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We have recently introduced an impressive selection of laminate countertops to our website: from the warm look of oak-effect worktops to the stylish modern vibes of our high-shine sparkle surfaces, all are proving to be extremely popular. The white sparkle kitchen worktops from our Andromeda range are perfect for creating a fresh, bright look in modern homes. Keep reading to find out more about these white gloss work surfaces…

Our dazzling white worktops are proof that a kitchen makeover doesn’t have to cost the earth. Starting at just £80 for a 3050mm x 600mm x 38mm worktop, these affordable work surfaces are wonderfully budget-friendly.

Finished with an impressive, sparkly sheen, this work surface is created with a chipboard centre; made with up to 70% recycled materials, chipboard is an environmentally-friendly option. The core is then wrapped with a crisp white sheet of laminate and covered in a special overlay, thus producing a remarkable twinkling effect.

If you are yearning for the look and multi-functionality of a kitchen breakfast bar or island unit, we also supply a white Andromeda breakfast bar worktop measuring 3050mm x 900mm x 38mm. This is easy to install, and comes with a post-formed edge along the two longer sides.

All laminate worktops are supplied with two matching edging strips enclosed within their packaging. If you plan to cut your worktop and require additional edging strips, these are also available to purchase separately.

As part of our eye-catching Andromeda range, these glittering worktops are also available in black. Should you wide to take a closer look at this work surface – or any other laminate surface in our range – why not order a complete laminate sample pack?

Walnut wood worktops are well known for their characterful colouring: one of the many features that make walnut an exceptionally popular worktop choice. Better still, our black American walnut worktops comprise the personality of their European counterpart and add a dark and luxurious twist.

The beautiful, rich grain pattern of this work surface is pretty remarkable. The timber originates from the black walnut (Juglans Nigra) tree, an impressively resilient species. The black walnut tree grows rapidly, making it easier to source the timber responsibly and sustainably. Though wood obtained from American cannot receive FSC certification, we ensure all the wood is protected by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), which dedicates itself to promoting sustainable forest management and upholding high ecological, social and ethical standards. Instead of purchasing through a third party, we prefer to deal directly with our suppliers, so that we can be certain all our timber is grown in adherence with our strict environmental policies (find out more about our policies on our Environmental page).

Our black American walnut wooden worktops are a popular choice for those who prefer a dark and luxurious surface.

Every species of timber is unique, and we particularly appreciate the fascinating grain of black walnut, which offers both the gorgeous chocolate brown heartwood from the core of the tree, and the paler sapwood from the outer layers of the trunk. Typically, the grain runs in straight lines along each wooden stave, though a more rounded grain pattern can also be present on occasion.

Discover the true beauty of these impressive countertops by taking advantage of our wood worktop sample service. Our efficient in-house delivery service will deliver a representative sample of the worktop to your door, which will have been coated with protective Danish oil on one side and left unfinished on the other (allowing you to assess the finish). Samples cost just £5 and measure 200mm x 150mm x 40mm. Moreover, when you purchase your sample you will be provided with a code that will allow you to deduct the cost of your sample from a future worktop order at checkout. Want to buy more than one sample? The cost of each sample can be refunded against worktops on a one-for-one basis!

Never the types to rest on their laurels, our fantastic fabrication team have been hard at work this month, producing all manner of beautiful bespoke solid wood worktops. From Belfast sink cut-outs to unusual, irregular cuts to breakfast bar worktops, our team carefully craft countertops to meet a wide range of customer requests.

Whilst some of the made-to-measure work surfaces that we have seen this week have been ordered by telephone, we have also received numerous bespoke worktop orders via our handy Online Bespoke Worktop Tool. Savvy shoppers have taken advantage of this easy-to-use tool in order to receive 10% off the cost of our cutting service. If you haven’t tried it out yet, why not give the Bespoke Tool a go today? In the meantime, here are three of our favourite custom worktops from August:

European Walnut

European walnut worktops are noted for their beautiful coloration.

Gorgeous European walnut worktops are highly distinctive. Noted for their eye-catching colour variation, the wooden staves are created using timber taken from the pale sapwood and darker heartwood of the walnut tree.

For this worktop, a large sink cut-out has been made to create space for one of our magnificent inset kitchen sinks from Rangemaster®. Our skilled fabrication team have also added a radius corner, which is a smart choice for high-traffic areas of the kitchen (softening square corners with a curved edge). All of our made-to-measure worktops are given three coats of protective wood oil, providing freshly-cut edges with added protection against changes in room temperature.


Solid beech worktops have a warm, pink hue and look fantastic in modern kitchens.

Beech countertops are a popular choice for modern kitchens. This warm-hued timber has a slightly pink tint, giving the surface a warm and appealing impression. Beech wood has a remarkable grain pattern: the fine speckles – for example – are highly celebrated, and imbue the timber with a charming sense of individuality. A robust surface that is both decorative and hard-wearing, beech is the worktop of choice for many of our customers.

This bespoke worktop comes with a Belfast sink cut-out that has been designed to accommodate the outstanding double-bowl Belfast sink from RAK. These made-to-measure worktop cuts are provided with a profiled top edge (unless otherwise requested), to allow surface water to drain easily into the basin. Due to being made individually from natural materials, ceramic sinks have a +/-5mm tolerance. As such, each template used to create a Belfast sink cut-out is made individually, so that we can guarantee a precise cut to suit the unique dimensions of your sink.

Deluxe Iroko

Purchase Deluxe Iroko work surfaces for a worktop that is hard-wearing, highly hygienic and incredibly impressive.

Deluxe Iroko is an impressive timber choice, incorporating rich coloration and magnificent 90mm-wide staves. A sought-after timber with warm chestnut coloration and a naturally-high oil content, iroko is an ideal choice for kitchen worktops: the wood is both hygienic and extremely attractive.

This Deluxe Iroko worktop has been designed for an island unit and is sure to make a beautiful kitchen centrepiece. Our skilled fabrication team have added an aperture for an electric hob; you will note the angular inside corners, which have be cut square to ensure the cut-out fits securely around the appliance. Many of our customers like to incorporate a hob or sink within their kitchen island so that they can create an efficient space in which to cook, an addition which adheres to the principles of the Kitchen Work Triangle (a concept which never ceases to be popular when it comes to kitchen design).

If you would like to discuss the unique requirements of your own bespoke worktop, please do not hesitate to contact us. We hope that August’s ‘Fabrication Top Picks’ have proven inspirational; if you would like to see more photographs of made-to-measure worktops, do feel free to browse our Bespoke Worktops Gallery to discover more about the extensive range of services that we offer.

A wood work surface makes an impressive feature in any kitchen. Whilst many high-street retailers do not sell wooden worktops that measure longer than 3m, here at Worktop Express® we stock a wide range of sizes that are ideal for those who would like extra-long kitchen worktops.

In our standard configuration (40mm staves) our timber worktops measure up to 4m long, and this size is available across all of our timber species. These worktops can be purchased in widths of up to 720mm and thicknesses of 40mm. We also supply 3m-long worktops that measure up to 960mm wide.

Whilst our 4m worktops can be purchased online or by telephoning our helpful sales team, we also offer solid wood worktops up to 6m long, 1500mm wide and 60mm thick, which can be made-to-order via our bespoke worktop cutting service. Due to their size, these custom worktops can be very heavy, so we strongly recommend enlisting the help of a number of people to help receive them at the point of delivery.

Our long wooden worktops are available in the following timbers: oak, Prime Oak, beech, Prime Beech, European walnut, black American walnut, cherry, maple, wenge, zebrano, iroko and sapele.

If you are looking for extra-long laminate worktops, we are also pleased to provide 4.1m-long laminate worktop surfaces in a variety of styles and finishes.

Discover the high quality of our worktops by ordering kitchen worktop samples. Costing just £5 each, wooden worktop samples provide a unique insight into the superior materials and finish of Worktop Express products. We also offer a laminate worktop sample pack, which showcases the range of designs we can supply (also priced at just £5). Best of all, the cost of samples can be redeemed against your worktop order on a one-for-one basis.

Tree nursery inspection by a local leader.

When it comes to our wood worktops, we have always had an ethical approach to the sourcing of materials. We take care to ensure that all timber comes from sustainable forests with well-established replanting programmes.

As part of our collaborative work with our esteemed friends at the International Tree Foundation, work began in July 2016 to provide support to six tree nurseries in the Budaka District of eastern Uganda. Together with their project partner – the Village Enterprise Foundation Organisation (VEFO) – the ITF has set about providing local residents with key entrepreneurial skills in tree nursery management. The project seeks to help the nurseries establish themselves as small businesses and raise 170,000 seedlings.

In the Budaka district, the local community has described the depletion of tree cover in the surrounding landscape; this is due to the increasing amounts of woodland areas and wetlands that are given over to farming. Combined with the mounting effects of climate change and environmental degradation, quality tree seedlings are becoming increasingly difficult to grow.

Over the past year, the ITF have already collaborated with VEFO in providing essential skills in tree-planting to rural communities in the district, as well as organising meetings and training to increase awareness of the importance of sustaining and augmenting tree growth. This project saw the survival of over 34,000 seedlings (and the tutelage of more than 5,600 people in tree planting and care).

Young members of the community discover more about growing and caring for trees.

The latest scheme will build on these previous successes by supporting the young members of the community as they begin to manage their nurseries as business entities, with the ultimate aim of ensuring the continual growth of sufficient tree and fruit seedlings. The project-leaders expect that the community will witness – and contribute to – the growth of 30 different tree species by June 2017.

Ever keen to exceed requirements for the ethical and sustainable sourcing of materials, Worktop Express® donated £10,000 to the ITF in late 2014, providing support for a number of community tree-planting projects in both the UK and Africa. If you would like to learn more about our stringent policies on sustainability, please visit our Environmental Policy page.

We are fans of all things timber here at Worktop Express®, from the commonplace to the downright weird. Though there is nothing conventional about the unique beauty of each and every one of our attractive wood worktops, our interest has certainly been piqued by the wacky wood uses in today’s blog: these wooden gadgets are the perfect worktop accessory, allowing you to listen to music whilst cooking up a storm in your kitchen!

Magno Wooden Radio

The Magno Wooden Radio truly is a thing of beauty. Dreamt up by Indonesian entrepreneur Singgih Kartono, this wood-clad radio is crafted by local carpenters from sustainably-sourced timber (we certainly approve!). As well as the usual AM and FM frequencies, it boasts two bands of shortwave radio – a feature to delight traditionalists and retro-radio enthusiasts alike. More impressive still, each one is made by hand in just 16 hours! Combined with MP3 compatibility, this gadget is one of a kind, and makes the perfect marriage of old, new… and wonderful wacky wood.

Wrapped in pine wood to give it a more appealing look than plastic or metal, the Magno Wooden Radio comes with smooth mahogany dials.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly countertop to complement this radio, you’ll be pleased to hear that all our wood worktops are sustainably sourced. Fast-growing bamboo is especially ‘green’, making our bamboo worktops a firm favourite for the environmentally conscious.

Audiowood Turntable

If radio is not your cup of tea, you may be more taken with the Audiowood Turntable! This custom turntable – affectionately known as ‘Barky’ – is made from solid ash and features quality components from Rega. To complete the look, the record player has a glossy finish and adjustable brass feet.

If you like the beautiful aesthetics of ash, you may also be interested in our solid ash worktops. Inherently bright and naturally hardwearing, ash provides a distinctive surface that combines a pale, near-white coloration with a warm caramel grain pattern.

Wooden Phone Amplifier

If all else fails to cater to your musical requirements, this wooden phone amplifier is here to save the day. Needing no cord, batteries or Bluetooth, this handy gadget actually requires no electricity at all, utilising clever design to amplify sound all on its own. Sound channels lead from the bottom of the phone stand through to two circular openings, through which the music is amplified naturally!

This inventive wooden phone amplifier is relatively simple to make at home, using just a few small pieces of wood. You could even repurpose worktop offcuts if you decide to take advantage of our fantastic wood worktop cutting service (we always send any substantial offcuts with the worktops, in case you fancy using them for something creative!).

If you know of any other brilliant wooden gadgets, we would love to hear from you! Why not share a photo with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

Our magnificent iroko kitchen worktops are on sale for one month only!

We have some excellent news for fans of our beautiful iroko kitchen worktops: for one month only, we are offering up to 10% off this exquisite timber!

These stunning iroko worktops really are magnificent. Flaunting a rich red coloration and small sections of golden iridescence, this impressive surface also has a high oil content, which makes it a particularly hygienic choice.

This African timber is prized for its immense durability and lavish appearance. Sustainably sourced from Cameroon and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, iroko is popularly used in its homeland for the creation of ceremonial masks and drums. With a striking grain and robust qualities, it is no surprise iroko wood is also used to produce high-quality furnishings such as our hardwood worktops.

There has never been a better time to purchase these lavish surfaces, as they can now be purchased with up to 10% off until 23:59 on Wednesday 31st August. To take advantage of these great savings, simply telephone us on 0345 22 22 644, email , or place your order online. If shopping on our website, there is no discount code required: simply add the worktops to your shopping cart and the discount is automatically applied.

Find out more about these much-admired worktops in our Iroko Worktops Nutshell Guide.

Breakfast bars and island units are highly sought-after kitchen features. This look is easy to achieve with a kitchen worktop and – when combined with some solid wood bar stools – creates the perfect set-up for quick breakfasts, mid-morning coffee breaks, or casual evening dining.

Doubling up as convenient work spaces or food preparation areas, breakfast bars and kitchen islands are the ideal solution for modern living; they also enhance the social aspect of the kitchen, a concept that has become increasingly popular in recent decades.

Whichever look you would like to achieve, we have the kitchen countertops to suit. Our wooden work surfaces are available in a wide range of timbers, so that you can select the same species as your main worktop, or even opt for a wood of contrasting coloration.

Choosing Your Work Surface

Our wood worktops can be purchased in a wide variety of sizes so that you can choose dimensions that are well-suited to your requirements – whether you would prefer a slender breakfast bar piece or a broader section of beautiful wood for an island unit.

To create a practical and attractive kitchen island with an in-built breakfast bar, we recommend opting for one of our larger 960mm or 1240mm worktops. You can then use one side for additional food preparation space, and leave an overhang on the opposite side for use as your breakfast bar. To provide the necessary support for a significant overhang, we stock an appealing range of breakfast bar legs in a variety of wood and chrome finishes.

Made-to-Measure Worktops

We can tailor your work surface to your needs with our wood worktop cutting service. Despite the name, this is much more than a cut-to-size service; indeed, our skilled fabrication team can also customise worktops with sink cut-outs, ellipse ends, radius corners and edge profiling, all of which are popular choices in the realm of breakfast bars and kitchen islands. Edge profiling – which finishes the wood with an elegant, decorative edge – has proved particularly popular with customers. Take a look at our ‘Edge Profiles for Wooden Worktops’ guide for more information.

To join two worktops at a right-angle to create a protruding breakfast bar, order your worktops with a butt joint. Butt joints are made by routing grooves in the underside of two worktops and attaching them with ‘dog bone’ connector bolts. You can order these by speaking with a member of our sales team or using our innovative Online Bespoke Worktop Tool.

Narrow Breakfast Bars

Create a slim breakfast bar with a narrow section of solid wood worktop or one of our floating shelves.

Image courtesy of Apartment Therapy

If you are short on space and like the idea of installing a breakfast bar along one side of your kitchen, you might be tempted by our bespoke floating shelf option. With this service, you can order a solid wood shelf measuring up to 250mm wide, in a large assortment of timber species. These shelves come pre-drilled and are supplied with specialist ‘invisible’ brackets.

Alternatively, you can create this look with a small section of worktop, though you will need to purchase coordinating wooden brackets for support.

Laminate Alternatives

If you would like to create your breakfast bar or kitchen island unit using a laminate work surface, we stock laminate breakfast bar worktops that measure 3050 x 900 x 38mm. These surfaces are available in a wide selection of finishes, including wood-effect, slate-effect, granite-effect and gloss sparkle. Our breakfast bar worktops are supplied with post-formed edges along the two longest sides, which come with a 6mm radius edge profile (the two shorter edges are unfinished and coordinating edging strips are provided).

If you would like to contact us to order your breakfast bar worktop or a work surface for your kitchen island unit, please don’t hesitate to telephone us on 0345 22 22 644 – we’re open between 8.30am-7pm on weekdays and 9am-5pm on Saturdays.

Here at Worktop Express® we are committed to going above and beyond what is required to minimise our impact on the planet. For every timber worksurface we produce, you can rest assured the wood has been sustainably sourced from suppliers with deep-rooted (pardon the pun) replanting programmes in place. Furthermore – since the formation of our partnership with the International Tree Foundation (ITF) in 2014 – we have dedicated ourselves to supporting replanting projects in both the UK and Africa.

Last year, we were actively involved in the restoration of Pit Wood at Ham Hill Country Park in Somerset and – as the first instalment in an upcoming series of blogs regarding our collaboration with the ITF – we wanted to shed some light on the project’s progress and successes.

The historic woodland was felled over a number of years during and after the Second World War and, whilst many sycamore trees have now regrown, the project sought to restore the diverse number of species that had previously existed there. We are happy to report that the target of planting 1,000 trees was met and indeed exceeded; and, better still, these new trees are now thriving in Pit Wood. A fantastic assortment of species were planted, including field maple, birch, hornbeam, hazel, hawthorn, chestnut, wayfaring tree, oak and rowan. More than 50 local residents came together to help the great endeavour – including a number of families – after surrounding communities were invited to “bring a spade” by Friends of Ham Hill (a local group of conservation volunteers).

Chair of Friends of Ham Hill, Mick Wooden, commented on the success of the scheme: “Many people there had never planted a tree […] It was fantastic to see how empowered they became and how the process increased their perception of the natural environment around them”.

Thanks to this successful project, Pit Wood will see increased diversification of fauna and flora, and many members of the community now share a renewed interest and personal investment in the restoration of the nature reserve. If you would like to learn more about our efforts to preserve the planet and minimise our carbon footprint, please visit our Environmental Policy page.

Visit our blog again soon to find out more about our projects with the ITF.