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Slinky Studio is a website that reviews a huge variety of different products, from outdoor jackets and e-bikes to ovens, speakers and lots in between. Its team has published a Worktop Express review in which one of our beautiful Prime Oak worktops was tested. Slinky Studio picked us in order to scrutinise the process of buying worktops online, and we are extremely proud of the resulting write-up, which gave us a five-star overall rating.

The consumer website chose two of our 2m x 620mm x 40mm Prime Oak worktops, and utilised our bespoke fabrication tool to have their surfaces cut to size. The team were pleasantly surprised by the amount of information and features you could incorporate into the fabrication tool, commenting on how easily you can adjust it to your requirements and see the finished product.

Slinky Studio also praised our in-house 2Man delivery service, which minimises the risk of damage during transit. The review mentions our protective packaging – used to keep the worktop in pristine condition – and the inclusion of all the offcuts so they can be used to create other, smaller products. Continuing the glowing feedback of their Worktop Express review, the team said the quality of the Prime Oak worktops far surpassed their expectations.

In fact, they say the worktops ‘transformed’ their shaker kitchen. All the bespoke features added were cut to perfection and, as a result, the worktops offer a flawless appearance. This review was published six months after the countertops were fitted, and Slinky Studio affirm that the worktop has retained its stunning appearance, despite being subjected to stress tests, water and dropped cups.

Read customer experiences and leave your own Worktop Express review on our Trustpilot page. We are delighted to have an ‘Excellent’ rating overall with in excess of 20,000 reviews.

Worktop Express has supplied approximately half a million customer orders since our inception and, whilst we are best known for kitchen worktops, not all of the worktops we have sold were destined for this use. Some of our more creative customers have decided to make wooden furniture out of our top-quality solid wood worktops, including desks, tables and even beds! Here are some of the fantastic handmade products crafted using the items we sell.


Whilst we sell stair cladding kits, this customer chose to use our worktops instead. The end result is a striking small staircase up to a raised bed. It has had a lot of time and effort invested, but the final product is clearly worth it. The storage underneath is very practical, and would be a great idea for small rooms and messy kids.

If you utilise our bespoke fabrication service, we can include all the offcuts with your order. Our customers have created amazing products using these bits of wood, such as this coat rack made out of our black oak worktops. This item would be simple to create, yet it is elegant and almost certainly used every day.

Lounge/ Dining Room

Our worktops are easily strong enough to support a television, and this enterprising customer had the insight to build an oak TV cabinet. The multi-level stand is both functional and stylish, maximising usable space and creating an eye-catching, one-off product. We love the contrast of the dark blue paint on the cabinets and the golden colour of the oak, and how it matches the leather recliner.

Creating this beautiful dining table required one of our stunning 4m oak worktops and ornate painted table legs. This table would make mealtimes special, and it is large enough to accommodate the whole family. The satin silver legs are the perfect complement to the modern pendant lamps and almost hypnotic seat cover.


Our offcuts have been used to create spice racks on a number of occasions, as they are perfect for displaying your most-used condiments. This particular one was created by the same person that crafted the coat rack above and the wine holder below. Clearly, he sees our worktops as the optimum material to make wooden furniture from!

A wine bottle holder might not be an essential item, but it provides a lovely sculptural touch to your dining experience. If you have an extra length of worktop left over, creating a bottle holder is a useful and practical option.


Whilst spice racks and tables are comparatively common uses for our worktops, it is incredibly rare that we receive photos showing a double bed constructed from the wood we sell. Repurposing worktops for a bed may not be the first idea that comes to mind, but our surfaces are sturdy, durable and well-suited to supporting you while you sleep. This dedicated DIYer also created the side tables to the right of the image.

Why not let your kids sleep on a bed of worktop pieces too? This customer used our products to create this wonderful child’s bunkbed that will last for many years. The bunkbed has a professional quality to it – every piece of wood has been perfectly cut to size and sanded – and the finished product looks amazing. In fact, we would happily sleep here!


Kitchen worktops are very similar to desks in how they are supported and the weight of items placed on them. Making a desk out of our solid wood worktops will be an elegant and long-lasting addition to your office space. However, with a lovely grain pattern like the one in this photo, you may get distracted from your work!

Adding greenery

If you have a length of worktop left over from your kitchen upgrade, you may decide to recycle it. This customer, on the other hand, found the ideal place to feature the remaining wood. He has created a plant shelf to make his home greener and closer to nature. The shelf is attached to a mezzanine level, allowing people in the rooms above and below to enjoy the plants (and the beauty of the worktop!). This idea could also be a fantastic way to invite nature into a small apartment.

Not content with his majestic floating plant shelf, this customer also created a unique plant pot to encourage the next generation of floral growth. A plant pot can bring colour and interest to an area or corner, while helping to bring the outside into the home environment.

Many people have decided to make wooden furniture out of Worktop Express products, and the results speak for themselves. Let us know what you would create below, or, if you have built something extraordinary out of our worktops, we would love to see it on our Facebook or Twitter pages!

Upgrade your kitchen with a worktop that is stylish, sleek and durable. Our selection of Earthstone worktops replicate natural stone surfaces such as quartz and granite, but are much easier and less expensive to install. These countertops are created using a thick layer of hardwearing acrylic bonded to a chunky wooden particleboard core, in a process that ensures a water-resistant, low-maintenance surface. Our Earthstone collection offers many benefits – read on for our top five reasons why you should choose them.

1. Luxurious Feel

If you would like an authentic representation of real stone with a luxurious feel, these worktops are perfect. . Both the appearance and cold feel of Earthstone surfaces mimic the qualities of natural materials as closely as possible. These countertops will suit contemporary and traditional settings equally as well and can be bought for an affordable price.

2. Seamless Appearance

Solid surface worktops can be used to create a truly seamless aesthetic in your kitchen. The worktop joins are hidden underneath, so are not visible from the top or sides. This process allows your countertop to look like it has been hewn from a single piece of stone. Earthstone worktops can therefore be used to make complex shapes, as multiple worktops can be joined without the connections being seen.. A lack of visible joins means your new kitchen tops will also be incredibly hygienic as there are no gaps which cannot be easily accessed for cleaning – their non-porous surfaces prevent water ingress and bacteria growth too.

3. Incredibly Durable

These surfaces are fantastically long-lasting and hardwearing. The thick layer of acrylic means they can withstand sustained use for many years, so they are a brilliant choice for busy family lives. A moisture barrier is incorporated into every Earthstone worktop, helping to prevent water damage to the wooden particleboard core.

4. Can Be Repaired Easily

The kitchen is the heart of the home and is likely to be one of your most-used areas. This means that there is potential for accidents to occur, but our Earthstone worktops are wonderfully easy to repair if the worst is to happen. If your worktop sustains any damage, it can usually be remedied by simply sanding and buffing back to its original condition. We recommend always using a chopping board when preparing food. Exposure to hot pans will show burn marks, but you can prevent this by using a trivet or our integrated hot rods.

5. Easy Installation

As stone worktops are usually very heavy, they need expert installation and have high labour costs. Real stone will require expensive specialist cutting equipment to ensure a clean, accurate cut, whereas we cut our Earthstone worktops to your exact specifications using the same tooling and machinery as our solid wood and laminate work surfaces.

Treat your kitchen to our Earthstone worktops and enjoy their many benefits, including the accurate representation of real stone and a hygienic, water-resistant surface. If you would like more information about these fantastic countertops, read our nutshell guide. Thinking about choosing one of these Earthstone kitchen tops? Tell us why below, or start a conversation on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

Since April 1st, you have been able to save 10% on any of the laminate worktops on our website, but this generous offer is ending soon – making now your last chance to benefit.

We have a comprehensive selection of laminate surfaces in our collection, from realistic timber effect tops – like our full stave rustic oak – to high gloss options for a glamorous look – like our black andromeda worktops, incorporating a variety of options to suit a number of styles. All you need to do to claim your 10% saving is add the items you need to your online shopping cart and use the code LAM10 at the online checkout.

Should you prefer to order in one of our showrooms, over the telephone on 0345 22 22 644 or via email, incorporating a variety of options to suit a number of styles. All you need to do to claim your 10% saving is add the items you need to your online shopping cart and use the code LAM10 at the online checkout.

If solid wood worktops are your preference, you will be pleased to know that we are offering up to an unprecedented 15% off our bamboo and caramel bamboo surfaces. This saving has been applied to eligible items, and is available until the end of April.

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable timber species in our collection and is naturally incredibly durable too. The uniform grain pattern gives a unique look which is naturally water-resistant, making it ideally suited to life in the kitchen. Our caramel bamboo worktops go through a caramelisation process that gives them a beautifully rich amber colour, and both this and our natural bamboo options will add texture and warmth to any setting.

Saving up to 15% on these surfaces is incredibly easy as the offer has already been applied to eligible products – all you need to do is select the items you require and add them to your shopping cart. This promotion is also available if you are purchasing your new bamboo worktops through one of our showrooms, over the telephone or via email.

*not including clearance worktops.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, any of our worktops can be cut to your exact specifications. Our machinery ensures precise and accurate cutting, and you can incorporate designs and features you would like into our online bespoke fabrication tool. Whether you need cut-outs for appliances and sinks, edge profiling, radius corners or something completely different, Worktop Express can make your vision come to life. Here are some of our favourite ideas for unconventional worktop cut-outs.

A rising set of plug sockets on a kitchen worktop

Credit : Pinterest

Hidden Plug Sockets

For a sleek and modern look, consider a cut-out to concealing a pop-up plug socket in your worktop. Stashed out of the way until you need to use them, they can provide extra sockets where you would not otherwise be able to put a row of plugs. This kitchen shown here features a power bank on the worktop to make the space more flexible and useful. We can create the perfect-sized hole for extra plugs if provided with accurate measurements.

A small herb garden in the middle of a kitchen island

Credit : Ewe

Handy Herb Garden

Bring nature into your kitchen by opting for a herb garden on your kitchen worktop or island. A small herb garden is a convenient way to store fresh herbs, and could prompt you to use them more often. As an added benefit, the greenery is an attractive and beautiful feature that adds an extra touch of homeliness. Our talented fabrication team are adept in producing irregular worktop cut-outs, so will have no trouble creating this feature.

A multifunctional trough sink with oysters and a bottle of champagne

Credit : House Beautiful

Multifunctional Trough Sink

The next step up from an integrated herb garden is to have a ‘trough’ sink that offers many different uses and is separate from your main sink. This addition is not only rather useful, but is the perfect feature for entertaining. You could use this as a herb garden, as a space to keep bottles chilled or as an extra food preparation area. The cut-out needed for this installation is no different to some of our previous worktop alteration requests.

A circular worktop cut-out to sweep rubbish away

Credit : Kitchn

Waste Space

Whilst it may not be the most attractive part of a kitchen, dealing with waste is a fundamental aspect that needs consideration. If you have cupboard space to spare, you could put a rubbish, recycling or food waste bin inside and incorporate a cut-out in your worktop to easily sweep mess away. You may have seen this solution in coffee shops or fast food joints, and it provides an elegant option that hides the bin out of sight – whilst still being practical.

To see more of the worktop cut-outs and features we can incorporate, please visit our bespoke worktop fabrication gallery. You may need to contact us regarding your specific requirements. Which of these cut-outs would you choose for your kitchen?

Eco-friendly kitchens are one of this year’s most popular trends – Pinterest has reported seeing an increase in searches related to eco cook spaces by as much as 235%. There are many ways to reduce your environmental impact, including recycling, reusing and saving energy.

The worktops you choose can also make a difference. Not only do they look fantastic, but all of our worktops are carefully sourced by us from sustainable, legally managed forestry schemes across predominantly Europe and Africa. We visit each of the forest sites that produce our worktops at least every three months, and undertake detailed inspections to ensure the production remains up to our high standards. Our commitment to being as green as possible includes reusing all our waste timber, whether for offcuts and samples, or to power the biomass boiler that heats our warehouse. We also support worldwide forestry and conservation schemes – see what we achieved with COMAID in 2017 here.


The only time we source materials from China and the Far East is if they are natural to this region. This is the case with our bamboo and caramel bamboo worktops, which are sourced as sustainably as possible and do not deplete the food supply of local species.

Bamboo is technically grass, not wood, but it is still incredibly durable and naturally water resistant. This material is one of the best options for your eco-friendly kitchen – bamboo grows incredibly quickly and can be harvested and replanted much sooner than many other timbers. Some varieties grow up to a metre per day!

Caramel Bamboo

Caramel bamboo is identical to our bamboo worktops in terms of the wood and construction methods used. The only difference is that caramel bamboo surfaces have been treated in a special, completely natural way, which produces their gorgeous golden hue. Heat is applied to the worktop, and the natural sugars in bamboo caramelise and darken – a process completely different to merely staining the wood. This worktop is equally as sustainable as our lighter-coloured bamboo, and is the perfect choice for ecologically minded kitchen updates.


Oak is by far our most popular worktop material, and we supply solid oak in various ways to suit your requirements. We offer a range of finishes and stave sizes, Deluxe and Prime oak options, and even opulent Full Stave choices. All these worktops are created from sustainable, European-sourced oak. This reduces the carbon footprint and air miles. Other benefits of European oak are that it is generally more hardwearing and produces less sap than some varieties.

Our beech and ash worktops are also solely harvested in eastern Europe, and are great alternatives to oak – consider both of these surfaces before deciding which is for you.


The light tones of maple make it suitable for both traditional and modern kitchens, and it is incredibly dense and durable. Most maple wood comes from North America, but we only use European timber in all our maple and full stave maple worktops. This means we can closely monitor the sustainability of this product and reduce the distance it has travelled to get to your kitchen.

Would you choose one of these worktops, or one of our many other sustainable timbers? See our full range of wooden worktops for inspiration. You can also read more details about our environmental policy here.

Our laminate worktops are incredibly durable and are available in a selection of designs – from authentic representations of stone, metal and wood to our popular glamorous black sparkle Andromeda collection. If you are considering any of our wonderful laminate countertops, you will be pleased to hear that they are now even more affordable!

For a limited time, you can save 10% on every laminate worktop we sell. It is very easy to take advantage of this saving – all you need to do is add the products you would like to your basket and use the discount code LAM10 at the checkout. This generous offer is also available if you would prefer to order via telephone, email or in person at one of our eight showrooms. Please note that you will need to mention the discount code LAM10 to the person taking your order.

Now is the perfect time to order your new laminate worktops. Our 10% off sale runs until Monday, April 16th 2018 at 23:59. Delivery costs are not included and full terms and conditions can be found on our current offers page.

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