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Flooding has proved a serious issue in certain parts of the country in recent years, and whilst governments promise to bolster flood defences with multi-million pound projects, these natural disasters could be curbed simply by planting more trees.

A study conducted by the Environment Agency concludes that trees lining the banks of feeder streams can help stem the flow of rainwater, and in turn save properties from flooding further down river.

Once areas around tributaries are forested, the streams will meander more and dead wood and debris from the trees will help to block the stream, which can reduce the flood maximum by up to 20%.

For the plan to work, farmers and land-owners will need new incentives to replace those that currently subsidise them to keep land as pasture or clear scrub and trees.

Ben Luckey, a flood risk manager at the Environment Agency, said that foresting even 10-15% of the upstream catchment could reduce flooding.

Here at Worktop Express, we are strong supporters of local and international tree planting schemes. In conjunction with the International Tree Foundation, we have now planted more than 86,000 trees and donated thousands of pounds to tree planting projects since 2014.

If effectively managed, the trees used to create our block wood worktop surfaces are one of the most sustainable kitchen surfaces available. We only use responsible suppliers with replanting schemes in place that ensure the tree stocks used to create our worktops are fully replenished. You can find out more about this on our Environmental Policy page.

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March seems to be flying past us at breakneck speed: we are already just a short Easter break away from the end of the month! Fortunately – though the weeks are racing by – there is still plenty of time in which to take advantage of the crazy savings on offer in our ‘March Madness’ sale.

We’re offering a whopping 10% on almost everything with the discount code MARCH10: so whether you are looking for simply looking for a new timber worktop surface to complete your kitchen, or are interested in our ranges of kitchen sinks or solid wood floating shelves, you can enjoy a bargain if you order by 23:59 on the 31st March.

Everything on our website is included in this barmy offer (except our great value worktop samples and worktop cutting services – the latter are currently available with 25% off in another promotion, though!).

If you are struggling to choose from our vast collection of wooden worktops, don’t let it drive you crazy: visit one of the Worktop Express showrooms to get a closer look at any of the timbers on offer.

Alternatively, why not order one of our worktop samples to see how our worktops might look in the comfort and natural lighting of your own home? Our samples are priced at just £5 including speedy courier delivery, and can be refunded on a one-for-one basis if you go on to purchase any of our worktops.

As much as we would all love to, most of us cannot spend our entire lives visiting the far-flung corners of the earth to bring back exotic goodies for our homes.

Fortunately, there are plenty of interior accessories that can be included in a kitchen to make it feel all the more exciting, but it is our solid wood kitchen tops that provide the most enticing centrepieces.

In this information guide we are taking a closer look at some worktop choices that are ideal for bringing a taste of the tropics straight into your kitchen.

Exotic Solid Wood Kitchen Tops for Modern Kitchens

Zebrano Worktops

We couldn’t possibly talk about exotic worktops without featuring our range of zebrano worktops. Available in standard, Deluxe and full stave varieties, this striking timber is totally unique.

A golden hue with darker brown stripes, it’s easy to see why this wood is often known as ‘zebra wood’. It’s the perfect choice for safari themes, and can be combined with glossy black cabinets, chrome and stainless steel for a distinctive modern kitchen.

Iroko Worktops

A firm customer favourite, our iroko worktops are constructed from African timber with beautiful bronze tones and a unique iridescence.

This hard-wearing and naturally hygienic wood is available in standard, Deluxe and full stave options, all of which are an ideal choice for modern kitchens, mixing particularly well with soft pastels and other cool colours in a relaxing, contemporary kitchen.

Bamboo Worktops

Our bamboo worktops offer great value, hard-wearing surfaces that combine a modern aesthetic with impressive sustainability.

Available in standard and ‘caramel’ varieties, these surfaces are a modern choice for any kitchen, and look beautiful alongside glossy white units and other natural kitchen accessories.

Sapele Worktops

Sapele worktops are among the newer options in our collection, and are formulated from another hard-wearing exotic African timber. The wood is similar in appearance to iroko, but has rosier hues that bring immense warmth to a kitchen.

This luxurious surface is perfect for combining with other deep hues and bright white accents in a cool, contemporary kitchen setting.

Wenge Worktops

If you are looking for surfaces that are both incredibly luxurious and exotic, our wenge worktops are truly the pinnacle of kitchen couture.

These African worktops are very resilient, and are almost black in colour – the perfect choice for high-contrast modern kitchens. We recommend combining this elegant timber with high-end appliances, bright whites and glossy blacks for a truly exquisite contemporary feel.

As well as the timbers featured above, there are plenty of other excellent worktops in our collection that are ideal for recreating an exotic kitchen. If you aren’t sure which to choose, why not order one of our worktop samples to take a closer look?

Many of our exotic worktops including iroko, wenge and zebrano are also on show at our Worktop Express showrooms, which can now be found at a variety of locations around England.

Easter is right around the corner: and though the minds of most will be firmly fixed on the mountains of chocolate that await, some of you might just get a craving for wood worktops, too! As such we wanted to let you know about our opening times over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, in case you are planning on purchasing any real wood worktop surfaces during this period. Should you be so inclined, please take the following opening hours into account:

Wednesday 24th March @ 12 noon

Last day to purchase worktops for delivery before Good Friday.

Friday 25th April

Showrooms and sales lines open between 10am and 2pm.

Saturday 26th March

Showrooms and sales lines open between 9am and 5pm.

Sunday 27th March

All departments closed.

Monday 28th March

Showrooms and sales lines open between 10am and 2pm.

Tuesday 29th March

Normal opening hours resume for showrooms and sales lines.

If you can’t make it to one of our showrooms this Easter, you can – as always – order one of our worktop samples, which can be delivered on a next-working-day service for just £5.

Don’t forget, all wooden worktops, worktop accessories, kitchen sinks and almost everything else on our website are discounted by a barmy 10% until the end of the month with the ‘March Madness’ sale. You can find out more by reading our Current Offers page.

At Worktop Express® our wide range of kitchen worktops have been selected to appeal to all manner of styles and tastes, but there is little doubt that our zebrano worktops truly stand out from the crowd.

The wood used to create our zebrano worktops is found in Central and Western Africa, and has been exported to Europe and other parts of the world ever since British colonists first discovered it during the 18th century.

Zebrano’s unmistakable grain pattern is similar in appearance to the stripes on a zebra, hence the name. The copper hues of the timber matures over time into a rich golden colour, which beautifully contrasts with the dark brown stripes.

This month, we have chosen the Deluxe option of our zebrano worktops as our ‘Worktop of the Month’. This variant features a number of 90mm wide staves that combine to create an elegant and luxurious appearance; a stunning surface that shows off zebrano’s beautiful grain patterns and rich colouration.

Our Deluxe Zebrano worktops start at £290 for a 2M x 620mm x 40mm surface, and bring a unique warmth to contemporary kitchens. They combine especially well with glossy modern units and touches of chrome or stainless steel.

Deluxe Zebrano Worktops - Our Worktop of the month

Our zebrano worktops are also available in a standard 40mm stave version and a full stave variety (which features 90mm staves that run the full length of the worktop). If you would like to take a closer look at these zebrano worktops or any of the others in our collection, why not order one of our worktop samples? They are priced at just £5 including courier delivery, and can be refunded on a one-for-one basis if you go on to order any of our worktops. A full range of samples is also available at any of our Worktop Express showrooms.

If you’re looking for a bespoke wooden worktop to perfectly match your kitchen this spring, now is the ideal time to buy. We are offering 25% off any of our fabrication services for solid wood kitchen worktops, making our bespoke cutting service better value than it has ever been before!

Whether you are looking for a cut-to-size worktop, want a sink or hob cut-out, or simply require a soft edge profile or radius corners on your new kitchen surface, our skilled team can help you to create a dream kitchen without relying on expensive carpenters.

Place your order before 23:59 on the 12th of April, and you can save on any of our bespoke worktop cutting services ordered either on our Online Bespoke Tool, or through our fabrication team. There’s no discount code needed as the price of our services has already been reduced – simply place your order with us and save today!

If you cannot decide which customisations to choose to create the ideal new wood worktop for your kitchen, why not take a look at our Bespoke Worktop Fabrication Gallery? Within this gallery, you will find many photographs of worktop customisations undertaken by our fantastic team, which should provide plenty of inspiration.

Our ever-expanding range has two new additions that we know customers of our wooden worktops are sure to be excited by. No matter which solid wood worktop you may have, our new solid wood floating shelves are the perfect accessory. In addition to the oak and walnut floating shelves already in our range, we now sell black oak floating shelves and ash floating shelves.

Both of these new timber choices are now in stock and available to order immediately. Whether you already have black oak or ash worktops that you are looking to complement, or simply want to add some beautiful wooden shelving to any part of your home, the choice is wider than ever before.

Our black oak floating shelves are – of course – well suited for mixing with our black oak worktops, but they also look fantastic alongside wenge, black American walnut and other dark timbers. They are an ideal choice for a high-contrast modern kitchen, living room or office.

By contrast, our new solid ash floating shelves are considerably lighter; and whilst they match our ash worktops beautifully, they also offer a fantastic alternative to oak, maple and other classic light timbers. The bright hues of this delicate timber will uplift darker rooms, and the elegant, linear grain makes ash an ideal choice for country kitchens.

All of the shelves in our range come complete with invisible shelf mounting brackets, are sanded to a very smooth finish, and are treated with a number of coats of oil after manufacture.

If you would like to gain insight into the quality and appearance of any of the shelves in our range, consider ordering one of our pre-oiled worktop samples. Our solid wood floating shelves are made of the same high-quality timber as our wooden worktops, so these samples provide a useful demonstration of the finished product.

Visit our solid wood floating shelves page to choose from a range of sizes, all of which are available immediately with speedy courier delivery; alternatively visit our bespoke solid wood floating shelves page to get a price for custom-made shelves in a variety of other timbers.

March is already in full swing, and there’s no rest for the fabrication team here at Worktop Express®. Each day they create a number of incredible bespoke wooden worktops to be delivered to customers around the country via our 2Man delivery fleet.

This month our team have created more than 400 customised wooden worktops, and we’ve decided to share a selection of the finest with you here on the blog.


An ash worktop with a belfast sink cut-out which has a soft profiled edge and a tap hole cut out wooden worktops.

Our ash worktops are a beautiful alternative to light choices such as oak, maple or beech, but it is still less common to see this attractive timber passing through our fabrication warehouse.

This particular ash worktop features a Belfast sink cut-out with a soft profiled edge and a precisely cut tap hole. Once the worktop had been sanded to a perfectly smooth finish, multiple coats of oil were applied in order to accentuate the colour of the timber, and protect it during transit and installation.

Full Stave Oak

A full stave oak worktop that has a semi-circular cut out and an ogee edge profile wooden worktops.

Full stave surfaces are among the most lavish in our collection, and this full stave oak worktop is no exception. Constructed from a number of extra-wide 90mm staves that run the full length of the top, this worktop is the ideal choice for a kitchen island.

In this instance, a semi-circular cut out was made to accommodate a round end grain butchers block, and an ogee edge profile was applied – giving the surface a beautiful detail that would be perfect for a traditional kitchen design. After customisation, our team then applied a number of coats of oil to bring out the timber’s natural colouration, whilst protecting it during delivery and installation.

Black American Walnut

Black american walnut worktop with a belfast sink cut out two tap cut outs and twin drainage grooves wooden worktops.

Black American walnut worktops are one of our favourites, and tend to prove popular with customers looking for surfaces that are both dark and luxurious – no matter whether for a contemporary or traditional kitchen.

This black walnut surface was given a number of customisations in order to fit exactly into the customer’s kitchen. Firstly a hole with a soft pencil edge profile was cut to suit a Belfast sink, with holes for two taps and twin drainage grooves cut either side. Further along the worktop, a set of grooves were applied to accommodate stainless steel hot rods, which will provide a space to set down pots and pans next to the kitchen hob. Like the other two worktops featured in this month’s top picks, this surface was oiled after fabrication.

If you are looking for inspiration for your own customised worktop, why not visit our Bespoke Fabrication Gallery? In it you’ll find images of many of the bespoke worktops that our team have created for many happy Worktop Express customers.

10% off timber worktop in Our ‘March Madness’ Sale

There has never been any doubt that we are absolutely wacky about wooden worktops here at Worktop Express, and this month we’re proving our obsession by offering customers 10% off everything in our range. Welcome to the ‘March Madness’ sale!

Whether you are looking for a new timber worktop, a solid wood floating shelf or two, or another treat from our collection, there are great savings to be had – we’ve even discounted our kitchen sinks.

Simply enter the code MARCH10 at the online checkout, or mention it to one of our wonderful advisers when placing your order via telephone or email. Everything except our worktop samples (which are already incredibly affordable) and our worktop cutting services (which are currently discounted by 10% in another fantastic promotion) are included in the sale – so don’t miss out this month!

Can’t decide which worktops to choose? Come along to one of our Worktop Express showrooms and have a chat with one of our friendly showroom advisers – they’ll be happy to help.