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Here at Worktop Express we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality in everything we do – including our solid oak worktops. We have a number of oak worktop reviews that back-up this statement, and we have selected a few to show you what owners of our oak worktops think.

Who are Feefo?

To collect reviews, we use Feefo – an independent reviewing platform. They control the reviews that are displayed, which ensures that the feedback on our oak worktop pages is honest, authentic and trustworthy. Hundreds of people have posted positive reviews on our site and each one is an indication of our exacting standards.

The UK’s Finest Oak Worktops Reviews

Ruth had this to say about the oak worktops she purchased from us.

“I was a little dubious to order worktops online without being able to look at the product quality, however, after reading reviews I felt for the price saving it was worth trying. I was not disappointed. The two worktops I ordered are fab quality, and they were delivered very quickly. I would highly recommend.”

Peter gave his oak worktops 5-stars, in part due to their very high quality.

“Oak Worktops were delivered on time and as promised with regular updates on delivery time expected. Very good condition and all tops. Checked by the delivery drivers before they departed. Worktops have been a pleasure to work with and have been of very high quality.”

Our Prime Oak worktops have not been left out, with Susan leaving a review to let us know how good the surfaces look in her modern kitchen.

“Looks absolutely beautiful, had some lovely comments. Gives a touch of class to a modern kitchen.”

We have even had reviews from people using our oak worktops outside of the kitchen – like Eleanor, who posted a 5-star review on Feefo for our 3m x 720mm x 40mm oak worktops. This is what she had to say:

“Great solid worktop, looks really good with the Danish oil Using as a desk rather than as a kitchen counter, perfect for the job. Excellent price for the product – really happy.”

These are just a few of our oak worktop reviews. To read a wider selection to help you make up your mind, visit our oak worktops and Prime Oak worktops pages. If you have recently bought an oak worktop, keep an eye out for a Feefo email in your inbox and let others know your honest opinion.

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For the last in our series following our worktops from the forest to your front door, we have spent some time with Tim, our transport manager, to find out more about the people behind our in-house delivery service. Previously, we spent time with the fabrication department and the last thing they did was wrapping – this is where we will pick up with Tim, as the worktop is packed ready for transport.

1:32pm (day before delivery) – When the worktop orders are ready for delivery, we come to the warehouse to collect them. If the orders are coming from fabrication, they will be wrapped, if not they have to be wrapped, and then we pack them in our re-usable padding ready for transport. How do we know which worktops we need to pick and which orders are being loaded into which van?

Great question – you will find out shortly!

6:58pm (day before delivery) – Orders are loaded onto our vans so they can be distributed throughout the country to each depot, ready for delivery the next day. We have our own in-house delivery fleet which is fantastic as it means we can keep costs low and pass those savings to our customers. It also means we can ensure our commitment to the environment is upheld by planning the most efficient delivery routes possible.

12:37pm (day of delivery) – This van has arrived back from a morning of deliveries, so it will be loaded shortly. There are weight restrictions that we need to adhere to, to make sure our vehicles are safe. As we have our own transport, we are responsible for all the maintenance – ‘down time’ has to be booked in so that we can have all our vehicles on the road when we need them. This is a big job, with 7 depots throughout the country we need to make sure all the planning is done for every location. We are checking the oil and water levels on this vehicle before it heads out.

4:11pm – The first deliveries have been done and we are ready to head to the last address now – we just need to give the customer a call to let them know we are on the way.

4:38pm – We are at the customer’s house, right on time, and – like most of the worktops we deliver – these worktops are headed straight for the kitchen. They are fairly heavy and also pretty large, so two people are needed to lift safely. The kitchen is on the ground floor and there are no steps, so it looks like we can take this straight in. We take the reusable packaging off then the customer is given the opportunity to inspect the worktops without the wrapping before we leave.

4:52pm– Delivery done and we are headed back to head office to clock off – I hope you have enjoyed learning more about transport’s role in the journey our worktops take from the forest to your front door!

Here at worktop express, we are excited to introduce some more worktops to our range. We have chosen these brand new laminate worktops because of their beautiful aesthetics – each surface has a unique style that ensures it is suitable for a range of kitchen styles. In this blog post, we will take a look at Galaxy Gloss, Cascina Pine and Caribbean Stone laminate worktops in more detail.

Galaxy Gloss Laminate Worktop

This stunning worktop is guaranteed to create an eye-catching centre-piece in any kitchen thanks to the smooth, high shine finish and striking design. Perfect for a contemporary kitchen, this laminate work surface has been completely covered with glitter, for a sparkling and sophisticated impact.

Cascina Pine Laminate Worktops

Our Cascina Pine laminate worktops are perfect for creating a light and airy aesthetic in your kitchen. For a realistic effect that perfectly replicates the natural grain of wood, this worktop has a textured finish. The overall design allows them to fit particularly well in coastal and Scandinavian designs.

Caribbean Stone Laminate Worktops

Caribbean Stone laminate worktops have a high gloss finish which adds elegance to any kitchen. These surfaces have a realistic polished granite design, with beautiful shades of brown, that work well in contemporary kitchen styles. Smooth, sleek and reflective, this worktop is sure to transform your kitchen.

How Our New Laminate Worktops are Made

Just like all of our products, our new laminate worktops use only the highest quality materials. This makes them extremely durable and suitable for the busiest kitchen. The robust wooden particle board core is covered with a decorative and hardwearing laminate top layer using the process of high heat and pressure to bind the two elements together. The combination of quality materials and precision construction makes them a low-maintenance choice that is also easy to clean.

New Laminate Worktop Upstands and Splashbacks

To complete your kitchen, our new range also includes complementary laminate worktop upstands and splashbacks. These features not only look great, but they also help to protect your walls from splashes and stains – the perfect solution for a busy kitchen.

What are your thoughts on our new laminate worktop range? For more information about these new products or any of our other laminate worktops, please contact us. Do not forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates about our products.

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Solid laminate worktops are a sleek option for any contemporary kitchen – both Zenith worktops and our premium solid laminate worktops are popular choices with our customers. Considering solid laminate worktops but unsure which colours to use with your new kitchen worktops ? Here is our advice on which colour combinations work best.

Zenith Worktops

There is no doubt that Zenith worktops provide a strong statement for a contemporary kitchen and their design makes them perfect for combining with vibrant and rich colours.

Caldeira Zenith

With a selection of grey tones alongside mottled terracotta shades, Caldeira Zenith worktops look great when paired with Red Earth by Farrow & Ball. This earthy colour highlights the accents in the worktop, adding continuity of colour to your kitchen.

Farrow and Ball’s Red Earth will work perfectly alongside Caldeira Zenith solid laminate worktops.

Credit : Farrow & Ball

Rouille Zenith

Rouille Zenith worktops feature a striking worn copper effect which gives them a warmth. Adding to the theme by using an oxidised copper colour such as teal or turquoise is a bold move that will transform your kitchen. We recommend Farrow & Ball’s Vardo, a rich teal shade.

Farrow and Ball’s Vardo combines perfectly with Rouille Zenith solid laminate worktops.

Credit : Farrow & Ball

Magma Zenith

Magma Zenith worktops, have a slate grey colour which combines well with many different hues. We recommend choosing a rich purple for an opulent palette. A deep aubergine shade, Farrow and Ball’s Brinjal will create a bold and striking combination, adding warmth to the cool undertones of the work surface.

Magma Zenith solid laminate worktops look fantastic with Farrow and Ball’s Brinjal.

Credit : Farrow & Ball

Worktop Express Exclusive Solid Laminate Worktops

This collection of solid laminate worktops are exclusive to Worktop Express. They are available in variety of styles and so will match many different shades and hues.

Black Sparkle

With glitter and large iridescent metallic flakes set into a pure black surface, this Black Sparkle can be matched with any colour. We recommend a warm white – such as Farrow and Ball’s School House White – to create a dramatic contrast.

Farrow and Ball’s School House White will work perfectly alongside our black sparkle solid laminate worktop.

Credit : Farrow & Ball


This concrete solid laminate worktop perfectly replicates the look of concrete and features a beautiful grey colour. Grey is well known for complementing a range of colours. Yellow would add a warmth so try Farrow & Ball’s Babouche.

Farrow & Ball’s Babouche perfectly complements our premium concrete solid laminate worktop.

Credit : Farrow & Ball

White Marble

White marble solid laminate worktops are great for adding opulence to a kitchen. Therefore, we recommend a colour that has an equal amount of lavishness. Farrow & Ball’s Studio Green is dark and lavish and will help to pick out the marble pattern.

Farrow & Ball’s Studio Green can be used to great effect alongside our white marble solid laminate worktops.

Credit : Farrow & Ball

This kitchen shows how effective a dark green colour, such as Farrow & Ball’s Studio Green, can be when used with white worktops.

Credit : houzz

To find your perfect colour combinations for solid laminate worktops, visit our worktop visualiser. Let us know what your favourite colour combination is in the comments below. Our range is continuously expanding, so make sure you visit regularly so that you do not miss our new additions. Alternatively, join us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with our latest products.

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