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The end of the year fast approaches, bringing with it our last chance to look back at the solid wooden worktop surfaces that were customised by our incredibly skilled fabrication team during 2015. This month, two beautiful oak worktops and a black American walnut worktop made the grade.

Our fabrication team are shutting down for a short period over Christmas and New Year, but will be back in full force for 2016, and we will no doubt have plenty more fabulous worktops to share with you then.

For now, here are December’s top three bespoke worktops:


December’s Fabrication Top Picks: Oak

Our oak worktops attract plenty of attention all year round, and so it should come as no surprise that many beautiful examples of bespoke oak pass through the hands of our fabrication team every month – this month is no exception.

This L-shaped piece of oak was made by cutting down a wider worktop, and also includes a very unusual irregular cut-out that was created to fit a specialist overmounted corner sink. A smooth radius was added to the front corner, and a number of coats of oil were applied in order to protect the worktop during transit and installation.

Black American Walnut

December’s Fabrication Top Picks: Oak

Black American walnut worktops are some of the most luxurious in our collection. The combination of rich chocolate-coloured timber with stunning grain variance makes black walnut an unmistakable timber that is widely used in both modern and traditional kitchens.

Our fabrication team created this particular black American walnut worktop, which is due to become the surface for a stunning kitchen island. Measuring nearly 1M wide, this wide worktop also had three soft radius corners and a hob cut-out applied by our handy experts, and was pre-oiled and dried before being wrapped and delivered by our 2Man team.

Full Stave Prime Oak

December’s Fabrication Top Picks: Oak

Because of the unrivalled popularity of oak, we offer a wide collection of oak worktops that are manufactured from very high-quality European wood. ‘Prime’ oak worktops are so named because of their wonderful, even colouration and flawless appearance; and, when it comes to the full stave variant, offer an extremely luxurious method by which to enjoy this unmistakable timber.

This particular example of our full stave Prime Oak worktops was designed in conjunction with our fabrication team, in order to satisfy the customer’s requirements for a breakfast bar and communal cooking area.

It features two large radius corners to provide a comfortable seating area at one end, whilst the hob cut-out was requested to perfectly fit the hob that the customer had chosen. Like almost all of the other fabricated worktops that pass through our facility, it has been pre-oiled to bring out the timber’s natural lustre and offer additional protection.

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If you have been following our Facebook and Twitter pages over the last couple of weeks, you may have noticed that we brought back our ‘#ChristmasTree of the Day’ competition to social media.

Each day, we featured a fabulously festive tree, and invited followers to submit pictures of their decorated trees for a chance to win a solid oak chopping board if chosen as our ‘pick of the day’.

We saw some absolutely gorgeous trees (and some rather unusual ones, too!) but there were a handful that really stood out, and as such these were featured on our Facebook and Twitter pages alongside some of the world’s most famous trees.

Here are some of our favourites:

Our competition may now be over, but we would still love to see any photos of your tree (or your worktops) if you fancy sharing these on our wall!

From everyone at Worktop Express, we wish you a merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

The last working Friday of 2015 has arrived, and we’re still in shock: where has the year gone?! It’s been a busy and fruitful winter at Worktop Express® so far, and the whole team are looking forward to eating some turkey come Christmas Day – but never fear, we’ll be working hard until the end!

Indeed, our full delivery service will be running until the 22nd December, meaning that you have until midday on the 21st December to place an order for timber worksurfaces and still receive pre-Christmas delivery.

However, if you’re not in too much of a hurry, then do give us a call or pop in and see us over the festive period! The all-important details to consider are as follows:

Wednesday 23rd December

No deliveries on this day. Sales lines and showrooms will be open until 2pm.

Thursday 24th & Friday 25th December

Closed. Turkey time!

Saturday 26th December

Sales lines and all showrooms will open from 10am – 2pm.

Sunday 27th December


Monday 28th December

Sales lines and Gloucester showroom will open from 9am – 5pm.

All other showrooms will open from 10am – 2pm.

Tuesday 29th & Wednesday 30th December

Our 2Man service will be delivering on these dates (first post-Christmas delivery dates).

Sales lines and all showrooms will open from 9am – 5pm.

Thursday 31st December

Sales lines and Gloucester showroom will open from 9am – 5pm.

All other showrooms will open from 10am – 2pm.

Friday 1st January


Saturday 2nd of January

Sales lines and Gloucester showroom open 9am – 5pm.

All other showrooms open 10am – 2pm.

One final thing to consider: the delivery dates mentioned above are for our 2Man fleet, which does not cover all areas of the United Kingdom. The lead-time for Scottish deliveries is three working days (minimum) from point of order; moreover, not all Scottish postcodes are covered every weekday, so do check out our delivery details page or contact us to discuss the delivery options for your area. We look forward to helping you.

As we near the end of another incredibly successful year at Worktop Express, we thought it time we take a moment to look back at some of the stunning solid wood kitchen counters that have been added to our ever-expanding range in 2015.

Here are the new additions that customers have been enjoying this year:

Deluxe Wenge

We were already in little doubt that our wenge worktops represented one of the most luxurious worktop options on the market, but in order to offer our customers as many ways to enjoy this opulent timber as possible, we now offer a Deluxe variant too.

Constructed using a number of 90mm wide staves that vary in length, this superb choice shows off the unique grain and rich colour of wenge, whilst being cheaper than the full stave alternative.

Deluxe Wenge Worktops, from £350

40mm Full Stave Oak + Prime Oak

Oak continues to be by far the most popular timber in our collection, and so we are always on the lookout for new variants of this stunning worktop.

We recently added an alternative to our full stave oak and Prime Oak in the form of a full stave surface constructed using 40mm wide staves, rather than the standard 90mm.

40mm Full Stave Oak Worktops, from £215

40mm Full Stave Prime Oak Worktops, from £240


This exotic African timber was relatively unknown to many of us before it was added to our collection this autumn, but it is quickly becoming a firm favourite. With unique figuring and a rich red hue, this very hard-wearing timber is great value for money and an ideal choice for both classic and contemporary kitchens; it is also a good alternative to either iroko or American walnut worktops.

Sapele Worktops, from £135

Deluxe + Full Stave Ash

Ash worktops were added to our collection in 2014 and fast became one of the more popular worktop choices in our range, thanks to their combination of delicate grain and light colouration. We now offer both Deluxe and full stave varieties of our ash worktops, which feature 90mm wide staves that show-off this elegant timber in an even more luxurious fashion.

Deluxe Ash Worktops, from £175

Full Stave Ash Worktops, from £230

Black Oak

To accommodate customers looking for an alternative to wenge or black American walnut, our black oak worktops were carefully created in conjunction with our European suppliers. This timber features all the hard-wearing qualities of oak, and undergoes a thermal treatment to darken the wood throughout the entire thickness of the worktop.

The UK’s Finest Black Oak Worktops, from £205

We are always on the lookout for alternative species and wooden accessories to include in our collection, so if there is something you think we are missing, we welcome your feedback on social media. Drop us a message on either Facebook or Twitter with your suggestions, and we will be sure to review it in early 2016.
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Just in time for Christmas, we’re delivering the perfect gift to all our customers — 10% off almost everything in our online store in our ‘Festive Flash’ sale.

Whether you are looking for some bargain beech worktops or a discount on black oak, there’s a great saving to be had before Christmas with our discount code: FESTIVE 10. Enter it at the online checkout, or mention it to one of our advisers if placing an order via telephone or email and we’ll discount all timber worktop surfaces and other qualifying items in your order by 10%!

We should mention that there are a few exclusions: wenge is currently already discounted by 10% in a separate promotion, as are any bespoke cutting services ordered through the Online Bespoke Worktop Tool. Bespoke cutting services that are not ordered via the tool cannot be discounted, and our worktop samples are also excluded (we think that they are already great value for money, though).

Hurry! Our ‘Festive Flash’ sale should not be missed, and will end at 23:59 on Friday December the 18th. If you are planning on purchasing customised worktops, do make sure your order is placed on or before Tuesday the 15th of December to guarantee pre-Christmas delivery. Standard worktop orders can be delivered in time for Christmas if placed before midday on Monday the 21st of December.

10% off Wenge Solid Wooden Worksurfaces Throughout December

So as to ensure we are always offering our worktops at the most competitive prices to customers, we regularly discount one of the solid wooden worksurfaces in our range by up to 10%.

This December is no exception, and the range we have chosen to reduce in price is without doubt one of the most lavish in our collection: wenge worktops.

An incredibly luxurious worktop choice, wenge is one of the darkest and most hard-wearing timbers; it is 50% more dense than oak. In this standard form, the worktop is constructed from a number of 40mm wide staves, which are chosen from the tree’s sapwood for their elegant natural grain and uniform dark brown colour that can appear almost black in parts.

If you think wenge is the ideal choice for your kitchen, we recommend making your purchase before 15:59 on December 31st in order to get it at the lowest possible price. There is no discount required in this sale – our wenge worktops have already been discounted, so simply go ahead and choose the correct worktop sizes to suit your kitchen and order them today.

To take a closer look at wenge before placing your order, please visit one of the Worktop Express showrooms, or order one of our great value worktop samples. Each sample is just £5 including fast courier delivery – a cost which can be refunded if you go on to purchase a worktop from us. Simples!

Each and every month hundreds of bespoke wood worktops pass through our fabrication workshop, and November 2015 was no exception. As usual, the customised worktops created by the team behind our bespoke worktop cutting service are of the highest quality, and will no doubt become the centrepiece of some stunning kitchens.

Here are November’s top three bespoke worktops:

Full Stave Iroko

November’s Fabrication Top Picks: Full Stave Iroko

Full stave iroko is the most luxurious form of this exotic African timber, showing off the unique figuring in a number of wide 90mm staves that run the full length of the worktop.

Iroko usually starts as a yellow-coloured timber, but matures into a rich golden brown hue over time. This particular wood is also naturally antibacterial and more water resistant than many other timbers, thanks to its naturally high oil content.

This particular worktop features a rectangular cut-out for an undermounted sink, a smooth pencil edge profile and a small radius corner, which combine to give the worktop a softer finish. After fabrication, several layers of oil were applied to accentuate the natural colour and help protect the surface during delivery and installation.


November’s Fabrication Top Picks: Wenge

Our wenge worktops are regarded as the darkest and most opulent option in our range. It appears almost black in colour, though lighter flecks and strong grain patterns are still visible on closer inspection.

Wenge is one of the most dense and hard-wearing timbers available, which makes it an ideal choice for kitchen worktops.

This particular wenge worktop features two irregular cut-outs – one of which has a smooth radius corner. These cut outs were made to allow the customer to install the worktop into their kitchen with minimal fuss.

Like any other worktop that passes through our fabrication facility, this piece was coated with several layers of oil to accentuate the natural colour and help protect the worktop during transit and installation.

Full Stave Prime Oak

November’s Fabrication Top Picks: Full Stave Prime Oak

Oak is by far the most popular timber in our range, and our Full Stave Prime Oak is without doubt the most stunning example of this well-known timber.

This particular example may not feature any unusual cut-outs or other major alterations, but it warrants inclusion simply because of its great width. Our team biscuit-jointed two worktops together to create a surface over 1300mm wide, which will sit perfectly atop a very large kitchen island.

The biscuit joint is used as this will retain the solid wood’s strength without affecting the look of the timber – in fact, most would struggle to tell that this surface was made from two separate pieces.

After sanding to a smooth finish, a number of coats of oil were applied to protect the worktop and prepare it for installation.

If any of the fabricated worktops featured in this month’s ‘Fabrication Top Picks’ have inspired you to create a customised surface for your kitchen, we highly recommend giving our Online Bespoke Worktop Tool a try. Our ongoing promotion offers 10% off any customisations ordered via the online tool, which makes our bespoke worktops better value than ever!

Lovers of Kitchen Worktops – Show us Your Christmas Trees!

Here at Worktop Express we are unleashing the festive cheer with our ‘Christmas Tree of the Day’ competition over on Facebook and Twitter.

For the next 18 days we will be posting a Christmas tree every day on our Facebook and Twitter pages, starting with a week of fantastic festive firs on Facebook.

We would love our followers to share a picture of their trees with us, too. The best of the bunch – as chosen by our merry marketing team – will be featured as one of our daily trees, and win the lucky owner one of our solid oak chopping boards. To enter, simply share the picture of your tree on our Facebook or Twitter pages with the hashtag #ChristmasTree.

Once you’ve shared your tree with us, keep a close eye on our social media pages between now and Friday the 18th of December, and you might just be the lucky recipient of a brand new oak chopping board this Christmas.