint green in colour, it complements Living Coral perfectly and creates an oceanic colour combination, much like what Pantone intended. The result is a natural feel that adds tranquillity to a kitchen.

Cream Laminate Worktops

Allow Living Coral to shine by pairing it with a contemporary neutral worktop.

Another way to achieve a natural look in your kitchen is by using a contemporary neutral colour, such as this cream laminate worktop. This shade allows Living Coral to take centre stage and shine through. This laminate worktop has a subtle dappled pattern which gives it an almost sandy or stony appearance.

These are just a few of the possible worktop combinations available. Please browse or site for more inspiration. Which worktop would you use along side Living Coral? Leave your comments below. Do not forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest for even more great inspiration or subscribe to our newsletter for updates and information about new products, special offers and competitions.