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We recently launched our ‘Capture Your Kitchens’ competition, which requires that entrants take photos of newly-installed wooden worktops purchased from Worktop Express®. The best photo – as judged by our team – could win one lucky customer £500 worth of vouchers!

You can find out more information about the competition on our current offers page, but we wanted to take this opportunity to share some tips with you: these hints will help you capture the perfect image, increasing your chances of winning the grand prize.

Make use of natural light

We’re looking for photographs with plenty of contrast that show off the colour and figuring of the timber in the best light possible.

Now that the days are longer and the evenings lighter, we recommend using as much natural daylight as is possible in your kitchen in order to produce a beautiful photograph.

If for any reason you can’t make use of the natural light, try and avoid using a flash – it can make the picture look artificial and unbalanced.

Tidy up and dress your worktop

Whilst we don’t expect everyone to live in a showroom, it’s important to consider what’s in shot when you take your photograph – after all, we don’t want to share anything too personal with the wider world!

A competition winning photo will show plenty of the worktop (without too much clutter getting in the way). Some of the best photos we have received from customers have included fantastic subjects such as cute pets, but that isn’t a necessity for a competition winning photograph!

Show your worktops in context

The best photos will show your worktop in context – whether that’s in a kitchen, office or another room within the home. Whilst close-up photos can look arty, they don’t usually show off the entirety of your worktop to its full potential.

We’d love to see as much of your worktop as you can comfortably fit into shot; but if the shape of the room doesn’t allow that, don’t be afraid of taking more than one photo!

Frame your shot nicely

When taking your photograph, be sure to consider the framing of the image. Professional photographers make their subjects look great by ensuring that the photo is either straight and symmetrical, or taken from a well-considered angle.

For a more exciting composition, try taking the photograph of your worktops from an unusual perspective, such as from either a lower angle, or bird’s-eye view.

Want to see some great photos of our solid wood work surfaces? Head over to our worktop image gallery to see some fine examples taken by our professional photographer.

Good luck, and happy snapping!

At Worktop Express® our range continues to expand: we make it a mission to add many new and exciting products to the online store each year.

Our brand new wooden kitchen trolleys are the latest addition to our collection of stunning solid wood products, and are priced from just £135 – an ideal accessory for kitchens featuring our wooden counters.

If you require a work surface with a little more flexibility, our movable kitchen trolleys are the answer. Each trolley has two wheels for easy manoeuvrability and two slatted shelves to provide extra handy storage.

There are two options to choose from: a solid beech kitchen trolley with a hard-wearing lacquered finish and solid beech worktop; or, alternatively, a solid beech trolley painted in Farrow & Ball’s elegant New White and finished with a solid oak worktop.

Moreover, our range of wooden kitchen trolleys are now available with free next-day delivery if ordered before 12 noon. So, what are you waiting for? Order a trolley today and enjoy another example of the superb quality you’ve come to expect from Worktop Express®!

Enter Our ‘Capture Your Kitchen’ Competition and Win £500 Worth of Vouchers solid wooden worksurfaces.

Over the next six weeks we are offering customers the opportunity to win a fantastic prize – £500 in vouchers! – by taking a first-rate photograph of worktops that have been ordered from us.

In our ‘Capture Your Kitchen’ competition, we are looking for beautiful photos of our solid wooden worksurfaces in situ within your kitchen, dining room, office, or anywhere else in the home.

To enter the competition, simply take the perfect photo of your wooden worktops and share the image publicly with us on Facebook or Twitter before midday on Monday 30th May.

After the competition has ended, we will award the photographer behind our favourite photo a fantastic prize: £250 in vouchers to spend on Amazon, and another £250 in Worktop Express vouchers. Even if you don’t think your photography skills are quite up to scratch, you can still win a runner-up prize of £100 in Amazon vouchers and £100 in Worktop Express vouchers if your photo achieves the most likes or retweets on Facebook or Twitter.

To be in with the best chance of winning the grand prize, you will need to demonstrate that you have taken time to consider the quality and composition of your photo. Our panel of solid wood worktop experts will be looking for beautiful worktop installations photographed in daylight without the use of artificial flash.

If you think you have what it takes, get snapping! Further details about the competition including the terms and conditions can be found on our Current Offers page.

There is just a day left in which to take advantage of our fantastic fabrication sale, which offers a 25% discount on the price of all bespoke worktop services when ordered before 23:59 on April 12th.

Since the sale began in March, we’ve been delighted to see so many customers testing the skills of our fabulous fabrication team by ordering beautiful bespoke solid wooden worksurfaces.

Here are our top three custom worktop picks for April:

Full stave zebrano solid wooden worksurfaces with a smooth pencil edge profile.

Full Stave Zebrano

Zebrano worktops are simply stunning surfaces, and in their full stave form show off the unique grain and golden colouration of the timber in a most opulent way. Featuring a number of 90mm wide staves that run the full length of the worktop, our full stave zebrano worktops are ideal choices for eye-catching kitchen islands in contemporary settings.

This particular full stave zebrano worktop was created for a kitchen island, and features a single large radius corner. A smooth pencil edge profile was added to the top edge, and multiple coats of oil were applied, preparing the worktop for immediate installation after delivery.

Bamboo solid wood worksurfaces with four radius corners, a smooth pencil edge profile and a large hole in the centre for a pop-up electrical sockets.


Bamboo may technically be a grass rather than a hardwood, but this resilient material is an ideal choice for creating a wooden worktop. As well offering unrivalled sustainability, bamboo worktops are naturally hygienic and water resistant – meaning that the surface is particularly well-suited to a kitchen environment.

This large bamboo worktop was customised to feature four small radius corners, a smooth pencil edge profile and a large hole in the centre to accommodate a set of pop-up electrical sockets. Obscured from view on the underside of the surface, our team cut a recess to accommodate one of our worktop wireless chargers.

Deluxe oak solid wood worksurfaces using two oak worktops biscuit-jointed together and a number of cut-outs.

Deluxe Oak

Our fabrication facility is never short of customised oak worktops, so they have to be rather unusual to catch our attention. Oak is by far the most popular timber choice, and with good reason – this highly regarded hardwood is perfectly suited to both contemporary and traditional settings.

Our final top pick this April is a rather unusual extra-wide Deluxe Oak worktop, which was manufactured by our fabrication team using two oak worktops biscuit-jointed together; after which a number of cut-outs were made to accommodate appliances and the irregular room shape.

Have you been inspired by any of the bespoke worktops in our collection? If so, you may want to take a look at our Bespoke Fabrication Gallery, which includes a wide variety of worktops created by our skilled team. Many of these worktop customisations can be ordered directly through our Online Bespoke Tool, but if you have a more unusual request, do not hesitate to get in touch with our fabrication experts to discuss your order in more detail.

Get 10% off Iroko wood worktops this April.

You may not have come across iroko hardwood before, but this irresistible timber is used to formulate one of our most popular wood worktops, and is a firm favourite for both modern and traditional kitchens. Once you see this exotic African wood in the ‘flesh’, you’re sure to be impressed by its vibrancy and warmth.

Iroko works well in high-contrast kitchen designs, alongside light-coloured kitchen cabinet frontals and in conjunction with bright colours – though it isn’t just for kitchens. Iroko is also the perfect choice for offices, dining tables, shelving and any other solid wood surfaces you might need (many of the desks here at Worktop Express® HQ are made out of Iroko!)

Until 23:59 on Saturday April 30th, all standard iroko worktops in our collection are offered at a discount (savings of up to 10%). There’s no discount code required as each worktop option has already been reduced in price – simply pick the size and quantity of worktops required and add them to your shopping cart, or get in touch via telephone or email to place your order.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to see our iroko up-close yet, we recommend heading over to our worktop gallery: this gallery contains a wide selection of images of the fine iroko worktops that have passed through our fabrication facility.

Alternatively, if you would like to get your hands on a sample of our iroko worktops before placing an order, why not order one of our worktop samples? Each sample is made from current worktop stock so as to provide a good representation of the quality of our timber, and costs only £5 including delivery. What’s more, if you go on to place an order, the cost of any samples purchased will be refunded on a one-for-one basis against the purchased worktops.

Don’t forget that you can find out more about iroko by reading our ‘nutshell’ information guide: our ’All About Iroko’ article has a whole host of interesting facts about this fabulous timber – including details about sourcing, construction, history and much more besides.

Just when we thought we had seen absolutely everything that could be made from wood, a talented group of Swedish scientists came along and developed a glass-like material made from wooden fibres.

The research team from Sweden’s KTH Royal Institute of Technology used chemicals and nano processes to remove the lignin from the cell walls of wood, thus making the material appear transparent. Whilst they aren’t the first to create a transparent material from wood, the team are the first to do so on a level suitable for large-scale production.

“Wood is by far the most used bio-based material in buildings,” said Lars Berglund, professor at Wallenberg Wood Science Centre. “It’s attractive that the material comes from renewable sources. It also offers excellent mechanical properties, including strength, toughness, low density and low thermal conductivity.”

“No one has previously considered the possibility of creating larger transparent structures for use as solar cells and in buildings,” said Berglund.

“Transparent wood is a good material for solar cells, since it is a low-cost, readily available and renewable resource. This becomes particularly important in covering large surfaces with solar cells.”

Along with solar panels, the material could also be used to create windows and semi-transparent surfaces that would allow light into buildings whilst still maintaining privacy.

Whilst we shouldn’t expect to see any transparent wooden kitchen counters appearing in our collection any time soon, the prospect of using renewable wooden fibres to create a glass-like material shows just how versatile solid wood can be.

We are proud to offer solid wood worktops made from renewable, natural materials that are sourced from suppliers that are committed to sustainable management and tree replenishment projects. You can find out more about this on our Environmental Policy page.

The original version of our Online Bespoke Worktop Tool, which was launched over a year ago, proved an instant hit: indeed, the tool played a huge part in allowing us to take over 5,000 custom worktop orders during 2015.

But we weren’t content to rest on our laurels – so, after a lengthy period of testing, honing, and reviewing customer feedback, it is with great excitement that we are now able to unveil version two of our bespoke worktop tool. This new and improved incarnation is easier and more enjoyable to use and even works on smartphones and tablets!

In addition to all the fantastic features that were included in the original, you can now:

  • Add bespoke tapered edges to your worktops.
  • Incorporate cut-outs for WEX Wireless Worktop Chargers.
  • Add straight, fan and fountain drainage grooves to sink cut-outs.
  • Submit multiple worktops as part of a single bespoke order.

Our bespoke worktop tool makes it extremely easy to design, order and pay for customised solid wood counters without even leaving your browser! To get started, have a read of our Online Bespoke Tool User Guide; the tool is simple to use, but this will give you some pointers to ensure that the process of designing your worktop is as swift and enjoyable as possible.

Place your order using the new tool before April 12th and we’ll discount the price of any of our bespoke cutting services by 25%, making our fabrication services better value than ever before.