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At Worktop Express® our wide range of block wood worktops continues to grow, with new worktops now available that make our selection more comprehensive than any high-street or online competitors.

With such a variety, we appreciate that choosing the right worktop can be a difficult choice, so we are proud to offer a full worktops sample service that includes every type of worktop in our online store.

Alongside traditional favourites such as our oak worktops and highly-desirable exotic choices like black American walnut worktops, we now offer samples of our newer species such as black oak and ash, too.

We have also expanded our range to include samples of 27mm worktops in 10 different choices, and now offer samples of our hard-wearing end grain butcher blocks in a number of different timbers.

Each sample measures 200mm x 150mm, and is either 40mm or 27mm thick; cut from current worktop stock and pre-oiled with Rustins Danish Oil on one side to provide an accurate representation of the finished product.

No matter which samples you choose to take a closer look at, each is priced at just £5 including VAT and next-day delivery, which can be refunded if you decide to place an order for one of our worktops. Simply mention your sample purchase to one of our advisors, or include the sample order number in the notes at our online checkout, and the sample’s cost will be discounted from your order.

Our samples are also on display in our Worktop Express showrooms; please do pop in and chat to our showroom supervisors, who would be happy to talk you through the range.

July has left us struggling to determine whether we can actually call this summer or not, but despite this our fabrication team haven’t let up and continue to turn out some corking examples of bespoke kitchen worktops for customers throughout the UK.

Here are this month’s top 3 customised solid wood worktops:

Full Stave Zebrano

Zebrano is an incredibly striking timber, featuring a largely straight dark brown grain against a golden background reminiscent of zebra stripes – the reason behind its unusual name.

This piece of full stave zebrano was part of a larger set, and intended to house a circular sink at the end of a thin galley kitchen. The circle cut-out was made with great precision using our CNC machine to perfectly fit the customer’s circular sink.

Deluxe Black American Walnut

It is without doubt that black American walnut is one of our favourite timber worktop materials, featuring a luxurious dark tone and rich grain pattern. This particular worktop was created from a wide piece of our Deluxe Black American Walnut, meaning the staves are 90mm wide rather than the usual 40mm.

Our fabrication team made a number of additions to this piece to create an ideal kitchen island surface. Firstly, a 40mm end cap was added at both ends to give the worktop a more ‘finished’ look, after which the four corners were given a small radius to soften the appearance. Our team then made a cut-out for a 1.5 bowl undermounted sink, complete with matching tap hole and routed drainage grooves.


You can never go wrong with an oak worktop – it is our most popular worktop option. This traditional, hard-wearing timber is inimitably elegant, and an ideal choice for both modern and traditional kitchens.

This particular worktop was customised to suit a country kitchen, notable by the distinctive detail of an ‘ogee’ edge profile on the front and left edges. Our team then made a large cut-out for a wide oven hob, whilst an unusual irregular section on the front right allowed the worktop to fit perfectly into the shape of the customer’s kitchen.

If this month’s selection of fabricated worktops have inspired you to create your own custom kitchen surface, then why not try out our Online Bespoke Worktop Tool? We currently have a promotion that will save you 10% on any adjustments ordered via this online tool, making our bespoke worktops excellent value for money.

Many Solid Wood Work Benches at Worktop Express now Officially FSC-Certified

Since inception, the team at Worktop Express® has treated environmental-friendliness with the upmost importance, and have gone through great lengths to ensure that all of the solid wood work benches in our range are both high-quality and ethically sourced.

Though we have always conformed to the EUTR regulations (read our information guide for further details), we are now very proud to have many of our worktops officially certified by the FSC©.

The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council©) is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management around the world. Forests certified by the FSC are assessed to ensure they are managed in manner that is both socially beneficial and environmentally sound. Only timber from forests that adhere to these rigorous standards is awarded certification by the FSC.

Some of our most popular timbers such as oak, bamboo, ash, maple and American walnut are available from FSC certified stocks; if you would like the worktops you are ordering to only come from this source, then please specify this on the online order form, or mention it to one of our advisers when placing your order.

We are also excited to have implemented a tree counter at the foot of our website, which tallies the number of trees planted in the UK and Africa through our partnership with the International Tree Foundation. At the time of writing, this number is well in excess of 41,000, and climbing fast thanks to the continued donations from each worktop sample purchased from our website.

If you would like to find out any further details about our environmental credentials, please read our Environmental Policy.

Summer Flash Sale Reminder: Still Time to Save 10% on Worktops!

Despite some rather inconsistent weather, hopefully you should not need too much reminding that it is in fact summer!

If you needed any further persuading, our seasonal ‘Summer Flash Sale’ is still on, and offers 10% off all worktops and accessories ordered via our website until 15:59 on Wednesday 22nd July.

To take advantage of this fantastic offer, simply enter the discount code ONLINE10 at the online checkout, and we will instantly deduct 10% off the price of the qualifying items in your order.

This offer covers our entire range of kitchen worktops, including popular favourites such as our oak worktops and walnut worktops, as well as more unusual choices such as our striking zebrano worktops or dark and luxurious wenge worktops.

Worktop samples and our bespoke cutting services are exempt from this offer, but there are hundreds of other products to buy at an unbeatable price – so don’t delay in placing your order; visit our hardwood worktops page today to choose your new kitchen surface.

Whilst fabrication is not included in this offer, we are also in the midst of an ongoing bespoke worktop promotion, too. Simply head to our current offers page to find out how you can save 10% on worktops ordered via our Online Bespoke Worktop Tool.

Please note that discounts in both of these promotions only apply to orders placed via our website – orders taken over the phone or via email do not qualify.

We recently introduced an excellent new collection of sinks to complement our selection of high quality hardwood worktops, incorporating both our own-brand options plus some super alternatives from Rangemaster.

As well as a number of Rangemaster’s stainless steel sinks, we now stock a Classic Belfast Sink, manufactured from ceramic and finished in a glossy white glaze to meet traditional specifications, measuring 595mm x 455mm x 250mm.

Featuring the overflow weir design typical to Belfast and butler-style sinks, this spacious single bowl sink is an ideal companion to sit alongside solid wood worktops in a country or traditional kitchen.

The bright white glaze is the perfect companion for light wood surfaces, such as our oak worktops and beech worktops, and looks superb when complemented by a large stainless steel or chrome mixer tap.

If you are considering ordering one of our worktops and a Rangemaster Belfast sink, why not take advantage of our bespoke worktop cutting service? We can pre-cut the necessary hole to accommodate your sink for a competitive price of just £40 (or £36 if ordered through the online tool). Our team can also pre-cut drainage grooves and tap holes to your requirements. Please visit our Fabrication Image Gallery to view some examples of our recent work.

Here at Worktop Express® we take great pride in the wide selection of wood worktops available to order directly from our website, and so every month we choose a ‘Worktop of the Month’ to highlight the great qualities of a particular surface.

This month our ash worktops have picked up this prestigious award; for although ash is a relatively recent addition to our worktop family, it has become an increasingly popular choice.

Our European ash timber creates a light kitchen surface with a predominantly linear grain, creating a bright alternative to oak worktops, and a more characterful choice than light maple worktops. Ash works in a variety of kitchen settings, but is most suited to traditional or classic kitchen themes – particularly when accompanied by light grey or blue cabinet frontals.

Ash Worktops: July's Worktop of the Month

Do our ash worktops seem like an appealing choice for your new kitchen? If so, then why not order one of our worktop samples? Priced at just £5 including courier delivery, each sample measures 200mm x 150mm x 40mm and comes pre-oiled on one side so as to provide a good representation of the finished product. If you then decide to order a worktop, the cost of the sample can be discounted – just speak to one of our advisers before making your purchase.

Summer Flash Sale

The sun is out, the birds are singing, and solid wood worktops are flying off the shelves in our warehouse – but that doesn’t mean we’re ready to kick our feet back and slow down for summer!

Instead we are turning the heat up with our ‘Summer Flash Sale’, which offers all customers that order via our website the chance to save 10% on all worktops and accessories until 15:59 on July 22nd. Simply enter the discount code ONLINE10 at the online checkout, and we’ll knock 10% off the price of any goods in your order – whether you choose something traditional such as our oak worktops or something rather more exotic such as our unmistakable zebrano worktops.

Unfortunately we had to leave our samples out of this flash sale, as they are already fantastic value, as well as bespoke cutting services.

However, if you are looking for a great deal on your fabrication services, you’ll want to head over to our current offers page; we’ve posted all the details regarding our ongoing bespoke worktop promotion, which gives customers 10% off if they order their customised worktops via our Online Bespoke Worktop Tool.

If you’re looking for a top-quality worktop, table top or solid shelf at a low price, then don’t hesitate to order during our ‘Summer Flash Sale’ – there’s only two weeks in which to save. Don’t forget, this offer only applies to orders placed via our website (orders placed by telephone or email are not eligible). Furthermore, if you are ordering via the Online Bespoke Worktop Tool, worktop discounts are automatically applied – so there’s no need to worry about entering a code.

Visit our hardwood worktops page to view the full range, and start shopping today!

Our Top 5...

There’s an almost never-ending number of kitchen gadgets out there, ranging from those that are incredibly useful to a vast number which are seemingly pointless.

We have rounded up some of favourite kitchen gadgets for under £20 that will transform your kitchen productivity, whilst also making very attractive additions to your wooden worktops.

Magnetic Kitchen Timer

Whilst it might be tempting to use your smartphone or tablet as your kitchen timing companion, for the sake of a few pounds we suggest buying a dedicated timer that you won’t need to worry about getting foody fingers all over.

This magnetic kitchen timer from Lakeland is perfect for attaching to oven or fridge doors, is easy to operate and is finished in stainless steel for durability.

Currently only £4.99 from Lakeland

Andrew James Coffee, Nut & Spice Grinder

If you like the idea of freshly ground coffee, but don’t fancy the fuss of using a manual grinder, then consider this powerful 150 watt grinder from Andrew James.

Featuring stainless steel blades and a large 70g capacity, this grinder is also up to the task of grinding tough nuts and spices, too.

Only £13.99 from Andrew James on Amazon

Rotary Peeler™

We do love gadgets that cut out the need for multiple utensils clogging up our kitchen drawers, and this novel peeler from Joseph Joseph most certainly fits the bill.

Featuring 3 different styles of blade into one compact unit, this peeler can tackle fruit, vegetables and more besides, as well as incorporating a special tool for removing potato blemishes.

Just £13.50 direct from Joseph Joseph

Great British Bake Off 5kg Kitchen Scales

We do love the Great British Bake Off, and cannot wait for it to return to our screens later in the summer. If you are looking for a new set of scales for your kitchen, then the official set of Great British Bake Off scales are the perfect example of simple technology often being the best.

Capable of weighting up to 5KG in 20g graduations, and with a 2L capacity bowl, these stainless steel scales have a classic design that would look great in any classic kitchen.

Only £16.99 from

Chef’N Potato Ricer

If you’ve ever visited a fancy restaurant and been served mashed potato that looks too good to be true, the likelihood is that they’ll be using a ricer to produce the super smooth, lump-free mash.

Looking like an oversized garlic crusher, this ricer claims to require 65% less effort than standard ricers, and can also be used to purée fruit and vegetables, too.

Now only £16.99 from Lakeland

We love bringing you some of the most unusual wood-related stories we stumble across on the internet, and this week we have news of a car that shuns conventional fuel in favour of running entirely on the fumes created by burning waste wood.

It was surprising to learn that gas from the burning of fuels has been considered as an alternative to petrol since World War II, when early wood gas generators were used during petrol shortages. Normal combustion engines need little adaptation to run on the fumes produced when clean timbers are burnt, making it an ideal alternative to standard fuels that produce far more harmful emissions.

Despite early explorations into the technology by The Swedish Government and Volvo, the biggest stumbling block for engineers that halted progress is that the size of the equipment required is far too cumbersome for most vehicles.

Though they are still relatively large, new wood gasifiers have now become considerably more efficient, meaning that around 75 percent of the energy is extracted from the wood during burning. Another benefit is that the ash residue that is cleaned out of the burner can be turned into organic fertiliser, and is free from harmful toxins.

If You Love our Kitchen Worktops, You’ll Love this Wood-Powered Chevrolet

Juha Sipila from Finland converted a classic 25-year-old Chevrolet El Camino into a wood gas-powered car, that is capable of firing the V6 engine pickup up to 90mph. The pickup can go for 125 miles before needing refuelling, but thanks to the extra storage capacity of his truck, he can carry fuel for up to 800 miles!

He said: “This shows how home-grown fuels can help us to cut oil imports. We now have a society here which is for people who are interested in converting cars to wood gas.”

Here at Worktop Express we use waste timber from the fabrication of kitchen worktops to fuel the warehouse burner that heats our entire warehouse and offices here in Gloucester. It remains to be seen whether we will one day be able to use worktop offcuts to power our fleet of delivery vans – watch this space!