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If you are already familiar with our fantastic range of worktops, then you will no doubt be tempted by our replacement table tops – ideal for al fresco dining!

Manufactured from the same high quality oak timber as our popular kitchen worktops, our table tops are available in square, circular and rectangular shapes that are perfect for restaurants, cafes, bars as well as the home.

Pick a table top with either 40mm or 20mm wide staves (prices start at just £45), and you will be on your way to creating a hard-wearing, aesthetically pleasing and extremely adaptable table (please note that bases are not included – but suitable bases are easy to find; it’s also fairly easy to repurpose an existing table by mounting a new top).

We generally recommend Rustins Danish Oil for treatment of our worktops and table tops, but if you are looking for a more weather-proof alternative, you may want to consider lacquering or varnishing the surface instead.

Should you be looking for something a little more unusual, we can create table tops in almost any of the wood species in our range, and to bespoke shape and size requirements. Simply speak to our fabrication team about our bespoke worktop cutting service for further information.

Or, if you’re looking for inspiration as to where our worktops and table tops can be used, we highly recommend visiting our Customer Kitchens Gallery. This page is regularly updated and contains some great examples of ingenious timber applications!

With technology advancing at such an unstoppable rate, there is an alarming amount of non-renewable, non-biodegradable and potentially toxic materials discarded in our pursuit of the latest and greatest gadgets – but what if the microchips of the future could be made out of wood? This isn’t science fiction; in fact it is technology that is already being developed by a team at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Microchips of the Future Could be built from Recycled Timber Countertops

Image Credit: Yei Hwan Jung, Wisconsin Nano Engineering Device laboratory

In an effort to reduce the environmental impact of electronic waste, the team collaborated with researchers at the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Products Laboratory to develop the semiconductors, which are made almost entirely from wood – perhaps even recycled timber countertops!

Their research demonstrates that it is possible to replace some of the layers of computer chips with a cellulose nano fibril – a flexible and biodegradable material made entirely of wood. This layer makes up the vast majority of the chip, meaning that only a microscopic amount of other materials are required (so little that even fungus could break down the chips if they were left to fend off nature’s elements).

Yei Hwan Jung, a graduate student who has been working on the project, says that the new chip manufacturing process would greatly reduce the use of expensive and potentially toxic materials, whilst allowing major components of everyday electronics to be recycled easily.

Here at Worktop Express, we are excited by any project that promotes renewable resources and lessens detrimental human impact on the world. Please read our Environmental Policy page for more details on our commitment to sustainability.

Summer is here – but for us that means less beach weather, and more ‘beech’ weather… geddit? (Apologies for the bad joke: we could not resist!)

Despite holiday season coming into force, our fabrication team have been as busy as ever, crafting gorgeous bespoke worktops for our loyal customers. Here are a few of our favourites from June:


We always love a bit of a walnut, and this beautiful piece is no exception. Our team not only created a precise cut-out for the customer’s intended undermounted sink, but also produced a return (completed with end cap for heat protection) so that the customer’s range cooker could sit perfectly alongside.

Full Stave Prime Oak

Full stave Prime Oak is one of our most luxurious and popular choices: a sleek worktop with a seamless appearance that still showcases the appealing qualities of oak. In this instance, our team applied a set of linear drainer grooves to each side of a fabulous Belfast sink cut-out. A decorative Ogee edge profile provided an excellent finishing touch.

Full Stave Wenge

A simple piece, but still wonderfully luxurious: this bespoke section of worktop was cut to size and four radius corners were applied. The purpose of our custom full stave creation is a little mysterious, but we’d wager that it was a table top of some kind – wenge is our densest timber, and so would be perfectly suited for a variety of uses. It is rather heavy, though, so we hope that the base of this worktop – whatever its use – is nice and sturdy!

If you’re feeling inspired by our custom-made solid wood worktops, why not give our Online Bespoke Worktop Tool a try? This innovative invention allows you to design, price up and pay for bespoke worktops online – making it easier than ever to create the worktop of your dreams!

Buying online is now a common experience for many people; but here at Worktop Express® we appreciate that buying a valuable item like a worktop requires careful research and trust. Before making such a purchase you should feel confident in the company that you are buying from.

That’s why – as well as setting up a review page on independent platform, Trust Pilot, and also posting a selection of real-life customer kitchen images here on our website – we provide an online sample service, to assure customers of the quality that is on offer. Our sample service provides a quick, easy, and affordable way for our customers to ‘test’ out our product before placing a full order.

We are continually improving our sample service to ensure that it is fully reflective of our service: as such, we’re pleased to announce that samples of our popular end grain butchers blocks are now available.

Our end grain samples are available in all variations – walnut, maple, oak, plus mixed walnut and maple – but are produced in the same convenient size as our standard worktop samples (200mm x 150mm x 40mm). These will provide a good miniature representation of our butchers blocks, but do bear in mind that the full-sized end grain timber tops are supplied in chunky 100mm thicknesses (bespoke sizes/thicknesses are also available on request).

If you’re feeling tempted to purchase a butchers block but would like to learn more about this outstanding product, we highly recommend reading our comprehensive All About End Grain Butchers Blocks guide.

Sale Reminder: Two Weeks to Save on Sinks for Kitchen Worktops!

As you may know, we recently launched our own selection of kitchen sinks: a superb collection comprising a range of own-brand and Rangemaster products.

We’ve been delighted with the response so far, so we’ve decided to offer worktop fans a great deal to entice more of you to try out our new line! For the rest of the month we’re discounting 10% across the entire collection; so whether you fancy a ceramic or stainless steel sink, undermounted, overmounted or even Belfast, our sinks are now available at fantastically affordable prices. Moreover, if you wish to have a worktop customised so that your chosen sink fits perfectly – and so that all items arrive ready for immediate installation – our bespoke cutting service can help.

Best of all, whether you order a sink with kitchen worktops or not, delivery is absolutely FREE.

Our ‘Super Sinks’ sale only runs until 23:59 on the 30th June, however, meaning that there are two weeks left in which to enjoy these savings – so don’t hesitate to take advantage of it while you can!

Looking for inspiration (or, as we like to call it, ‘sinkspiration’…!)? Our recently published All About Worktop Express Sinks and All About Rangemaster Sinks guides are full of useful information. Alternatively, should you have any queries, please do contact us.

Each month we give one of our worktops the accolade of ‘Worktop of the Month’, and this month we’re putting our cherry worktops firmly in the spotlight.

This beautiful timber is often overlooked in favour of oak, but is an exceptional choice for kitchens – especially in a traditional or country setting. The characteristic honey hue and fine, straight grain combine for a warm aesthetic that pairs beautifully alongside bright whites, light greens and greys in a wooden kitchen.

The cherry timber used for our worktops is from sustainable sources in Croatia, and is subject to expansive replanting schemes that ensure that this tree is available to future generations for worktops and other furniture.

Cherry Worktops: June's Worktop of the Month

If you find cherry worktops appealing and think they would be ideal for your new kitchen, why not take advantage of our sample service to see the product up-close before placing an order? Each 200mm x 150mm x 40mm section of worktop comes pre-oiled on one face to provide an accurate representation of the finished product, and is priced at just £5 including courier delivery. If you then decide to order a cherry worktop from us, the cost can be discounted from your order.

If you are searching for a unique centrepiece for your kitchen, then look no further than our end grain butchers blocks.

Not only do they provide a unique visual addition to your kitchen, but they are also an incredibly hard-wearing food preparation space that is perfect for anyone who regularly cooks large meals – not just butchers!

Supplied in an extra-thick depth of 100mm (rather than our worktop’s standard depth of 40mm), our butcher blocks are constructed from a large number of vertically arranged staves. This construction exposes the end grain, which is the densest part of the timber – perfect for withstanding the impact of thousands of cuts, mallet strikes and more.

Choose from circular or rectangular options, in a number of beautiful hardwood timbers. Maple, walnut and oak are all durable timbers that are the perfect choice for end grain butchers blocks; or, if you’d like something even more striking, we also sell a mixed maple and walnut combination that offers a unique chequerboard aesthetic.

All of the butchers blocks in our collection come unfinished, to allow you to use the treatment of your choice, although we recommend applying a number of coats of Rustins Danish Oil to provide a food-safe and water-resistant finish.

If you are looking for an unusually-shaped end grain butchers block, then why not take advantage of our bespoke worktop cutting service? We can tailor this product to any requirements – be it shape, size or thickness – that you have.

To see further examples of our butcher block wood worktops, please visit our end grain butchers blocks gallery.

Like any company keen to show off their fantastic products to the world, we’re always delighted to attract media attention; it’s a wonderful to spread the word about our fantastic selection of solid wood worktops and continued expansion in all areas of our business.

Our newly-updated Press & Media page includes details of our most prominent appearances since inception, including features in a number of home and kitchen magazines such as Ideal Home, House Beautiful and BBC’s Good Homes. We’ve also featured in local media and even supplied the production team behind Channel 5’s ‘Cowboy Builders & Bodge Jobs’ with new worktops to outfit kitchens previously ruined by some truly unscrupulous kitchen fitters.

Visit the page and you’ll notice that our zebrano worktops have been incredibly popular with the media, whilst full stave Prime Oak worktops and Deluxe Walnut worktops have had their share of the limelight, too!

Whilst it’s lovely to see our gorgeous worktops in the glossy pages of a magazine in the high-definition of your television, we highly recommend viewing our worktops up-close for yourself by either visiting one of our worktop showrooms or ordering one of our worktop samples.

If you would like to feature our worktops in your own publication, on your website or in any other form of media, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with us via email or telephone, and your request will be passed on to the marketing department.

10% off in 'Super Sinks' Sale

Last month we launched a fantastic new range of own-brand and Rangemaster sinks on the website, allowing customers to order a superb new sink for their kitchen right alongside one of our timber worktops (which, if order via our bespoke service, could also be supplied pre-cut for the sink and ready to fit).

To celebrate the launch we are offering customers 10% off our entire range from today until 23:59 on Tuesday June the 30th.

In our ‘Super Sinks’ sale you can save 10% on any of our undermounted stainless steel sinks, stylish overmounted or ceramic Belfast sinks from Rangemaster; and, what’s more, we will deliver them for free – or at no extra cost if you order them alongside one of our worktops.

To make it easy to order a sink at the best possible price, you do not need to worry about using a discount code to save in this sale, as we have already reduced the price for you!

Creating a kitchen with country styling? Consider Rangemaster’s ceramic Belfast sink to complement the traditional styling, whilst providing ample space for washing-up.

Considering a wooden kitchen with a modern twist? Our selection of high-quality Worktop Express kitchen sinks are perfect for creating a seamless look that looks fantastic when combined with wooden worktops.

Overmounted Rangemaster sinks are perfect for modern kitchens, with a range of single and 1.5 bowl sinks that offer a stylish, contemporary design, easy fitting and exceptional build quality.

Should you have any queries about our new collection, please don’t hesitate to pop into one of our showrooms or contact us: we’re here to help.