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It may not be the brightest or most bold colour choice, but shades of grey have dominated kitchens and interior design over the last couple of years. At Worktop Express we offer a selection of grey kitchen worktops to complement this trend, available in a choice of styles to suit your interior theme.

Our highly-affordable concrete laminate worktops are a great alternative to real concrete worktops.

Concrete Laminate Worktops

Industrial decor has become very prominent in home design in recent years, with concrete becoming the latest trendy material from which to make kitchen worktops.

Our concrete laminate worktops are a light grey colour that replicates the look of real concrete at a highly-affordable price, and can be customised easily to fit any kitchen.

Choose our brushed steel grey kitchen worktops in a modern kitchen.

Brushed Steel Effect Laminate Work Surfaces

Stainless steel is often found in commercial kitchens, but this look has only recently found its way in to contemporary home environments.

Bespoke stainless steel worktops can be very expensive, so our brushed steel effect laminate work surfaces are an ideal choice for achieving the look at a fraction of the cost.

Ipanema grey kitchen worktops replicate the look of real stone.

Ipanema Grey Stone Laminate Worktops

If you are looking for darker grey kitchen worktops, then there are many alternatives to expensive granite worktops that may suit your requirements.

Our Ipanema grey stone laminate worktops have a semi-gloss finish that replicates the look of natural cut stone, and look superb when combined with bright white cabinets or walls.

Our grey slate laminate worktops are very realistic yet also highly affordable.

Grey Slate Laminate Worktops

The darkest grey kitchen worktops in our collection are our textured grey slate laminate worktops.

These affordable surfaces – often referred to as ‘Luna Nero’ – look and feel just like real slate, but are much easier to work with and can be customised to fit any kitchen by our laminate worktop cutting service.

Grey oak laminate worktops are a great way of introducing a natural-looking surface into a grey kitchen.

Grey Oak Laminate Worktops

Whilst most of the grey kitchen worktops on sale replicate stone or metallic surfaces, an option is available for those who prefer the look of timber worktops: grey oak laminate worktops.

These low-cost surfaces look similar to a full stave oak surface that has undergone an antiquing process to give it the unique grey hue.

Our selection of grey laminate worktops are intended to suit almost any kitchen design choices, but if you’re not sure which would suit your home, then why not order one of our laminate worktop sample packs? These packs are just £5 – a cost that can be refunded if you go on to purchase a worktop from us.

Okiror John Chris, Tasuma Suzan and family with the tree nursery they own thanks to the support of VEFO and ITF.
Moses Wakida collecting seedlings to be planted at Kadenge Community Nursery Bed

Last month, we wrote about the support we have provided to the International Tree Foundation for their COMAID project in Cameroon that seeks to create a sustainable food forest for residents of the Dom community. Indeed, we are proud to be involved with a number of ITF projects, and like to provide updates on all facets of our work when possible. Today we will be looking at the success of the Village Enterprise Foundation Organisation in Uganda.

The project is working with local residents to build their entrepreneurial skills in tree nursery management. Community members have suggested that the depletion of trees can be attributed to large areas that are being removed to provide additional space for farming and house construction. Trees are also cut down to provide fuel for brick manufacture and cooking. With a lack of seedlings to plant, woodland clearance has contributed to climate change locally.

Last August, we wrote about the work for VEFO that had already been undertaken, which included the planting and survival of more than 34,000 seedlings, and the training of over 5,600 locals in tree planting and care. By August 2017, the aim is to have 176,900 tree and fruit seedlings planted within six established nurseries throughout the Budaka district. The project is also working to encourage the planting of more indigenous species (including iroko).

We are incredibly proud of our work with ITF and are excited for further updates as the final few months of the VEFO project unfold. We will keep you up to date with progress as it happens. At Worktop Express, we work hard to ensure our kitchen worktops and other accessories are sustainably and responsibly sourced. Should you wish to know more, please visit our environmental policy page.

Free delivery on orders over £300!

Today we have launched a flash free delivery offer which is available for online orders over £300 in standard delivery areas!

It isn’t just our fabulous solid wood worktops that are included in this deal: our range of laminate worktops and our collection of worktop accessories – which includes everything you need to install your work surface and care for it – are also eligible. Free delivery to our standard areas on orders over £300 is available on everything including the kitchen sink, but for a very limited time only!

To claim your free standard delivery, simply add the items you require to your shopping cart – once the cart total reaches over £300, the cost of delivery will be removed. Orders must be placed on our website in order to qualify. The free delivery offer is available to our standard delivery areas within England and Wales only (unfortunately Scotland, the Scottish Highlands, and 1Man Saturday delivery are excluded). If you would like more information on which postcodes are covered, please see our delivery details page.

Whether you’re replacing old worktops in a utility room or you have an entire kitchen refurbishment planned, this deal offers fantastic savings – be sure to order soon as it expires on Wednesday April 26th at 23:59.

Our Top 5...

It should come as no surprise that – due to our innate love of timber products – the team at Worktop Express® often come across beautiful wooden kitchen accessories that would find themselves perfectly at home in a kitchen featuring our solid wood worktops.

Whether you are serving up a spring salad or whipping up a full-blown feast, you are sure to find one of these wooden kitchen accessories a handy kitchen addition to match your wood worktops. Here are our current top five:

There was a time before toast tongs that is probably best left forgotten, but Lakeland have since upped the toast retrieval ante with this incredibly affordable set of magnetic wooden toast tongs.

These beech tongs are an ample 21cm in length, meaning there will never again be a need for burnt fingers. What’s more, beech is a robust hardwood, so you can expect these tongs to be long-lasting and match beautifully with any of our beech worktops.

Buy them from

In smaller kitchens suffering from a lack of food preparation space, this ingenious set of bamboo worktop savers from would be an ideal solution.

The boards not only help to make the space taken up by the hob more usable, but they also provide the safety precaution of covering the hob when it’s not in use – just don’t forget to let the hob cool down before placing a board on top of it!

Buy from

If you try out new recipes from your favourite food blog on a regular basis, then a sturdy way of holding your tablet or phone is a must-have!

Our range of solid wood tablet stands come in a variety of hardwood timbers to match your wood worktops and are suitable for any phones, iPads and most other tablets.

Buy from Worktop Express

Why store your favourite mugs away in a cupboard when you can keep them on show with this cute wooden mug holder from Habitat?

It’s made from solid beech that – like our bespoke worktops – comes pre-oiled, and can either be wall mounted or positioned directly on your worktop.

Buy from Habitat

For those of you with a solid wood kitchen, this oak spice rack from Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets is an ideal accessory.

Three shelves provide ample storage for all the herbs and spices you could ever think of needing, and it can be mounted directly onto your kitchen walls or on the inside of a cabinet door (if you’d prefer to keep your herbal stash out of sight).

Buy from Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Have you found a solid wood accessory to match your kitchen worktops? We’d love to hear about it! Share a photo with us on our Facebook page, tag us on Instagram, or tweet us on Twitter.

We are very proud of the custom kitchen worktops created by our fabrication team, and this month we are delighted to bring you a small selection of the 750+ bespoke surfaces that have been made in our Gloucester facility in recent weeks.

Black oak kitchen worktops undergo a special treatment to darken the timber, whilst still exhibiting oak’s naturally beautiful grain.

Black Oak

If you like the look and feel of an oak worktop but are looking for a darker choice, do consider our black oak worktops. Black oak undergoes a special treatment that blackens the timber throughout, making it a great alternative to wenge or other dark hardwoods.

This particular black oak worktop has been cut to accommodate an undermounted kitchen sink, with a smooth pencil profile applied to the top edge, and corresponding drainage grooves to one side. Whilst black oak is not one of the more common timbers we see in our fabrication warehouse, it stands out as a luxurious surface whenever it passes through.

Our concrete-effect laminate worktops are perfect for recreating this trendy look at a fraction of the price.

Concrete Laminate Worktop

Since the introduction of our laminate worktop cutting service we have seen an increasing number of laminate worktops being customised for our customers.

This grey concrete laminate worktop had a bespoke aperture cut out to accommodate an overmounted sink, allowing it to be installed easily in the customer’s kitchen immediately after delivery.

Whilst beech kitchen worktops may not be the most unusual of choices, this small circular cut-out caught our eye.

Beech Worktop

Beech worktops are incredibly affordable and often picked for both classic and contemporary kitchen settings.

The beech worktop above caught our eye as it features an unusually small sink hole in the centre of the worktop. The customer informs us that this worktop is intended for use as a kitchen island, and the small sink will be used for drinking water or for washing and preparing fresh produce only.

As with all wood worktops that pass through our facility, this beech surface was oiled after customisation to ensure that it would be sealed and protected during transit and installation.

If you would like to see more examples of customised worktops, please take a look at our Bespoke Worktop Fabrication Gallery, which features hundreds of photos of worktops that have been created previously by our skilled team.

Oak trees are a symbol of strength, wisdom and endurance, and are by far the most popular choice for those looking for long-lasting solid wood worktops.

Whilst the majority of timber used to create our oak worktops is from the most sustainable sources in Eastern Europe, this beautiful species still dominates the English countryside.

In recent tree news, it was revealed in a nationwide survey of ancient oak trees that England has more of these majestic giants than the rest of Europe put together. The survey was undertaken over the course of four years, and discovered 1,200 previously unknown but still surviving oaks that would have been standing as far back as the Tudor and medieval period.

This brings the grand total of recognised ancient oaks in England to 3,400, with some 85 percent as much as 600 years old, whilst 12 percent are up to 800 years old, and 3.4 percent (117 individual trees) date back as far as 1,000 years. By contrast, the entire of continental Europe is estimated to contain just 2,000 ancient oak trees, the vast majority of which can be found in Sweden.

In recent tree news it was revealed that there are now over 3,400 ancient oaks in England – more than the rest of Europe combined!

England’s oldest oaks can be found in Merton (Cheshire), Lydham Manor (Shropshire) and Bowthorpe (Lincolnshire). Each of these are approximately 13 metres in circumference and between 900 and 1,000 years old.

As well as increasing England’s inventory of ancient oaks by more than 50 percent, this new research from the Woodland Trust helps to reveal why the oak plays such an important part in English culture compared to many other countries in continental Europe.

The oak tree has strong representation in many aspects of English history, and is one of the most popular symbols of royalty, with – for instance – more than 500 pubs called the Royal Oak. You’ll also find oak trees, acorns and oak leaves on countless English aristocratic coats of arms.

If you want to know more about the history, sourcing and properties of oak, we recommend reading our ‘All About Oak Worktops’ nutshell information guide.

Got a beautiful ancient oak tree in your local area? We’d love to see your photos, so don’t hesitate to share them with us on Facebook, or tag us on Instagram.

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Until Saturday 18th April we are offering customers who spend over £500 the chance to save 10% on their order.

Whether you’re considering purchasing solid wood worktops, laminate worktops, or any kitchen accessories, all orders over £500 will be discounted by 10% if placed before 23:59 on April 18th.

To save, enter the discount code OVER500 at the online checkout once you have chosen the items you require. Alternatively, this discount code can be used when ordering via telephone or email – just mention the offer to one of our sales advisers.

A huge range of solid wood worktops are available as well as an extensive selection of laminate work surfaces – not to mention a host of complementary worktop accessories. The only exclusions are samples and our bespoke cutting services.

This great deal will be available for a limited time only, so don’t hesitate to place your order soon to avoid missing out!

Our ash worktops are a hardwearing choice for both modern and traditional kitchen themes.”

Since their introduction our ash worktops have proven to be among the most popular timbers in our collection. These beautifully bright and hardwearing kitchen worktops have a distinct linear grain pattern and light caramel hues that make them a superb alternative to oak worktops.

For the month of April we’ve decided to offer this outstanding European hardwood for a bargain price – with discounts of up to 10% now available! Therefore, if you’re looking for a light worktop to brighten up your kitchen, now is the ideal time to place your order.

To take advantage of this great saving, orders of ash worktops must be placed before 23:59 on Sunday 30th April. No discount code is needed as these worktops have already been discounted – simply add the ash worktops to your online shopping cart as required.

Please note that ash upstands, plinths and samples are excluded from this promotion, though these items are always available at highly-competitive prices.

To learn more about our ash worktops, read our ‘All About Ash Worktops’ information guide. Additional images of this stunning surface can be found in our Ash Wooden Worktops Gallery.