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As our range of solid wood floating shelves continues to prove incredibly popular, we have added another highly-requested variant to the range: 30mm thick solid oak floating shelves.

This new product was made especially for us by our suppliers and features 30mm thick staves of European oak (rather than the usual 40mm). These slimmed-down oak shelves complement our 27mm worktops perfectly, and can be easily mounted on to the sturdy invisible brackets that are included with each shelf.

There are a variety of slimline solid oak shelf options to choose from, with lengths ranging from 300mm up to 1500mm; best of all, prices start at just £20 and all shelves are offered with FREE next-day delivery!

If you are looking for an alternative to oak to match your kitchen countertops, why not take a look at the other floating shelves in our collection? 40mm thick options are also available in walnut, ash and black oak timbers as standard, whilst custom shelving in a variety of other wood types can be ordered through our Bespoke Solid Wood Floating Shelves Tool.

Save 10% off kitchen worktop surface on orders over £500.

The month has flown by at an incredible pace and we are already into the last few days of our ‘Amazing May’ sale! Whether you are looking for a great saving on wooden worktop surfaces (or anything else in our collection), there is still time to save 10% on your order when you spend £500 or more.

Simply enter the code SAVE10 at the online checkout, or mention the discount to one of our advisors when placing your order via telephone or email, and we will happily knock 10% off the order total.

This May you can enjoy a fantastic deal whilst completing your kitchen in style with items from our stunning collection. Choose from a wide range of solid wood furnishings including wooden kitchen trolleys, solid wood floating shelves, or anything else from our selection of worktop accessories, and create your dream kitchen for an unbeatable price! But don’t delay: this sale must end at 23:59 on Tuesday 31st May.

Please note: the minimum spend of £500 required to qualify for this offer does not include delivery costs (to be eligible, orders must equal £500 prior to the addition of delivery cost).

Check Out More Pictures of Wooden Worktops on Instagram

This week we finally took the plunge and jumped aboard the Instagram bandwagon with our own page, which features a whole host of exciting kitchen imagery that includes our wonderful wooden worktops.

Every day we post new images of kitchens that we have photographed throughout the country, along with sneaky peeks of our showrooms and other stunning solid wood products.

If you’re already on Instagram, why not pay our profile a visit, give us a few likes and perhaps even leave a comment? If you haven’t yet joined up, then surely this is the perfect excuse!

If you wish to share photos of our worktops or any of the other products in our collection, then don’t forget to use the #WorktopExpress hashtag – that way we can find you easily and give your image a like at the same time!

Our Deluxe Sapele worktops are one of the more recent additions to our range, but have already proved to be a popular choice for those seeking a warm and inviting alternative to iroko.

Sapele is an African timber that is commonly found in the central tropical regions of Africa such as Cameroon. Because of this, the timber cannot be certified by the FSC or PEFC, but we go through great lengths to ensure that the wood used by our European manufacturers is responsibly sourced.

In the ‘Deluxe’ formation, this resilient hardwood is cut into 90mm wide staves that show off more of its rosy red hues and intricate grain patterns. Whilst not quite as luxurious as our full stave alternative, this construction shows off the wood to a greater extent than the thinner staves of our standard sapele block wood worktops.

Deluxe Sapele Worktops - Our Worktop of the month

Our Deluxe Sapele worktops are great value at just £195 for a 2M x 620mm x 40mm surface, and can be delivered to the vast majority of England, Wales and Scotland via our next-day 2Man delivery service.

To see this timber up-close before placing an order, why not order one of our worktop samples? Each sample is priced at just £5 including fast courier delivery, and is fully sanded and pre-oiled on one side – a great way to test out the quality and appearance of our full-sized worktops.

Every month a fleet of incredible bespoke wood countertops passes through the hands of our incredibly skilled fabrication team. During April over 500 worktops were created, and May is on track to be even busier! Here on the blog we have picked three of the best bespoke worktops for your delectation.

Deluxe Wenge

A Deluxe Wenge worktop featuring cut-outs for a hob and sink, with gently-sloped drainage grooves routed into the surface.

For a hard-wearing worktop that is undeniably luxurious, our incredibly dark Deluxe Wenge worktops sit at the top of the pile. Featuring extra-wide staves of this lavish mid-African timber, this is easily one one of the heaviest and most dense worktops available – 50% more than oak.

This particular bespoke Deluxe Wenge worktop was created to sit in a specified gap in the customer’s kitchen that was created by making two irregular cut-outs in a 720mm wide worktop. Once the worktop had been cut to size by our fabrication team, it was given a number of coats of oil to protect it prior to installation.

If you would like Deluxe Wenge to feature as the centrepiece in your kitchen, they start at £350 for a 2M x 620mm x 40mm workop.


An unusual oak worktop featuring two square cut-outs that is destined to become part of a U-shaped kitchen.

Every month we fabricate hundreds of oak worktops, so it takes something rather unusual to catch our eye. This particular oak worktop was made to span the entire width of a U-shaped kitchen, and features two unique cut-outs to suit a kitchen sink and hob.

A small irregular cut-out was made on the top left corner to accommodate the customer’s kitchen, whilst on the underside of the worktop, two sets of connector bolt recesses were cut to allow the worktop to be attached easily to the two adjoining surfaces.

Our oak collection represents fantastic value for money, with prices starting at just £95 for a 2M x 620mm x 40mm worktop.


A bespoke iroko worktop, featuring a number of customisations, including a Belfast sink cut-out, tap holes and two sets of hotrod grooves.

Our iroko worktops are made from resilient hardwood timber that hails from central Africa. Although it stars off as a vibrant golden yellow timber, the wood matures over time into a deep bronze hue.

This iroko surface was customised in a number of ways in order to meet our customer’s exact requirements. First, a piece was cut out to accommodate a Belfast sink, after which twin tap holes and two sets of hotrod grooves were routed into the surface. Finally – as with all worktops that pass through our bespoke cutting facility – several coats of oil were applied to the wood to protect it during delivery and installation.

If you like the idea of having this exotic timber in your kitchen, our iroko worktops are available from just £120 for a 2M x 620mm x 40mm surface.

When furnishing a kitchen, there is a range of components and appliances that need to be considered. We find that a wooden kitchen worktop surface makes cooking an absolute pleasure – the material embodies durability and possesses plenty of natural character – and as such it’s our first port of call when kitting out new kitchens. Once all the essentials of kitchen refurbishment are taken care of, however, your mind is free to wander to the fun finishing touches!

Our list of seven smart kitchen gadgets features enviable items for the budding chefs among our readers, and may even tempt the most kitchen-shy of customers into a little culinary experimentation:

Wall-Mounted Mini Stoves

An amazing kitchen installation for those who live alone or cook infrequently, Pasceo’s brilliant wall-mounted induction hobs are perfect for maximising the available kitchen worktop space. Complete with a ring-shaped hood to diffuse steam and smoke, the

se handy gadgets are an absolute must for modern compact living.

With a rapid-response heating element, you can serve up a tasty meal for one in no time at all!

Stainless Steel Finger Guard

These sleek stainless steel finger guards are the perfect kitchen companion when chopping fresh produce at speed.

Simply attach to your middle finger at the back, and the broad plate will protect fingers while you work.

Bear this in mind for your next family gathering, particularly if you have plenty to prepare: this guard is an excellent solution for keeping fingers safe.

Umbra iSpoon

The Umbra iSpoon is ideal for cooks who source their recipes online. Not just for stirring, the iSpoon doubles up as a stylus for an iPhone or iPad, allowing you to navigate webpages without covering the screen with floury fingerprints.

Sushezi Sushi Maker

If, like us, you dream of making delicious sushi but find the whole process a little too fiddly, Sushezi have designed a device to help you produce these tasty creations – with none of the hassle.

This fantastic kitchen tool makes professional-looking sushi; simply add your ingredients of choice and let Sushezi do the rest of the work. Why not display your sushi on one of our beautiful solid wooden chopping boards at your next dinner party? Your guests are sure to be impressed!

Drop Kitchen Connected Scale

For tech-savvy kitchen users, the Drop Kitchen Connected Scale uses Bluetooth to link scales with an iPad app, which tells you on-screen once you have added the correct quantity of ingredients.

The app provides the recipes too, so there is no need to swap between pages. However, should you need to navigate your screen whilst cooking, the aforementioned iSpoon would be the ideal accessory to have on hand!

Flex-It Measuring Cups

Save on washing-up and unnecessary time-wasting with these silicone measuring cups.

Thanks to its flexible nature, you can measure, mix and pour all your ingredients with one handy cup.

With easy grip and smooth pouring, Flex-It measuring cups are the perfect gadget for culinary endeavours.

ProCook Spiralizer

Our final highly-rated kitchen gadget is the ProCook spiralizer. Keeping fingers safe with its twisting handle design, this spiralizer turns vegetables and fruit into long ribbons, making a delicious garnish for salads or a super-healthy twist on spaghetti.

The excellent design also comes with suction-cups on its underside, preventing the tool from slipping during use. Ideal for making delectable and nutritious meals!

These smart kitchen gadgets will help ensure that you are able to use your kitchen to its fullest potential, and are all available at affordable prices. If you have any clever kitchen accessories you would like to rave about, please share them with us on Facebook or Twitter!

Save 10% off kitchen worktop surface on orders over £500.

Welcome to our ‘Amazing May’ sale! This month we’re indulging our customers with an extra-special money-saving offer: 10% off any order over £500.

Available until the end of May, customers can benefit from this wonderful discount when ordering via our website or over the telephone. To apply these savings online, simply enter the discount code SAVE10 at the checkout and watch as your total order cost drops by 10%! Alternatively, just refer to the offer when speaking with a member of our friendly sales team over the phone and they will happily process the discount for you.

Whether you are thinking about purchasing a new kitchen worktop surface, solid wood floating shelves, or anything else from our superior-quality collection, this is the perfect time to place your order.

To qualify for this excellent discount, orders must be placed by 23:59 on Tuesday 31st May.

Please note: the minimum £500 spend required to qualify for this offer does not include cost of delivery (eligible orders must equal £500 prior to the addition of delivery cost).

If you are hoping to complete your kitchen with a communal breakfast bar, first make sure that you have the correct supports for your wood tops; this will ensure that no unnecessary strain is placed on the surface, which will help to maintain the condition and stability of your worktop.

With this in mind – and after receiving many requests from customers – we are pleased to announce that we now offer a range of suitable breakfast bar legs, all of which are ideal for supporting a wooden countertop.

Priced at just £20.00

Brushed Chrome

In a modern kitchen setting, our new brushed chrome breakfast bar legs are the ideal choice. These sturdy legs provide ample support and can be adjusted to fit snugly under your wooden breakfast bar surface. Each brushed chrome leg attaches directly to the underside of the surface using an attractive yet incredibly solid anodised steel bracket.

Only £25.00

Pre-Oiled Full Stave Oak

If you are looking to match the beauty of your wooden surfaces with a solid wood breakfast bar leg, our pre-oiled full stave oak breakfast bar legs are a perfect solution. Each leg is made from four oak staves that run the entire height of the leg and which are manufactured from the same high-quality European oak as our worktops; each stave is treated with a number of coats of oil to accentuate the colour and grain, whilst protecting the wood.

Available for £30.00

Painted Oak in New White

If you’d like to support a breakfast bar within a painted wood kitchen, why not choose an oak breakfast bar leg painted in New White? This sturdy leg is also made from four extra-long oak staves, and is painted in Farrow & Ball’s ‘New White’ – an incredibly popular shade in classic kitchen designs. This breakfast bar leg is an ideal accessory alongside painted cabinet doors and other coloured kitchen accents.

Buy it now for only £20.00

Sanded Full Stave Oak

If you are looking for solid wood supports that can be finished in the style of your choosing, then we recommend that you pick our sanded full stave oak breakfast bar legs. Like the other oak legs in our collection, this option is created using four oak staves that are sanded to an incredibly smooth finish, but – in this case – are left untreated.

If you would like to know more about creating a breakfast bar using wooden worktops, please consult our ‘Creating a Kitchen Breakfast Bar’ information guide.

Walnut may not be quite as famous as oak, but this characterful timber is popular in its own right: walnut worktops are among the most popular in our collection, in fact. And if you’re one of the many walnut fans in the UK, we’ve got some good news for you – this gorgeous timber is currently available at an unrivalled price, with up to 10% off all sizes in our standard range throughout May.

But that’s not all! Our walnut floating shelves are also discounted by 10%, making them a great companion for matching worktops in kitchens, living rooms and offices – or anywhere else you might like to use them.

Explore our range of solid walnut worktops
View the full range of our walnut floating shelves

Walnut timber features a curvy grain and elegant colour variation, making it a stylish choice for any setting. Whether you are looking for a surface with contemporary flair or a more traditional feel, this European timber is an ideal choice.

It’s easy to save on both walnut shelves and worktops this May – no discount code is required as we have already applied the generous saving to each qualifying product. Simply head to either of our walnut worktops or walnut floating shelves pages before 23:59 on the 31st May and start shopping!

If you haven’t yet seen our walnut worktops in the ‘flesh’, why not order one of our worktop samples? Our samples are available for just £5 including speedy courier delivery, and also provide a good representation of the timber used to manufacture our floating shelves.

Please note: this discount does not apply to walnut samples, upstands, plinths and bespoke floating shelves.