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The world's fastest log the Cedar Rocket block wood worktops.

Credit: Bryan Reid

Just when we thought we had seen everything that the wacky world of wood had to offer, another crazy creation has come along to top it all – the “Cedar Rocket”.

This unusual dragster is the brain child of Bryan Reid, who created the super-fast tree in an attempt to break a Guinness World Record. The car features two giant leaf-blower turbines and a 35 horsepower direct-drive electric motor, both of which are powered by batteries weighing 529 pounds – nearly a quarter of the total weight.

The inventor claims that the Cedar Rocket is capable of doing 225km/h “on paper”, but in the quarter mile test the wacky wooden wagon maxed out at 90km/h (55MPH). This speedy effort was categorised by Guinness as the “fastest motorised log”, which was accompanied by the following (ludicrously-specific) definition:

“For the purposes of this record a motorised tree or log is a tree trunk which has been carved to allow an engine, wheels and controls to be fitted within the body of the log. The motorised log must be drive-able by a person sitting within the log.”

The world's fastest log the Cedar Rocket block wood worktops.

Credit: Bryan Reid

The log itself was felled from a 240 year-old Western Red Cedar, which may not appear to be the most sustainable timber choice available, but appears to be more sustainable than you might imagine. According to the sustainability page on Reid’s website, more than 200 million seedlings are planted in previously-logged areas in British Columbia, and a further 650 million throughout Canada.

When he’s not building bizarre turbine-powered machines, Bryan Reid runs a business making humungous handcrafted log cabins from first-growth cedar trees – surely the perfect home for some of our block wood worktops!

Since their introduction last June, our solid wood floating shelves have proved incredibly popular – so much so that we often struggle to keep up with demand!

Although we have offered bespoke solid wood floating shelves for some time now, we have decided to extend our off-the-shelf range further by offering solid walnut floating shelves, too.

Starting at just £45, these shelves are made from the same European walnut staves that are used to create our solid worktops, and so are an ideal accessory for kitchens, the living room or a home office. Shelves include two, three or four invisible floating brackets (depending on the shelf length), which can be fitted with ease.

Our collection of walnut floating shelves start at 300mm long, and range up to 1500mm, though bespoke sizes are available, starting at 200mm in length and going up to 2000mm. Each shelf is sanded to an incredibly smooth finish before being coated with 3 coats of Danish oil, a process that serves to protect the shelf and bring out the natural lustre of the timber.

If you like the look of our floating shelves and would like to learn about their installation, design, and more, we recommend that you start by reading our ‘Solid Wood Shelving Nutshell Guide’.

With such a wide selection on offer, picking the perfect solid wood kitchen worktop surface can be a tough choice for even the most decisive of designers. Worktop Express® now proudly offers a more comprehensive selection than any other high-street or online competitors – whether you are looking for standard, Deluxe or full stave wooden worktops.

We appreciate that it isn’t always easy to pick the most suitable worktop for your kitchen, dining room, office – or any other room in the home. Fortunately, we offer a full worktops sample service that includes each of the worktops in our range.

As well as traditional favourites such as our popular oak worktops, we also offer some incredibly desirable surfaces such as Deluxe Black American Walnut (which is currently discounted by up to 10% until the end of February), as well as highly sustainable choices like bamboo and rubberwood worktops.

Samples of our 27mm thick worktops are also available in many wood species, as well as samples of our hard-wearing end grain butcher blocks.

Our samples measure 200mm x 150mm and are either 40mm or 27mm thick (depending on your choice); each one is cut from existing worktop stock and is supplied with a coating of Rustins Danish Oil on one side to give you a good representation of the finished product.

Whichever wooden worktop you think might suit your home, our samples are great value for money – just £5 including VAT and speedy next-day delivery. Furthermore, if – after receiving your sample – you decide to go on and purchase a worktop from us, we will happily refund the cost of your sample. Simply mention your purchase to one of our sales advisors, or include the sample order number in the notes at the online checkout, and the cost will be deducted from your order.

A full range of samples are also on show at our Worktop Express showrooms, so don’t hesitate to pop in and take a look – our showroom supervisors will happily tell you more about our collection.

Free delivery on all timber worktop surfaces this February.

This month we have already distributed well over 2,000 worktop orders to customers throughout England and Wales who have taken advantage of our FREE delivery offer; with this in mind, we wanted to remind all customers that there is a limited time remaining in which to take advantage of this great saving – so don’t delay if you’re wanting to place an order!

Our delivery service usually costs £25 for delivery of the first worktop, and £15 for each additional worktop, but this February the majority of our customers have been able to receive their worktops without paying a penny – whether they have chosen our own in-house next-day 2Man delivery service, or one of our external courier services.

Our next-day 2Man delivery slots are subject to availability, and often get snapped up very quickly, so don’t hesitate to place your order as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Customers looking for timed services, or wanting delivery to our surcharge areas (such as Scotland) will still enjoy the same amount of discount and only need to pay surplus charges.

We have made it really easy to take advantage of this saving – there’s no discount code required, so simply pick your desired timber worktop surfaces and other products, then head to the checkout to complete your order and pick a delivery date. Otherwise, why not call or send us an email – our advisers will automatically apply the free delivery to all qualifying orders placed by 23:59 on Monday 29th February!

The year is already flying past at breakneck speed here at Worktop Express, and as February has already rolled around, it’s time to choose another ‘Worktop of the Month’. This month we have chosen our Deluxe Ash worktops as our favoured surface, which should come as no surprise as we have plenty of praise to heap upon these luxurious solid wood kitchen worktops.

Our elegant ash timber is sourced in Europe, and features a highly-desirable linear grain pattern and light golden hue that looks incredible in both classic and contemporary kitchen settings, but is most suitable in a traditional setting alongside light grey or blue kitchen cabinet doors.

Ash is often considered an ideal alternative to oak worktops which are now a very common sight in solid wood kitchens. This European timber is as dense and hard-wearing as oak, but often has fewer knots and other natural imperfections.

Deluxe ash February's solid wood kitchen worktops of the month.

If our Deluxe Ash worktops might be the perfect choice for your new kitchen, dining room or office desk, then why not take a closer look by ordering one of our worktop samples first? Our samples are priced at just £5 including speedy courier delivery, and are provided in a smooth sanded finish with a coating of oil on one side to give you a good indication of how the finished surface will look.

If you are anything like us, you’ll love keeping up with the latest interior designs in print and online; as such, we’re delighted to report that our stunning wood kitchen worktops have been featured in three of the UK’s most prominent home design publications within the last month.

Ideal Home Magazine – January 2016

Ideal Home is consistently ranked the UK’s best-selling magazine, and has been offering its readership inspiration to create the perfect home for more than 90 years.

In the January issue of the magazine, our wenge worktops provided contrast in a light and bright contemporary kitchen with a timeless feel, which features glossy grey Metro tiling, Shaker-style cabinets and a slim kitchen island topped with wenge worktops, too.

Our solid wenge worktops are incredibly dense, hard-wearing and one of the more lavish choices in our collection, with prices starting at £285 for a 2M x 620 x 40mm surface.

Your Home Magazine – February 2016

Your Home is full of ideas for decorating and improving each room around the home, but in the February edition they focused on some great money-saving ideas for refreshing your interiors.

In the ‘Update Your Kitchen For Less’ feature, our rubberwood worktops were given the star treatment, and were promoted as a perfect choice for low-cost kitchen designs.

This resilient hardwood is one of the more recent additions to our collection, and is an attractive timber that has the sustainable credentials to boot. Available from £90 for a 2M x 620 x 40mm worktop.

Home Style Magazine – March 2016

Home Style is a one-stop-shop for the best high street buys, room makeovers, decorating secrets and fast-fix projects.

In the March 2016 edition, we were very proud to see our great-value oak worktops feature in a charming country kitchen makeover.

The kitchen combined rustic accessories, light blue cabinetry and flower print material to bring a farmhouse feel straight into the home.

A 4M x 620mm x 40mm oak worktop was used to complement the country style – a steal at just £190.

Keep your eyes peeled and you’ll find us in print and online in a variety of publications every month. Our kitchen worktops are both great value and perfectly suited to a wide variety of kitchen styles – it’s no wonder we are so regularly featured.

If you want to get some further inspiration for your kitchen makeover, why not visit our Pinterest page? We have 86 boards full of fantastic examples of our wooden worktops and other kitchen accessories, too.

Declare your love for our wood workops is you #WoodYouBeMine competition.

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching, and here at Worktop Express we are unashamed to be feeling the love for the objects of our ongoing affections: our beautiful wood worktops.

If you admire our solid wood surfaces as much as we do, then you’ll love our latest #WoodYouBeMine competition! Over the next three weeks we are offering followers of our Facebook page the chance to win £400 in vouchers to spend on the Worktop Express website, as well as £100 in One 4 All shopping vouchers (which can be spent in a variety of high-street shops).

Entering the competition is easy, but there are some crucial steps to follow!

1) Head to our solid wood worktops category page and click the share button on the top right to post it to Facebook.

2) Name your favourite wooden worktop.

3) Tell us why you love it with the hashtag #WoodYouBeMine.

4) Tag our Facebook page (by typing @Worktop Express and selecting our page).

Once you’ve followed the steps above, simply post your message publicly (so that we can see it), and you will be entered into our draw to win this amazing prize worth £500!

The competition will run until 23:59 on Friday the 26th of February, after which we will choose our lucky winner. Before entering, please be sure to read our competition terms and conditions to familiarise yourself with the rules.

Not sure which of our solid wood worktops deserves your attention? Why not come along to one of the five Worktop Express showrooms, where samples of each of the worktops in our collection is on display. Alternatively, our worktop samples are just £5 including rapid courier delivery – a cost which can be refunded if you go on to order a worktop from us.

10% off in our deluxe black american walnut hardwood worksurfaces sale.

As well as offering free delivery for the rest of February, we are also discounting one of our most sought-after hardwood worksurfaces by up to 10% – meaning that our customers truly can enjoy luxury for less with Worktop Express® this month.

Deluxe Black American Walnut worktops are an opulent, stylish choice; and – despite not being one of the cheaper worktops in our collection – have proved extremely popular within both modern and traditional designs.

This American timber is very dense and hard-wearing; as a worktop, it provides a beautifully smooth surface. In this Deluxe form the worktop features 90mm wide staves – rather than the usual 40mm – that help further accentuate this elegant timber’s grain pattern and naturally rich colouration.

If you believe our Deluxe Black American Walnut worktops would be perfectly suited to your kitchen, then don’t hesitate to place your order before 23:59 on the 29th February to enjoy up to 10% off any of the sizes in our collection. With your convenience in mind we have already applied the savings to these products, meaning that no discount code is required: simply choose the surfaces you wish to purchase and add them to your basket in our online store, or get in touch with our sales team via telephone or email to place your order.

If you would like to see Deluxe Black Walnut – or any of our other worktops – up close before placing an order, then visit one of the Worktop Express showrooms or purchase one of our worktop samples. Priced at just £5 including fast courier delivery, each sample is great value for money, and can be refunded if you go on to purchase a worktop from us.

Get free delivery for timber work surfaces this February.

At Worktop Express we think our range of timber work surfaces represent fantastic value for money, and we are very proud to be able to offer them to customers across England, Wales and Scotland via our 2Man delivery service.

To celebrate the ongoing expansion of our service, we are offering FREE delivery on all worktops ordered throughout February. Our worktop delivery normally costs £25 for delivery of the first worktop plus £15 for each additional worktop, but this February the cost will be waived for customers ordering within our non-surcharge delivery areas.

The discount applies to all worktop and accessory orders placed by 23:59 on the 29th of February – whether your order will be delivered by our own in-house 2Man service or one of our external couriers. Any customers that require a timeslot (or those that are not located within our non-surcharge delivery areas) will still receive the equivalent discount, but surplus charges may apply.

We have made it incredibly easy to save in this promotion, as there is no discount code to worry about – the delivery cost has already been discounted for you. Simply choose the products you would like to order from us and head to the online checkout, where the discount will be automatically applied.

This free delivery offer also applies to any orders placed via telephone, email, or in one of the Worktop Express Showrooms, so don’t hesitate to place your order this February!