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Easter is fast approaching, and so before we begin to indulge ourselves with chocolate and other sweet treats, we are taking this opportunity to advise you of our opening times over the Easter Bank Holiday – just in case you are treating yourself to some lovely kitchen countertops instead!

Wednesday 1st April @ 11AM

Last opportunity to order worktops for delivery before Easter weekend.

Friday 3rd of April

Sales lines & showrooms open between 10am and 2pm

Saturday 4th of April

Sales lines & Gloucester showroom open between 10am and 2pm (Harlow will be open 9am-5pm as normal)

Sunday 5th of April

All departments closed

Monday 6th of April

Sales lines & showrooms open between 10am and 2pm

Tuesday 7th of April

Sales lines and showrooms return to normal opening hours.

Normal opening hours will resume on Tuesday 7th of April at 9am.

Forgive us for waxing lyrical about the excellent fabrication team here at Worktop Express®, but they really never stop – and this March has been no exception, with 673 bespoke block wood workbenches passing through their capable hands.

Here are some of our recent favourites:


Our iroko worktops are made from ethical timber sourced from Central and Western Africa, and possess a number of excellent qualities that make them ideal for use in the kitchen. Iroko is a rich, bronze-coloured timber that is naturally antibacterial and has a unique iridescence, allowing it to reflect light beautifully.

This particular wide piece of iroko has been created for use as a kitchen island, and has had irregular cuts on two of the four corners. It was then sanded to a smooth finish and treated with multiple coats of oil to make it ready for installation immediately after delivery.


Wenge worktops are unmistakable thanks to their luxuriously dark appearance. The timber is almost black in colour and is the densest available, making for an extremely hard-wearing work surface.

This 4 metre length of wenge worktops had two bespoke cut-outs – one for an undermounted sink and another for an oven hob. The kitchen sink cut-out then had linear drainage grooves routed next to it, whilst grooves for stainless steel hotrods were cut into the worktop to complement the hob cut-out. Finally, a pencil edge profile was applied to the top leading edge to give a softer aesthetic. Like all worktops that pass through our fabrication service, the worktop was then sanded to the smoothest possible finish, before a few coats of Rustins Danish Oil were applied.

End grain

It’s not very common for endgrain butcher blocks to feature in our fabrication top picks, so we are delighted to show a gorgeous oak variation this month. Each butcher block is created by joining staves in a vertical formation, rather than the horizontal finger-jointed formation of our standard worktops. The exposed end grain of the timber is considerably more durable and hard-wearing than the side of the stave, and so is ideal for food preparation and even butchery (hence the name!)

This butchers block started as a rectangular piece, which had four large radius corners applied, as well as a step cut into the underside of the block to allow it to easily sit on the end of a kitchen worktop.

No matter what your requirements may be – whether you would like a cut-out for a sinks or hob, an edge profile applied, or almost any other bespoke alteration you can think of – our fabrication team can assist. With the latest in CNC and finishing machinery, our skilled team can create all manner of bespoke worktops. If you would like to see further examples of previously fabricated worktops, then take a look at our Fabrication Gallery and browse through hundreds of excellent examples.

Since March 10th, we have been offering customers the chance to save 10% on almost every product on our website in the online only ‘Flash Sale’. It has been an incredibly busy month and we are now approaching the final few hours in which you can take advantage of this great saving.

Last chance to save on our online flash sale Block Wood Work Surfaces

Before 09:59AM tomorrow (the 24th of March), use the code WEB10 to save 10% on any of our block wood work surfaces, worktop accessories and other high quality wooden products such as our restaurant table tops and oak floating shelves.

The only exclusions from this Flash Sale are our bespoke fabrication services, cherry worktops (which already have up to 10% off) and our worktop samples, which are still a bargain at just £5 including delivery. Please note that only orders placed via our website are eligible for this discount; purchases made via our telephone or email will still be charged at the regular prices.

Whether you are looking for a centrepiece for your new kitchen, or want to rejuvenate your existing kitchen, our wooden worktops provide hard-wearing and unique surfaces that look fantastic in both modern and traditional settings.

Don’t delay, pick your new worktops today!

We are always on the lookout for unusual uses of our favourite hardwoods, and when we came across the ‘ThreeStyle’ door from London-based Slamdoors, we knew we had to share it. You may be wondering how exactly a door qualifies as being wacky, but one look at the pictures should give you an idea.

With slightly tongue-in-cheek marketing referring to them as “passive gateways between environments”, these doors are anything but conventional, and are entertaining both to children and adults alike.

Like something that would seem more at home in Alice’s Wonderland, this three-piece door is a first of its kind in the world, and features a door within a door, within a door.

The smallest of the three doors is the ideal height for toddlers, whilst the middle door’s handle is positioned to be the perfect sized door for young children. Lastly, the outer door has a stainless steel handle at a height which would be much more familiar for fully grown folk.

The ‘ThreeStyle’ comes in three distinct finishes – solid maple or oak hardwood (a perfect match for kitchens with either our maple worktops or oak worktops), as well as a white painted redwood alternative.

Obviously, we’re partial to a bit of oak or maple, so those would be our preference – you simply can’t beat the unique aesthetic of solid wood. If you like the look of these unusual doors, head over to the Slamdoors website, whilst our own maple and oak timber worktops can be found on display in our Gloucester showroom.

Last month we featured 27mm oak as our ‘Worktop of the Month’, and whilst oak is a traditional favourite, there’s something rather special about the more exotic timbers we sell – especially those available in the full stave configuration.

This month, we are championing full stave iroko as March’s ‘Worktop of the Month’; an African timber that has warm colouration, unique grain variation and an iridescent sheen that is not found in many hardwood timbers. Full stave iroko is constructed from staves measuring 90mm in width that run the full length of the worktop: a lavish combination that looks at home both in farmhouse and modern kitchen schemes.

It’s not only the gorgeous aesthetic that makes full stave iroko perfect for kitchen worktop surfaces, either; this timber also has organic anti-bacterial properties and is naturally oily, making it more resistant to water.

Worktop of the Month: Full Stave Iroko Kitchen Worktop Surfaces

Does our full stave iroko sound like the perfect timber to create your kitchen’s centrepiece? It is available in 2M, 3M and 4M lengths, with standard widths up to 960mm wide. Of course, if you would like something a little more specific, our fabrication team can create a unique worktop to your requirements.

To see the timber up-close, why not order a sample? Our full stave iroko worktop samples are just £5 including delivery, and are sanded and oiled on one side to give a good representation of the finished product.

Our Top 5...

If – like us – you appreciate the distinct aesthetic appeal of solid timber worktops and simply can’t live without surrounding yourself with plenty of solid wood components, sit back, relax and read more about our ‘Top 5 Home Furnishings ‘– perfect for living rooms, offices, dining rooms and other areas of the home:

Avon Oak Wide TV Cabinet

Whilst it may pain some to admit it, the television has become the main focal point in many living rooms, and so it should be no surprise that there are a wealth of choices for an elegant display solution.

The Avon Oak Wide TV Cabinet is a chunky, stylish solution that mixes modern and farmhouse design with plenty of practical storage and two open shelves for positioning additional TV boxes, Blu-Ray players or games consoles.

Available for only £299 from A World of Furniture.

New Hampshire Oak Coat Rack

To add an extra touch of class to your hallway, a coat rack can be an essential item: perfect for eliminating the need to litter bannisters, chair backs and floors with stray jackets and other pieces of outerwear.

This New Hampshire Oak Coat Rack may look simple, but the solid oak construction and timeless aesthetic means that this particular 5-peg coat rack would be the perfect hard-wearing addition to any hallway, whilst the flat top provides a handy shelf for extra storage.

Available for £79.99 from House of Oak.

Shiro Large 2 Drawer Bookcase

In the age of smartphones and tablets, bookcases might not have the same prominence as they once did in family living rooms; but, despite this, they are still a very popular storage option – even if many of the shelves end up being populated with antiquities and picture frames rather than books.

This large 2 drawer Shiro bookcase from Baumhaus is made of chunky solid walnut – just like our walnut worktops – and features 4 spacious shelves. Lacquered for a hard-wearing finish, the case is completed with 2 stylish bronze handles.

Available for £479 from Baumhaus at

Winchester Open Sideboard

Sideboards provide ideal storage space in a dining room – both to display unique pieces and to hide away dinner party essentials.

This Winchester Oak Sideboard is a perfect dining companion, featuring three drawers to hold napkins, place mats, candles and more.

For connoisseurs, the most important element may be the underbuilt wine rack, which is capable of holding up to twenty bottles of wine – or your tipple of choice. Either side of the wine rack are two open sections for extra display space.

Available for £299 from The Furniture Barn.

Solid Oak Floating Shelves

Few would dispute that you can never have enough storage in your living room. Whether for storing books and films, or displaying your collected treasures, open shelving is perfect for filling recesses.

Our solid oak floating shelves are made from the same high quality material found in our oak worktops, and feature a hidden floating bracket, meaning that there are no ugly shelving supports to detract from the natural material and clean lines.

Available in 300mm – 1500mm widths, starting at £22.50.

Our solid wood shelves are proving so popular that keeping up with demand is something of a struggle! As such, we are also branching out into other solid wood products: our recently-launched range of solid oak table tops, ideal for use as small dining surfaces, are highly recommended.

Website Flash Sale Solid Wood Tops

Here at Worktop Express® we’re always looking for an opportunity to offer our customers a bargain – and what better way to do so than by running one of our popular flash sales? Answer: there is no better way, which is why we are introducing a new ‘Website Flash Sale’! Read on for details regarding how to save…

From 10:00am on 10th March 2015 until 9:59am on 24th March 2015, we will be offering discounts of 10% across our range of stunning solid wood tops and accessories, provided that you place your order via our website. To redeem your savings, all you have to do is proceed to the online checkout and enter the code WEB10, and voila! Our responsive, easy-to-use website makes ordering simple and swift, so there’s nothing to fear.

There are but a few exclusions to this terrific timber-based sale – three, to be exact. These are: bespoke fabrication services, cherry worktops (which are already on sale) and samples (though at just £5 including delivery and VAT, our worktop samples are still fantastic value).

So, if you’re looking for a fabulous new worktop at an even lower price, or if you’d like some stylish accessories to match your existing products (a new table top, perhaps), then don’t hesitate to order: the sale will run for two weeks only. And don’t forget, you need to place your order via our website in order to receive the product discount: either by adding your worktops to your online cart and then entering the discount code at the online checkout; or, if you are purchasing options from our bespoke cutting service, by ordering via the Online Bespoke Worktop Tool. If ordering via this tool, discounts will be applied automatically to the worktops only (the fabrication options themselves will still be charged at full price, as bespoke services are not part of the sale).

Please note that orders that are placed via the telephone or over email are not eligible for the discount: so please be sure to use for all your worktop needs!

If you have been following our Facebook or Twitter pages over the last month you won’t have failed to notice that we were getting a little lovey-dovey about our solid wood worktops (and timber in general!) with our #WoodYouBeMine competition. Why should February affection be confined to Valentine’s Day alone, after all?!

Over 4 weeks we alternated between our Facebook and Twitter pages, giving followers a chance to win a total of £600 in vouchers simply by liking, sharing and commenting on our daily posts. Each week the lucky winners received a £50 voucher to spend here at Worktop Express® and another £100 gift card from One4All® to spend at a wide variety of high-street stores.

We were delighted to receive over 1200 entries – thanks to all who entered – and would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the four prize winners:

Competition winner Sue
Competition winner Janeen
Competition winner Darren
Competition winner Julie

Luckily for Darren we don’t discriminate against cats entering our competitions…

At the end of the competition we also gave three runner up prizes of oak chopping boards to Carol Small, Lindsey Clark and Mike Mellish, who all feverishly shared, retweeted and liked our posts various times throughout the four weeks – thank you all!

There is always lots of activity on our social media pages, so make sure you are following us for all the latest details of our competitions, promotions and news from the wonderful world of Worktop Express®.

In the last 6 years we have provided over 240,000 orders to addresses throughout the United Kingdom – and further afield – amassing a pleasing number of very satisfied customers. We regularly receive pictures of our worktops fitted in customer kitchens, and thought that new customers would love to see these impressive examples, both for inspiration, and to visualise what wooden work surfaces may look like in their homes.

The new Customer Kitchens Gallery currently features more than 80 superb pictures of our worktops in kitchens, offices, bathrooms, and a variety of other living areas. We plan to add more photos in due course, with the aim of creating a large online collection of wood worktops,; as such, if you have purchased wood worktops from us any time over the past few years, why not take a picture (in good daylight, preferably!) and either share it with us on our Facebook or Twitter pages, or send it in to us via email? Please also include your order number so that we can verify what goods are on display.

If you don’t fancy looking through all of the pictures in our Customer Kitchens Gallery, we have picked out six favourites for your delectation right here on the blog:

Zebrano worktops look superb, and this kitchen with island is no exception Wooden Work Surfaces.

Zebrano worktops look superb, and this kitchen with island is no exception.

Prime oak worktops with radius corners and a pencil edge profile Wooden Work Surfaces.

Prime oak worktops with radius corners and a pencil edge profile.

Proof that our oak worktops aren't just great for kitchens, they work wonders in an office too Wooden Work Surfaces.

Proof that our oak worktops aren’t just great for kitchens, they work wonders in an office too.

Swathes of walnut in this curvy kitchen with some radius corners and pencil edges Wooden Work Surfaces.

Swathes of walnut in this curvy kitchen with some radius corners and pencil edges.

Full stave zebrano with radius corners makes a simply stunning desk space Wooden Work Surfaces.

Full stave zebrano with radius corners makes a simply stunning desk space.

Oak worktops can be adapted to make fantastic bathroom shelving and surrounds to hide ugly pipework Wooden Work Surfaces.

Oak worktops can be adapted to make fantastic bathroom shelving and surrounds to hide ugly pipework.

You’ll notice lots of bespoke worktops in our Customer Kitchens Gallery that have been created by our in-house fabrication team. If you are looking for a unique worktop for your kitchen, then please do contact us or try our Online Bespoke Worktop Tool to create your own solid wood kitchen centrepiece.

Save 10% on Cherry Wood Kitchen Tops

With the huge popularity of oak and beech, cherry is an often overlooked timber, but it really is an excellent choice for your wood kitchen tops.

Featuring warm caramel-coloured figuring with an intricate straight grain and smooth texture, cherry is a great alternative to more common timbers, and works exceptionally well in country kitchens alongside light blues, creams and greys.

With up to 10% off all sizes of our cherry worktops throughout March, they are not only aesthetically pleasing, but great value, too. We have made it incredibly easy to get yourself one of our bargain cherry worktops, as there is no discount code required! The saving also applies to the timber for any fabricated cherry worktops (though not to the fabrication options themselves).

If you haven’t seen our cherry worktops in person, then either come along to one of our showrooms to view a worktop sample, or order one from our website for just £5 including delivery. Each sample is made from current worktop stock to provide an accurate representation of the quality and colour of our timbers, and if you go on to place an order, the cost of your sample will be deducted on a like-for-like basis!