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Sustainability is incredibly important to us – so much so, that we work hard to ensure the timber for our worktops is from responsibly managed sources, and that we are involved at every stage of the supply chain. This also allows us to ensure we are only supplying our customers with the highest-quality products, and to better illustrate the work we do, we are taking a behind the scenes look at our worktops. Over the coming months, we will be following a wooden worktop from the forest to your front door – and the first instalment starts right at the beginning, with our purchasing team.

Lisa – our purchasing manager here at Worktop Express – has been kind enough to complete this diary of a typical day in the office for her, to illustrate what our purchasing team do and how they fit in the source and supply of the sustainable timbers we use to create our worktops.


I have just arrived in the office, I have a hot drink and I am just checking my inbox. Overnight I received some new paperwork regarding FSC – this is something we have to check regularly as we need to ensure every batch of timber we receive is certified. The FSC – or Forest Stewardship Council – certifies forests and timber suppliers that are managed sustainably and responsibly, which is why it is so important to us.


We have a new worktop range arriving today, so I am just headed over to the warehouse to check the delivery. We have seen several samples, but we check every order that we receive so we can make sure the quality is up to our high standards.

12 Noon

Just in time for a meeting with one of our timber suppliers to improve the packaging we use to prevent damage or waste of the wood in transit – although nothing at Worktop Express actually goes to waste! Any offcuts that are too small or otherwise unsuitable for use as samples or chopping boards, we fuel our biomass heaters with.


In the canteen and I am trying to eat my lunch as quickly as possible – my meeting ran over (as always – so much to talk about!) and I have a lot to get through this afternoon! Top of the list is a call I have scheduled with a supplier regarding a delivery we have coming in next week, making sure we have done everything we can so the delivery goes as smoothly as possible.


Rushing down to the warehouse again to have a look at some timber worktops that have just arrived. We have to check every delivery to ensure everything meets our high standards – this is especially important for timber as there is no other way to guarantee the quality. Even after I have approved them and accepted the delivery, they will be checked again by our warehouse teams when they are picked for orders, and then again when they leave the warehouse.


A big part of my job is looking at current stock we have against the current sales, historical sales trends and also potential future design and décor trends. This helps my purchasing team work out what we need to purchase, when and how much – which ensures we always have enough in stock for our customers.


Almost home-time! I have finally received the paperwork for a new source of one of our exotic timbers – this is something we will check thoroughly to ensure we are sourcing all of the wood we use to create our worktops from responsibly and sustainably managed forests. I will have a look through this before I leave the office today – hopefully it won’t take too long.


Another day is done! Hopefully, this has given you an insiders view of the work we do to honour our commitments to the environment – you are off to our sales department next to see what happens at our end when you order one of our worktops.

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Have you recently fitted our worktops as part of a kitchen remodel, or used them to give your kitchen a quick revamp? Perhaps you have chosen our worktops to create a desk or table, or you have added them to your bathroom to create a counter. However and wherever you have installed our worktops, we want to see pictures of them in your home – and we are offering an exciting prize for the best photo we receive!

To be in with a chance of winning a KitchenAid Mixer worth £500 alongside £100 to spend at Worktop Express, all you need to do is share a photo of your worktops on the official ‘Worktops Win Prizes’ Facebook post. If you do not have a Facebook account, you can still enter – simply email your photo to! A KitchenAid Mixer is a great way to spend more time with your worktops, and £100 in Worktop Express vouchers mean they will be well maintained for years to come – or perfectly accessorised, the choice is yours!

Submitting photographs of your worktops is easy – just make sure you capture them in the best possible light by taking them in daylight and avoiding the use of flash where possible. A clutter-free image that allows the beauty of the worktops to really shine is sure to be popular amongst the judges, too.

If you are not the winner of our main prize, you could still win one of two runners-up prizes! After the winning worktop has been announced, we will launch a Facebook poll to determine second and third place between our two runners-up. Second place will be the lucky recipient of £100 in Amazon vouchers, and third prize is £50 in Amazon vouchers.

This competition closes on Monday 5th March at 12Noon, and we are unable to accept late entries. Our panel of judges will be favouring high-quality images so make sure you submit your photograph on time and consider your composition carefully. Please familiarise yourself with our Terms and Conditions before entering and – finally – good luck!

Do you have what it takes to get 10/10 on our worktop quiz? We have a wide selection of timbers available, and with so many options on offer it can be tricky to figure out what you need. If you think you know your beech from your bamboo, our quiz is the perfect way to test your knowledge – our questions cover the origins of our timbers, some technical terms and different construction options. We have even managed to include a kitchen sink…

When you have answered all the questions, you can share your score with your friends and challenge them to beat you – good luck!

At Worktop Express, we always aim to allow customers to create their perfect worktop for the best price. Our bespoke fabrication services are a simple way to take out the time and effort required to cut worktops to size on site – and for a limited time we are offering a generous 25% saving on the cost of these services!

A wide range of alterations are available, whether you require cut-outs for sinks, hobs or taps, or your kitchen has existing architectural features that you need to fit the worktop around. We can also provide radius corners, ellipse ends, edge profiling, joins and even incorporate a wireless charger.

We use the very latest high-tech machinery to guarantee that each cut is clean, accurate and precise, ensuring they will fit perfectly in your kitchen. Once you have designed your worktop in the tool, we will send you a confirmation diagram to make sure you are completely happy with the measurements and design. If any changes need to be made, they will be made at this point – once you are satisfied and have confirmed the drawing, our skilled fabrication team will start creating your dream worktop!

You will get a worktop that is fantastic quality and cut to your requirements, with 25% off the price of the fabrication! This offer runs until 11:59pm on Wednesday 28th February and is eligible on orders completed through our online bespoke cutting tool – please note that orders placed over the telephone, via email or in any of our showrooms are not eligible for this offer. This discount also works alongside any existing worktop reductions, too.

The online fabrication tool is incredibly easy to use and works on all devices. Take a look at it today, and see how you can achieve a unique worktop that is perfectly suited to your home!

There are a number of untranslatable words that have made it into common use as lifestyle concepts through recent times, with the most notable being the Scandinavian ‘hygge’ and ‘lagom’. Wabi-sabi is an ancient Japanese philosophy derived from Buddhist concepts that encourage embracing the natural beauty of imperfections in everyday life. Traditional sake cups and tea bowls are often done in a wabi-sabi style, as the handmade nature of these items lends itself to the concept perfectly.

A contemporary Japanese tea bowl in the wabi-sabi style Credit: wikimedia

In the fast-paced lives of today, wabi-sabi is a way to stand back and appreciate what you have. A solid wood worktop is a fantastic way to embrace wabi-sabi in your home. As natural products, our timber work surfaces are all different, with different grain patterns and colours that develop and deepen over time. This fits with the concept of wabi-sabi, which embraces the development of items and suggests that even imperfections are important as they are illustrations the history of the item.

Appreciating items for what they are despite imperfections is also a fantastic way to reduce consumption and ensure new items are only purchased when the old ones become unusable. Encouraging reuse cuts out waste and is a fantastic way to be more mindful of the items purchased for your home. Fully embracing wabi-sabi in your home need not be expensive – simply choose natural or handmade items over mass-produced products and only purchase when absolutely necessary.

The kitchen is one place where items naturally face a lot of wear and tear – facing a multitude of different temperatures, water and oils, this is a fantastic place to start if you want to embrace the ancient Japanese philosophy. Will you be adopting wabi-sabi in your home?

With bolder hues being embraced for kitchen cabinets, it seems only natural that light ceramic and stainless steel sink options are being dismissed in favour of darker colours. Dark sinks are becoming more popular for contemporary kitchens and are often combined with solid surface worktops – like our Earthstone collection – to create a seamless look between items. A black or charcoal coloured sink can be a fantastic option for a darker worktop too, where white or stainless steel may prove too stark a contrast. There are a number of different ways a dark sink could be styled, and we have rounded up our top three below to provide inspiration for your contemporary kitchen design.

Contemporary Neutral

The Reginox Titanium Quartz Sink with Drainer is a stylish option perfect for a contemporary home. As the new go-to neutral, this grey shade can be matched walls or cabinets for a cohesive look and is a subtle statement for both solid wood and laminate worktops alike. With a 1.5 bowl and ample draining board space, this composite sink is a durable, low-maintenance choice for a busy home.

Modern Traditional

This little black number is a perfect compromise between contemporary and classic. The Reginox Black Ceramic Sink with Drainer is a fantastic option for darker timbers where a white sink in a similar design would be too high a contrast. This ceramic sink is overmounted, so – unlike Belfast and farmhouse styles – it is suitable for use with laminate and Earthstone worktop options.

A New Classic

A matt finish makes the Reginox Black Quartz Sink with Drainer a stunning option for any contemporary setting. The smooth, sleek design is a modern classic in the making with a subtle look that will work well in a variety of kitchen styles. Made using a scratch-resistant granite composite this black sink is a durable option for any home, boasting an antibacterial surface that makes it perfect for busy households looking for a low-maintenance option.

Would you choose a dark sink for your kitchen? We love to see our products in their new homes, so feel free to tag us in your pictures on Facebook and Instagram.

Valentine’s day can creep up on even the most organised people, so you are not alone if you have not yet bought that special gift for your partner. Seeing as the day is within touching distance, we have found a range of top timber items that might give you inspiration – everything from candle holders to wireless chargers!

A personalised cheeseboard set with a heart and two peoples’ names.

Credit: : Getting Personal

Personalised Wooden Cheeseboard Set – Cheesy Lovers – £19.99

This cheeseboard set from Getting Personal is a great option for any cheese lover – we chose this one in particular because of the ‘cheesy lovers’ pun! This set is beautifully made and features knives for cheddar and stilton as well as a cheese fork, making it as functional as it is stylish. It can also be personalised to include your names and a heart, ideal for those who prefer savoury over sweet.

A hamper with different items can make a great present.

Credit: : Not On The High Street

Wood Gift Hamper – £45

If you cannot decide on just one thing, avoid choosing and buy a hamper like this one from Not On The High Street. It includes a bar of Seed and Bean extra dark chocolate, two ‘XO’ themed wooden coasters and a personalised timber calendar keyring, which could be useful if your partner has a habit of forgetting when Valentine’s Day or your anniversary is. Presented in a lovely box if this is not quite right for your other half it could be used as inspiration to create your own.

Personalised engraved wooden spoons with names and symbols.

Credit: : Lankycow

Personalised engraved wooden spoon – £5

If you have a star baker or chef in your life, this personalised wooden spoon makes a thoughtful yet inexpensive gift, costing just £5. Lots of different designs and elements are available, and with free shipping too. This is one wooden spoon people will be happy to receive!

A personalised heart-shaped scarf holder with room for six scarves.

Credit: : Letteroom

Personalised Heart Scarf Holder – £19.95

If you are looking for a more practical gift than the usual chocolate offerings, this heart-shaped scarf holder from Letteroom could be right up your street. The simple design is well executed and the pine used to make it is a durable timber, so your gift should last for years to come. Holding up to six scarves or belts, it can also be customised to add the personal touch.

A rustic wooden candle holder with a heart-shaped cut out.

Credit: : hyggestyle

Rustic wooden bark heart candle/ tealight holder – £5.49

There are hundreds of heart-shaped candles available for you to wrap up and give to your loved one this Valentines, but this rustic bark candle and tealight holder from Hygge Style looks fantastic and will really bring nature into your home. It will work particularly well in country or traditional settings, but will complement modern fixtures and fittings too. At £5.49, it is a low-cost option in this Valentine’s Day candle market – but one your partner is sure to love.

Wooden Wireless Charger – from £45

If you are looking for a stylish gift for someone who loves their technology, Worktop Express offers a couple of great choices. Wireless charging looks to be the next big thing by getting rid of the flimsy cable – not only does it look great, but it is easier and more convenient than plugging and unplugging every time. The industry-leading QI wireless charging technology we use is compatible with more devices than ever, including Apple’s two latest iPhones, the 8/ 8 Plus and the X, and most Android-enabled phones. Your device may still be able to be used with an adapter or special case if it does not have wireless charging built in. We sell a range of wireless chargers, including a hidden pad under the worktop that means you can just place your phone straight on the worktop.

Alternatively, our iPad and phone stands will look fantastic in your kitchen, whether you have got solid wood cabinetry and worktops or not. They are a great present and useful for playing music, reading form online recipes and watching streamed TV. Buy them here, starting from just £20.

With so many options to choose from, timber is a top choice for gifts this Valentine’s Day!

For the next two weeks, we are offering a fantastic saving on all the items in our collection when your order total reaches £500 or more. At Worktop Express, we pride ourselves on our low prices, but until the 14th February, we are offering more with a 10% saving available to all customers spending £500 or more on products in our collection.

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