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As another month goes by, a fleet of magnificent modified wooden worktops passes through the hands of our incredibly skilled fabrication team. This month they have created in excess of 570 bespoke wooden worktops for kitchens around the country, and here on the blog we have picked three of the best for your delectation.


Wenge Worktop

For a hard-wearing worktop that is undeniably sleek, our luxuriously dark wenge worktops sit at the top of the pile. This lavish timber hails from mid to western Africa, and is one of the heaviest and most dense worktops available – 50% more than oak.

This particular bespoke wenge worktop was created by making two irregular cut-outs in a 720mm wide worktop, allowing it to sit in a specified gap in the customer’s kitchen. Once the worktop had been cut to size by our fabrication team, it was given a number of coats of oil to protect it prior to installation.

If you would like wenge to feature as the centrepiece in your kitchen, this collection starts at £300 for a 2M x 620mm x 27mm worktop.


Walnut Worktop

Walnut worktops are one of our most popular options and it is easy to see why. This European timber features a variety of rich colour and an intricate grain pattern that suits both modern and traditional kitchen themes.

To create this magnificent kitchen island worktop, our fabrication team first joined two worktops to create an extra-wide surface over a metre wide. Next, an irregular sink cut-out was made for a 1.5 bowl undermounted sink, and a soft profile edge was applied. The outer edge of the worktop was given a traditional ‘ogee’ edge profile that adds an extra intricate detail, finishing this worktop perfectly.

If walnut looks like the ideal timber choice for your kitchen, then why not consider purchasing one today? Our walnut worktops have up to 10% off until the end of April, meaning that prices currently start at just £170 for a 3M x 620mm x 27mm worktop.

Full Stave Black American Walnut

Full Stave Black American Walnut

Another popular, dark worktop comes in the form of our full stave black American walnut worktops. They have a stunning grain and rich colouration that is only accentuated further in full stave examples such as this.

This 4 metre worktop was given a number of fabrications by our team, including sink and hob cut-outs and an irregular cut to fit the worktop perfectly into the customer’s kitchen. We also routed worktop connector bolt cut-outs on the underside of the worktop, allowing it to connect easily to an accompanying worktop. Finally, the worktop was given multiple coats of oil to protect it in transit and prior to installation.

Our full stave black American worktops are perfect for luxurious kitchens, but are still reasonably priced, starting at £340 for a 2M x 620mm x 40mm worktop.

That’s it for this month, but remember we are always adding new examples of our bespoke kitchen worktops to our Fabrication Gallery, so don’t forget to pay it a visit if you are looking for some inspiration for your own kitchen. Our team are incredibly skilled and capable of catering to even the most unusual of requirements, so please do contact us if you’d like to discuss the creation of your dream worktop – we would be delighted to make it for you!

Dare we say it? Spring has finally sprung, and the quantity of blue sky outside has been bringing beautiful light into our kitchens for over a week now. This time of year is perfect for choosing your real wood worktops, as the range of natural sun light that makes its way into your kitchen over the course of the day is wide and varied. From the cool, blue light of the early morning, to the warm yellow lighting of sunset, a sunny spring day has it all.

Under this wide gamut of lighting, all of our wooden worktops look spectacular in some capacity, but we have decided to choose three that we think are perfect for kitchens this spring:

Full Stave Ash

We introduced full stave ash worktops at the beginning of March as an alternative choice to our oak and maple worktops.

This European timber features a stunningly intricate grain and is a light coloured worktop material that is ideal for brightening up any kitchen this spring – whether modern or traditional in theme.

In this full stave variant, each ash worktop is constructed from a number of timber planks that run the entire length of the worktop and are up to 90mm wide.


Bamboo is a timber that is widely used for creating a huge number of home furnishings and accessories, and is especially popular because of its sustainable, hygienic and water-resistant qualities.

Bamboo worktops have a light honey-coloured hue that looks fantastic under bright sunlight, and are sure to create a real talking point in a modern solid wood kitchen.

Each bamboo worktop is constructed from many 20mm wide sections that are up to 6mm thick. These compressed pieces of bamboo are layered together to create a smooth 40mm thick worktop.

Black Oak

Our wide variety of lightly-coloured worktops suit all sorts of kitchen designs, but if you are looking for something that exudes more luxurious qualities and complements a modern high-contrast theme, then we recommend considering our new black oak worktops.

This specially treated timber combines the hard-wearing qualities of oak with the rich colour of wenge to create a very desirable worktop choice.

If you would like to have a taster of any of these worktops in your kitchen before placing an order, we recommend taking advantage of our worktops sample service. Small sections of worktop stock measuring 200mm x 150mm x 40mm are available in any of our wood species and construction types, and are just £5 including delivery. If you then decide to place an order, we will discount the cost from your purchase – just mention it to one of our advisors when placing an order.

With such a wide range of hardwood worktops on offer, deciding upon which to choose for your new kitchen can be a tricky choice.

Fortunately, at Worktop Express® we offer a full worktops sample service, which features every single worktop in our collection.

Whether you think the traditional qualities of our oak worktops might suit, or your kitchen deserves the luxurious qualities of our black American walnut worktops, order a sample today and you will be able to see how it might look in the natural environment of your own kitchen.

Each of our worktop samples measures 200mm x 150mm x 40mm, and is cut from our current worktop stock, so as to provide a good representation of the quality of our worktops. They are provided with a coat of Rustins Danish Oil on one side to resemble the finish product.

No matter whether you are considering our standard worktops, constructed from a variety of 40mm staves; the wider 90mm staves in our Deluxe worktops or the lavish full-length 90mm staves of our full stave worktops; samples of each variety are immediately available with free next-day delivery.

Our samples cost just £5 including VAT, which can be refunded if you go on to place an order for one of our worktops. To claim the money back all you have to do is mention your sample order to one of our advisors when making a purchase, and they will discount the sample’s cost from your order.

We might all be wacky wood loons here at Worktop Express, but we can’t help it: we think anything made of timber is a real treat. When you are surrounded by such beautiful wooden workbenches every day, it starts to become part of the fabric of your life. It should be no surprise, then, that we are always on the hunt for some unusual wooden delights to sink our teeth into.

In this edition of ‘Wacky Wood’ we have dug up three beautiful, unique and downright curious wooden light fixtures that could add that extra-special little talking point in your kitchen – once you have finished lyrically waxing about our solid wood worktops, that is.

Carroll Street Woodworkers of Toronto

With a look that replicates liquid wood dripping from a ceiling, these unusual turned wood pendant lamps from The Carroll Street Woodworkers in Toronto rather caught our eye.

With a very natural, organic shape that is highly polished to show off the natural grain of the wood, these lamps would add a wonderful warmth to a modern kitchen, especially if suspended above a kitchen island with luxurious complementary walnut worktops.

The Mónoculo Design DSLR Paparazzi Lamp

This original wooden pendant lamp is based on the design of a reflex camera lens; carefully hand-crafted from white cedar wood and finished with a water-based varnish and beeswax, the lens hood can be reverse mounted or removed.

Replicating a real SLR camera, the DSLR Paparazzi Lamp features plenty of the detail you would find on a real lens, whilst the ‘hood’ lamp shade can be removed – depending on your preference.

Whilst cedar is not a wood you’ll find in the Worktop Express range, it is very similar in look to our maple worktops, and would also fit in nicely with the modern look of our highly sustainable bamboo worktops.

Spiral Sapin Pendant Lamp from Unique Lighting Co.

Whilst sleek modern lines and precise hand-crafted details look good in some kitchen environments, others suit the rustic simplicity of light fixtures such as this abstract wooden spiral light fitting from Unique Lighting Co. on Etsy.

Featuring all the natural character of French ‘sapin’ softwood, this pendant light fitting would look particularly in-keeping in a kitchen featuring other rustic or industrial design elements. We would suggest combining it with our oak worktops, which sometimes feature similar wooden knots.

That’s it for this edition of ‘Wacky Wood’, but if you happen to come across an unusual creation that you think we wood love, why not share it with us on one of our social media pages? You will find us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, whilst our Pinterest page has a wide variety of boards featuring plenty of other wooden delights.

Our Top 5...

On a cool evening there is nothing more comforting than cosying up around a wood fire; though whilst open fires certainly look homely, they can be rather messy, and are limited in the places they can be positioned.

These days, wood burning stoves are a popular alternative. They provide all the warmth of an open fire, but sealed in an iron, steel or ceramic enamelled finish, and what’s more – thanks to the availability of flue kits – you don’t even need an existing chimney to install one.

They can be run on coal or wood, and are perfect for disposing of any excess timber from your garden (or even a neighbour’s), making them incredibly sustainable compared to electric and gas-powered heaters.

Without further ado, here are our top five wood burning stoves:

The SaltFire Vienna 5kW Multifuel Stove

The SaltFire Vienna 5kW Multifuel Stove

At only £299, the ‘Vienna’ is an elegant entry-level stove that would look the part in either modern or traditional settings, thanks to its chunky design and minimal-fuss finish.

It can burn a variety of fuels and outputs up to 5kW of heat, making it more than adequate for decent sized rooms. The Vienna also incorporates an Air Wash system for cleaner burning, which also helps keep the front glass panel clear.

£299 including free delivery from

The AGA Ludlow SE Woodburning Stove

The AGA Ludlow SE Woodburning Stove

AGA is such a well-known brand when it comes to their famous kitchen ovens and range style cookers, but they also do a fantastic range of wood burning stoves, too.

The Ludlow SE is a well-proportioned cast iron stove with an elegant design that comes with DEFRA certification, allowing it to be used in smoke controlled areas in towns and suburbs.

It outputs a plentiful 6.5kW of heat and includes the Air Wash system for optimising heat performance, reducing emissions and keeping the window clear.

£810 including free delivery from

The Mendip Somerton Compact Stove
Stoves Online

The Mendip Somerton Compact Stove

Whilst many wood burning stoves are based on a traditional four leg design, some of you may be looking for a stove that is altogether more suited to a contemporary home.

The Mendip Somerton is a steel cylindrical stove available in a few different sizes, but we think this compact version is ideal for most situations.

It features a large curved viewing window, is DEFRA compliant and outputs an ample 7.5kW of heat.

£1293 including free delivery from

The Villager Flatmate Wood-Burning Stove
Villager Stove Specialist

The Villager Flatmate Wood-Burning Stove

If you have that little bit of extra space, or an existing fire place to fill, the Villager Flatmate is a double-door wood-burning stove constructed from cast iron and steel, which offers high performance and elegant design to suit a traditional or farmhouse setting.

Whilst some stoves will work with a variety of fuels, this model is designed specifically for wood, and so is very efficient considering its size.

The Villager Flatmate can output up to 8kW of heat, and can also be used to run hot water and central heating.

£594 including free delivery from

The Panadero Kali Wood-Burning Stove

The Panadero Kali Wood-Burning Stove

Perfect for a large, modern and open-plan room, the Panadero Kali is beautifully designed and constructed from steel. It sits atop a pedestal to help radiate heat into larger rooms, and features a simple yet sophisticated design.

The Kali runs on wood fuel, and can output up to a staggering 12kW of heat. It features a variety of unique features to help keep the stove clean and free of excess ash.

£1058 including free delivery from

Wood burning stoves may well look great in the home, but they are also put to good use by businesses such as ours that care about sustainability. Our entire fabrication warehouse and offices here in Gloucestershire are heated by a large wood burning stove, which is fed by offcuts of solid wood worktops from our bespoke worktop cutting service, keeping our team warm in the winter months in an environmentally-friendly way.

Whilst – thanks to our bespoke worktop cutting service – the correct installation of our wooden worktop surfaces isn’t the preserve of professional fitters, cutting your worktop with precision using a router can be a tricky task.

Fortunately, our new range of router jigs offer an easy template that makes cutting worktops to size, as well as routing recesses for worktop connector bolts, a much easier task. Our range of worktop jigs are suitable for cutting worktops from 400mm to 900mm in width.

If you are only planning on using the jig for your own DIY kitchen installation, we recommend our great value MDF worktop jigs, which start at just £25. For kitchen fitters and those that may use the jigs more regularly, our range of solid laminate jigs are more resilient to wear and tear, come with a lifetime guarantee against warping, and start at only £30.

As well as our fantastic selection of worktop jigs, our new range includes many other handy jig templates, which can be used for routing drainage grooves, hotrod grooves, apertures for Belfast sinks and much more.

Visit our worktop jigs page to see the entire range, all of which are available from stock and can be delivered next day via courier – or, better still, order a jig with your solid wood worktop order and receive delivery free of charge!

Though full stave iroko worktops proved very popular as March’s pick for ‘Worktop of the Month’, it is time to choose another timber to crown as April’s most fabulous worktop choice. This month, the focus is entirely on our maple worktops, which are one of the lightest, most hard-wearing collections that we offer.

Although maple can be found throughout the northern hemisphere, the maple timber used to create our worktops is sourced and manufactured entirely in Europe, from well-established, sustainable sources.

Maple is a highly reflective timber, so perfect for brightening kitchens that lack natural light, whilst featuring a relatively straight grain and a fine, even texture that creates a beautifully smooth, uniform finish.

Like the look of our maple worktops and think they might be perfect for your kitchen? To see them up close, why not take advantage of our sample service? 200mm x 150mm x 40mm sections of maple worktop are pre-oiled on one side to give you a true representation of the finished product, and are just £5 including delivery. If you decide to go on and purchase a worktop from us, the £5 can be discounted from your order.

Walnut worktops now on sale

Walnut is fast becoming one of the most popular timbers in our range of kitchen worktops, and with up to 10% off all walnut worktops in our standard range throughout April, we’re offering this gorgeous timber at an unrivalled price.

With curvy grain and incredibly elegant colour variation, our walnut worktops are a very stylish choice for kitchens – suiting designs that are full of contemporary flair as well as those with a more traditional feel.

Saving on our European walnut worktops is easy – there’s no discount code required as we have already applied the generous discount to each worktop in the range. Simply head to our walnut worktops page and start shopping.

If you are looking for a bespoke walnut worktop, you will be pleased to hear that the saving also applies to any fabricated walnut worktops (though not to the fabrication services themselves).

Not had a chance to see our walnut worktops up-close? We welcome you to either order one of our worktop samples for just £5 including delivery or pop in to one of our showrooms – both of which have walnut worktops on display in one of our demonstration kitchens.