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Last Chance to Save 10% on Replacement Tops in our ‘Outstanding October’ Sale

This is no trick – it’s the last chance to treat yourself to a great saving on solid wood replacement tops in our spooktacular ‘Outstanding October’ sale. Without going too overboard on the Halloween references, we simply wanted to remind our customers to make haste and place an order if they want to get their worktops for the best possible price this autumn.

If you are ordering any of the worktops in our range (apart from standard oak), you can enjoy 10% off your purchase simply by entering the code OCT10 at the online checkout, or mentioning it to a member of our sales team.

This saving does not only apply to worktops, though: our range of sinks, floating shelves and other worktop accessories can also be purchased at a great price if you place your order before 23:59 tomorrow (Saturday the 31st of October).

Please note: as well as oak worktops, our worktop samples and bespoke cutting services are also excluded from this promotion.

Here at Worktop Express, we are not simply obsessed with solid wooden worktops, we’re fans of anything made from solid timber. Though we see many a wooden wonder pass us by, it isn’t every day that we come across something that is both made of wood, and designed to appreciate the sounds of the forest in which the timber was grown.

Students at the Estonian Academy of Arts designed three giant wood megaphones which allow visitors of the forest to listen to the sounds of nature in undisturbed harmony.

Situated in a forest within the Pähni Nature Centre not far from the Latvian border, these pinewood megaphones enable visitors to experience the audible beauty of the untouched forests surrounding them. Estonia has a close affinity with nature – and trees particularly – as more than 51% of the country is covered in forests, and they are closely interwoven into Estonian culture.

Designed by Tõnis Kalve and Ahti Grünberg from Derelict Furniture, the project gained great interest from popular Estonian author Valdur Mikita, who has written a great deal about how Estonia’s culture is permeated by the vast number of local forests. Describing the project, he said: “It’s a place to listen, to browse the audible book of nature – there hasn’t been a place like that in Estonia before.”

The Estonian Forest Management Centre, who partnered the project from the start, hopes that the megaphones will – as well as providing a new way for visitors to explore the forest – also be used as shelter by people wanting to spend a longer time in the woods. “The space could be used to carry out an outdoor nature class or a small culture event, it’s really multifunctional,” said centre representative Marge Rammo.

Whilst most may not be lucky enough to visit the Estonian woodland where these megaphones are situated, there are still plenty of undisturbed areas of British woodland that are rich in life at this time of year; you can find your closest forest or woodland on the Forestry Commission website.

At Worktop Express® we’re committed to developing our ranges in response to customer feedback: and the feedback regarding full stave oak worktops and full stave Prime Oak worktops was that you wanted more! (Which is always lovely to hear).

In reply to the overwhelming demand for our full stave range, we have therefore introduced a fantastic new addition: 40mm full stave.

Our 40mm full stave oak worktops offer a different version of this popular option. Utilising solid oak staves that are 40mm wide (instead of the wider 90mm offered by our traditional full stave worktops) but still run the full length of the top, this option highlights the beauty of oak in a luxurious and unique manner. One advantage of this particular construction, for example, is that it tends to create a seamless appearance, as the staves are easier to colour match.

As ever, all full stave oak worktops are constructed from staves with plenty of natural features, to create a gorgeous ‘country’ look that showcases oak’s rustic charms; whereas our full stave Prime Oak worktops utilise solid wood sections specifically chosen for even colour and lack of natural ‘flaws’ (knots, etc).

We like to provide our customers with plenty of choice, so we hope you are as excited about this new worktop range as we are! And don’t forget – whichever ‘version’ you go for, all oak timber utilised by Worktop Express® is logged from sustainable forests within Europe, so you can rest assured that you are purchasing responsibly.

Should you have any questions regarding this addition to our collection, or any of our other real wood worksurfaces, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We have been lucky enough to see some truly stunning bespoke solid wood work surfaces pass through the hands of our fabrication team this October. It has been really exciting to see some of the more unusual timbers get customised by the people behind our bespoke worktop cutting service.

Our custom wooden worktops can now be delivered to even more areas of the country, including many parts of Wales and Scotland, too.

Here are this month’s top 3 bespoke worktops:


Our bamboo worktops are the most sustainable choice in our range of worktops. Despite not actually being a hardwood, this incredibly fast-growing grass is hard-wearing, naturally water-resistant and has anti-bacterial qualities, too.

This particular bamboo worktop had a cut-out for a 1.5 bowl undermounted sink and tap, as well as small radius corner on the top left edge. After these amendments were made, the worktop was treated with several coats of oil in order to protect it prior to installation.


Exotic iroko worktops are a warm and inviting choice for both modern and traditional kitchens. This iridescent timber has a unique glow that matures from a yellow colour into a deeper, rich brown over time.

Our fabrication team customised this worktop to feature a split 1.5 bowl sink with drainage grooves in the centre of the worktop, then – like with all fabricated worktops – applied several layers of oil to accentuate the colour of the timber and protect it during transit and installation.


It is without doubt that our wenge worktops are by far the darkest and most luxurious option in our entire range. This timber is almost black in colour and incredibly dense and hard-wearing, making it the ideal surface for kitchens.

The fabrication team were tasked with cutting a very unusual cut-out to accommodate a large overmounted sink. Fortunately, thanks to the precision CNC technology that our team employ, this unique requirement could be met easily. After further sanding and hand-finishing, the worktop was then passed through our oiling facility to protect it sufficiently for delivery and installation.

If any of the fabricated worktops featured in October’s ‘Fabrication Top Picks’ have appealed to you, why not take a look at our bespoke cutting service to see some of the worktop alterations that our team can make? Many of these customisations can be ordered through our Online Bespoke Worktop Tool, and currently have 10% off if ordered online. Of course, our skilled team can also meet many other requirements as demonstrated by the worktops above, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have something particular or unusual in mind.

Save 10% on Kitchen Worktops in Our ‘Outstanding October’ Sale: Don’t Miss It!

October really is the month of change. As leaves fall from the trees and we prepare to plunge ourselves into a wintery darkness, now – more than ever – is the perfect time to prepare your new kitchen and provide yourself with a suitable place to hibernate throughout the winter months.

Fortunately, if you are thinking of placing an order, our ‘Outstanding October’ sale means that you can save 10% off almost all of the worktops in our range. Only worktop samples and our most popular worktop – oak – is exempt, leaving twenty eight alternative kitchen worktops to choose from. Please also note that bespoke cutting services are excluded from this sale, though we already have an ongoing promotion offering 10% off customisations ordered via the Online Bespoke Worktop Tool.

Simply head to our online checkout, call or email our sales team and use the code OCT10 to save on your order. Hurry, though: this promotion must end at 23:59 on the 31st of October!

So many of us rely on gadgets to run our lives; they have replaced our calendars, our cameras and even our computers.

Unfortunately all this incredible technology in the palm of your hand is still limited by battery power, meaning the search for power sockets keep gadgets topped-up is a daily occurrence for many of us.

It is now a familiar sight to have multiple smartphone chargers dotted around the home, but unfortunately they never look particularly tidy.

Fortunately, a range of newer smartphones (as well as other gadgets including smartwatches) now have wireless charging technology built in, which allows them to be easily charged simply by placing onto a special pad.

Our new solid wood wireless chargers are the perfect solution for charging a range of devices compatible with the ‘Qi’ wireless charging standard, which is by far the most commonly used. We offer the wireless charger in a variety of pre-oiled wooden ‘pucks’ that discreetly hide the charger from view and provide a pleasant surface on which to rest your device.

Choose from solid oak, walnut, or a combination of maple & walnut timbers, constructed in an end grain formation to provide an incredibly hard-wearing surface. Each charger is just £95 and comes with a UK power adaptor.

Alternatively, you can purchase our wireless charger separately for £80 and choose to have it mounted on many different furnishings, including our wood worktops for kitchens. We now offer a fabrication option on our bespoke kitchen worktops page that allows you to add a cut-out for one of these wireless chargers into the underside of your worktop for just £20.

By doing this, you can incorporate an invisible charging station into your wooden kitchen surface, without the need for messy wires or plugs being on display.

Please note, not all current smartphones come with wireless charging technology, and some will require the addition of a special case in order to work with these chargers. Please visit the product page for a list of known compatible devices.

Our vast range of hardwood worktop surfaces covers all kitchen styles and tastes, but none stands out from the crowd as much as a zebrano worktop – October’s Worktop of the Month.

Hailing from Central and Western Africa, zebrano (or ‘zebra wood’) has been exported ever since British colonists discovered it on the West African coast during the 18th Century. Because of the timber’s unusual appearance it became very popular for furniture construction, and has since been used for anything from car interiors to high-end musical instruments.

This remarkable timber has an unmistakable grain pattern that – in pattern if not colour – resembles the stripes of a zebra, hence the name. The bright hue of the timber matures over time into a rich golden colour, which contrasts beautifully with the darker stripes.

Zebrano worktops start at just £255 for a 2M x 620mm x 40mm surface, and are an ideal choice for modern kitchens, bringing distinctive warmth to high-contrast kitchen themes when combined with dark kitchen units and stainless steel accents.

Zebrano Hardwood Worktop Surfaces: October’s Worktop of the Month

Zebrano is also available in Deluxe and full stave forms, which both show off the stunning beauty of this exotic timber in an even more lavish way, thanks to extra-wide 90mm staves. If you would like to get hands-on any of the zebrano worktops in our collection, consider ordering one of our worktop samples for just £5 including fast courier delivery.

Thanks to the early success of our flagship Gloucestershire showroom, we have been inspired to expand our worktop showrooms across England to allow more of our customers to see our products first hand.

Our Harlow showroom in Essex, north of London, was the second location to open (launching in October last year), and has since welcomed hundreds of customers through the door, eager to see our wooden worktops for themselves.

Featuring 6 solid wood demonstration kitchens and a variety of our most popular wooden worktops, the Harlow showroom has plenty of inspiration for anyone designing a new kitchen.

Each kitchen is fully finished with sinks and other accessories available from Worktop Express and our sister company: We can also provide worktop samples of any of our timbers for you to take away the very same day.

Currently our Harlow showroom is home to oak, Deluxe Prime Oak, full stave oak, iroko, European walnut, Deluxe European Walnut, beech and full stave American walnut worktops. We do change our sets from time to time, so if you would like to know exactly what is on display at our showroom, do feel free to give us a call before visiting.

Head to our Harlow Showroom page to find out our opening times, telephone number and further details. We hope to see you there!

Welcome to ‘Outstanding October’ – 10% off Solid Worktop Surfaces + More for the Whole Month!

There’s a distinctly autumnal feel in the air, so we thought it was high time to spread a bit of cheer with a fantastic sale!

With our ‘Outstanding October’ promotion, we will be offering customers the chance to save a terrific 10% off almost all Worktop Express® products. The only items not on sale are our standard oak worktops, bespoke cutting service (though a 10% discount to bespoke services still applies if orders are placed via the Online Bespoke Worktop Tool) and solid wood samples – which are already great value for money. This means that you can enjoy solid wood floating shelves; sinks; accessories (including our popular tablet holders and chopping boards) and the vast majority of our collection of solid worktop surfaces at bargain prices.

To take advantage of this fabulous discount, simply enter the code OCT10 at the online checkout or mention it to one of our sales team when placing an order via phone or email. There is a whole month during which to take advantage of the offer – but orders must be placed before 23:59 on the 31st October, so don’t miss it!