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Last Chance to Save 15% on Timber Countertops

This January we have been offering an incredibly generous 15% discount to all customers looking to spruce up their kitchens with new timber countertops. And whilst the ‘Wonderful Winter’ sale has proven incredibly popular, all good things must come to an end…

If you are interested in purchasing one of our solid wood surfaces – or almost anything else on our website – at an unbeatable price, you will need place your order by 23:59 this Sunday, the 31st of January.

To take advantage of these fantastic savings, simply enter the discount code WINTER15 at the online checkout, or mention it to one of our friendly sales advisers when placing your order via telephone, email or in one of the Worktop Express showrooms.

Whilst this discount is available on our worktops, solid wood floating shelves, wide range of kitchen sinks and a variety of other worktop accessories, there are a couple of exclusions we should mention. Our bespoke cutting services and worktop samples are not included in this promotion, though we think you will find both are already exceptional value for money.

If you would like to see our worktops for yourself before placing your order, there’s still time to visit one of our five showrooms, located in a number of easily-accessible locations across England. Visit our Wood Worktop Showrooms page to find out more.

January is not over yet but our fabrication team have not rested on their laurels: indeed, they hit the ground running, creating some fantastic new bespoke solid wood worksurfaces for our customers up and down the country.

This month our team have worked on over 400 customised worktops, some of which have been photographed and chosen to feature here on the blog.

Our top three bespoke worktops this month have been created from outstanding oak, beech and black American walnut – take a bow, you terrific timbers!


January's Solid Wood Worksurfaces Fabrication Top Pick Oak.

A vast number of oak worktops pass through our fabrication warehouse every week, so it should come as no surprise that this worktop option regularly features in our Fabrication Top Picks. Our European oak is perfect for a variety of kitchen settings – whether traditional or modern in style.

This particular oak worktop was part of a multiple-worktop order for a classic kitchen design. The piece pictured above was created as a breakfast bar, and features a shallow ellipse and an ogee edge profile, too. Before leaving our warehouse, the piece had a number of coats of oil applied to it, preparing and protecting the timber for delivery and installation.

Black American Walnut

January's Fab Top picks Black American Walnut Solid Wood Worksurfaces.

Our black American walnut worktops are always a popular choice, thanks to the stunning grain and rich colouration that combine to produce an incredibly luxurious surface, which is ideal for contemporary kitchens but can equally suit a variety of classic kitchen designs.

This bespoke kitchen worktop had a cut-out applied for an undermounted sink with smooth internal radius corners and an internal pencil edge profile; a tap hole was cut next to the sink, too. After fabrication, the worktop passed through our oiling station where several coats of oil were applied, giving it a hard-wearing finish.

Prime Beech

Prime Beech Solid Wood Worksurfaces January's Fabrication Top Picks.

Prime Beech worktops are light in colour, with an intricate grain pattern that looks perfectly at home in a country kitchen. The Prime variant of this worktop features staves that are specifically chosen for their consistent colour and lack of natural imperfections, which creates a beautifully uniform worktop appearance.

This Prime Beech worktop has been cut to accommodate a ceramic Belfast sink – the ideal companion in a country kitchen. Along with some drainage grooves to the right, the cut-out was then given a smooth pencil edge profile to complement the soft edges of the sink. Finally, a few coats of oil were applied to the surface to seal and protect it during transit and installation.

We are regularly searching for new timbers to include within our ever-expanding range of solid wood replacement worktops, but they need to be pretty special even to qualify! Our latest addition to the collection certainly fits the criteria – it’s an exciting new choice that combines unique aesthetic and hard-wearing characteristics with sustainable qualities: rubberwood.

Rubberwood worktops have a similar colour to cherry worktops, but also feature a spotted grain pattern that’s reminiscent of a fine leopard print.

This interesting new species comes from the same trees that are tapped for the latex resins that are used to create natural rubber. Once the trees have reached the end of their latex-producing cycle (typically at the age of between 25 and 30 years old), the trees are harvested for their dense hardwood, which is then cut down into the smaller 40mm staves that are used to construct our rubberwood worktops.

As with many of the other timbers in our collection that are exempt from FSC certification, we go through great lengths to ensure that we only use rubberwood timber that has been sourced from locations with comprehensive tree-planting programmes in place. Fortunately, because of the regular trade in rubberwood’s latex, these schemes are already well-established in Brazil and Southeast Asia and are deemed to be very effective.

These worktops are suitable for both modern and traditional kitchens, and are a great alternative to other light options such as cherry, oak or beech worktops. They are also great value for money, with prices starting at just £90 for a 2m x 620mm x 40mm surface.

To see our rubberwood worktops up close, do not hesitate to order one of our worktop samples for just £5 including speedy courier delivery. Don’t forget: if you go on to order a worktop, we will happily refund the cost of the sample to you.

Now that January is in full swing (there’s no turning back now, I’m afraid!), we thought it about time to give you some inspiration for your home: so get comfy, settle down with your internet-surfing device of choice, and read about how to stay ahead of the trends this year with Worktop Express®!

Of course, when talking about trends for 2016, there’s no better place to start than the heart of your house; the congregation centre for the whole family; the kitchen! After Christmas, your kitchen is probably the most tired room in the house – it definitely deserves some TLC this spring.

With this in mind, we have explored some of 2016’s hottest colour trends (all of which will combine perfectly with selected wood worktops) and compiled some recommendations to help bring your kitchen back to life this January!

1. There is a strong focus on warm colours this year and we have to agree that injecting warmth into the kitchen is the best way to wash out those winter blues. Why not go for the Sahara trend and bring the tropical climate (!) to your home?

Colour schemes that include orange and yellow shades feel optimistic, inviting and cheerful – qualities that tend to be most welcome in January (and indeed throughout the year).

We recommend combining the gorgeous ‘India Yellow’ by Farrow & Ball with our African wenge worktops – you can’t get much closer to the equator than that!

Combine wenge worktops with India Yellow.
We recommend combining India Yellow with wenge wood work surfaces.

2. Red tones are a kitchen classic – and acolytes of auburn will be pleased to hear that this trend is here to stay. Warm wood tones paired with rich red or russet walls create a dramatic look but also bring an elegant and sophisticated feel to a kitchen.

Another African wood – and also our ‘Worktop of the Month’ – is iroko, which pairs well with any shade of red, due to its gold and bronze tones. Indeed, the colour we’ve chosen from Farrow & Ball would look truly delicious when placed alongside iroko – as evidenced by its name: ‘Eating Room Red’.

Iroko wood work surfaces pairs well with Eating Room Red.
Eating Room Red would look truly delicious places alongside our iroko wood work surfaces.

3. Finally, for those of you that prefer cooler tones, it would be hard to go wrong with a ‘forest’ colour palette. Natural shades of green combine with grey tones to gesture towards stones, trees and grasses, bringing a relaxed sense of ‘eco-style’ to your home.

This organic trend suits our commitment to sustainable kitchen surfaces perfectly; so – if you choose worktops from Worktop Express – not only will you create a space that looks eco-friendly, but you can also be sure that your counters are sourced in a responsible, ethical manner.

To make the most of this theme, we suggest pairing Farrow & Ball’s ‘Lichen’ with our ever-popular oak worktops. You could also incorporate accents of the colour ‘Green Ground’ if you wish to add dimension and richness to your aesthetic.

We suggest pairing Farrow & Ball's Lichen with our oak wood work surfaces.
Lichen and Green Ground are both cooler tones that go well with our oak worktops.
Green Ground will add dimension and richness to your oak worktops.

To see some examples of our worktops combined with a range of the most popular colours from Farrow & Ball, why not visit one of the Worktop Express showrooms? Each showroom has a variety of kitchen sets on display, featuring wooden worktops set atop oak cabinets from our sister company

15% Discount On Kitchen Worksurfaces

We appreciate that January can be a tough month after the expense of Christmas and New Year, so we have taken the decision to make our ‘Wonderful Winter’ sale even more attractive! As an enhancement to the current promotion, we’ve just increased the discount by a whopping 5% – meaning that you can now save up to 15% on our products for the remainder of January.

With discounts offered on our entire range of solid wood kitchen worksurfaces, kitchen sinks, solid wood floating shelves and much more besides, there has never been a cheaper time to update an existing kitchen or kit out a new one.

To save 15% on almost everything in our online store, simply enter the code WINTER15 at the online checkout, or mention it to one of our advisers if placing your order via telephone or email before 23:59 on 31st of January.

Although this unprecedented discount applies to the vast majority of hardwood products and accessories on our website, we should point out that our bespoke cutting services are not included (though you can currently save 10% on any services ordered via our Online Bespoke Worktop Tool). Additionally, our worktop samples are also excluded from this promotion, though the cost of your sample can still be refunded if you decide to order a new worktop from us.

Keep Your Hardwood Worktops Safe

It’s a question that has baffled pub-goers, lumberjacks and carpenters for many a year, and is a conundrum that has confounded colleagues in the Worktop Express offices, too. Fortunately, scientists have now taken the time to help abruptly curb this ongoing debate by researching exactly how many hardwood worktops a woodchuck (a.k.a. a common North American groundhog) wood chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

Firstly, we should make it clear that a woodchuck cannot in fact ‘chuck’ or eat wood, but it does chew wood, which is just about a close enough interpretation of the old rhyme to make it worth the research.

In order to find out the most accurate answer to this memorable phrase, two American scientists rounded up 12 woodchucks and deprived them of food to ensure that they would chow down on the 2 x 4 wooden planks offered up as alternative sustenance.

After much observation and recording of data, the study concluded that the animals were actually pretty hungry, and managed to consume an average of 361 cubic centimetres of wood per animal, per day. To put that into some kind of perspective, that’s a little more than the capacity of a standard sized can of fizzy drink – quite a bit when you consider that a groundhog only measures between 40 and 65cm long (including its tail).

In a separate study concluding by a wildlife biologist at New York’s Cornell University some years back, it was worked out that the average woodchuck could chuck around 700lbs (317.5kg) of wood into an average sized burrow – quite a sizeable haul of timber, we think you’ll agree.

So, if a North American groundhog happens to saunter into your kitchen and is looking a little peckish, we suggest that you swat it away before it starts to eye up your lovely solid wood surfaces… of course, if you need any new wood worktops, you know where to come!

This January we have picked a popular classic as our ‘Worktop of the Month’ – the African timber known as iroko. This golden wood has been one of our best-selling block wood worktops for some time now, and is an ideal choice for both modern and traditional kitchen themes.

Iroko is an exotic timber that is sourced from the milicia excelsa tree, which is found on the west coast of Africa. It is renowned for its durability, water resistance and hygienic antibacterial qualities, thanks to a naturally high oil content.

When first constructed our iroko worktops are a light yellow/golden colour, but they will quickly mature into a rich bronze shade if regularly oiled over the first 6 – 8 weeks (after installation). This process is accelerated by increased exposure to the sunlight and the Danish oil penetrating the surface.

Iroko Block Wood Worktops January’s Worktop of the Month

If you think our beautiful iroko worktops might be the right choice for your new kitchen, why not order one of our worktop samples? Each sample is just £5 including fast courier delivery, and comes sanded and pre-oiled on one side to provide a good representation of the finished worktop.

Best of all, if you purchase an iroko worktop (or any other worktop in our range) before the end of January, you can save 10% – all thanks to our ‘Wonderful Winter’ sale! Simply enter the discount code WINTER10 at the online checkout, or mention it to one of our advisers if ordering via telephone or email.

Save 10% on Solid Solid Wood Countertops and More in Our ‘Wonderful Winter’ sale!

If you have only just awoken from a turkey-induced food coma, you may have missed out on the launch of our ‘Wonderful Winter’ sale! This sale – which kicked off on Boxing Day – offers a whopping 10% discount for all customers who place orders before 23:59 on Sunday 31st January.

Whether you are looking for solid wood countertops to rejuvenate your kitchen; a new kitchen sink to complement your existing surface; solid wood floating shelves or wooden worktop wireless chargers to spruce up your living space, there is a 10% discount to be enjoyed across almost everything in our online store.

Save on your order today by simply entering the discount code WINTER10 at the online checkout, or mention it to one of our friendly advisers when placing your order via telephone or email.

Whilst there is a fantastic discount to be had across the range of hardwood products and other accessories on our website, we should mention that bespoke cutting services are not included (though a separate promotion is still running for any customisations ordered via our Online Bespoke Worktop Tool). Our worktop samples are also not included in this promotion, but can still be refunded if you go on to order a worktop from us.

If you cannot decide which worktop to choose, the brand new Redhill and Warrington Worktop Express showrooms are now open alongside our well-established Gloucester, Harlow and Chesterfield showrooms. Why not pay us a visit and check out some of the stunning solid wood surfaces in our collection? There are samples to take away, too!

Refresh Your Kitchen in 2016 with New Timber Worktops

Happy New Year to all customers of Worktop Express – whether you have ordered from us already, or are planning on placing your order for timber worktops soon, we would like to express our gratitude for what has been a fantastic year.

In 2015 we broke all previous sales records yet again and along with 7 new types of wooden worktops in our range, we have seen some fantastic growth in product areas – we sold over 350 of our solid oak floating shelves in December alone!

Many of our collections have been expanded or improved. We have been proud to launch a wide range of high-quality Worktop Express and Rangemaster kitchen sinks this year, which are an ideal companion for our wooden worktops. We’ve also introduced additional complementary products, such as our innovative worktop wireless chargers.

During the year we opened another of our Worktop Express showrooms in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, and prepared two further showrooms that are due to open on January 4th in Warrington and Redhill. We plan to continue this expansion throughout next year, providing more local destinations in which customers can take a closer look at all of the hardwood timbers in our collection.

As well as our new showroom destinations, we also drastically increased the number of vans in our 2Man delivery fleet, and in turn were able to expand our delivery area into parts of England and Wales that we were previously unable to reach. Customers north of the border will be very happy to know that we now have a 2Man team delivering to many parts of Scotland throughout the week, of which we are immensely proud.

As you can tell, it has been a bumper year for us, and the pace is set to increase in 2016! Don’t forget that if you’re planning on ordering a worktop or anything else from us this January, we are offering a fantastic 10% discount on almost everything with our ‘Wonderful Winter’ sale. You can find out more about it on our Current Offers page.