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During the first two months of 2015, our worktop fabrication team haven’t come up for air, having now created over 550 bespoke wooden countertops for customers throughout England and Wales.

Here are the finest examples of fabrications we have seen this February:


Walnut Wooden Countertops

Walnut makes a stunning worktop material, particularly when it has been fabricated into an incredibly wide piece such as this. Designed especially for a kitchen island, this worktop had a pencil edge profile and four radius corners applied – two of which were larger to create a smooth finish for a breakfast bar. A large cut-out was then made to cater for a double-width cooker hob as per the customer’s specification.

After fabrication, the worktop then had three coats of oil applied to help protect the surface and bring out the beautiful colour of the European walnut.

If you are trying to achieve something similar for your kitchen, head over to our walnut worktops page and consider ordering 2 of our 2M worktops, which our fabrication team can then join together with a biscuit joint. Some more examples of our fabricated walnut worktops can viewed on the walnut worktops gallery.

Prime Beech

Prime Beech Wooden Countertops

The staves that make up our Prime Beech worktops are chosen specifically for their uniform colouration and lack of natural impurities. This particular piece was cut from a wider 960mm Prime Beech worktop, which then had a rectangular section cut off one edge, and an internal radius corner applied to create a streamlined finish.

Like all our fabricated worktops, this bespoke piece was sanded to a smooth finish and treated with three coats of oil before being sent out to the customer, to protect it prior to installation.

Visit our Prime Beech worktops page to find out more about this beautiful kitchen worktop material, or alternatively, visit our Prime Beech worktops gallery to see further examples of our fabrication team’s handiwork.

Full Stave Black American Walnut

Full Stave Black American Walnut Wooden Countertops

Few worktops are more luxurious, hard-wearing or as smooth as our black American walnut worktops; in the full stave form, the 90mm wide staves only help to enhance this worktop’s beauty.

This particular bespoke worktop is double the thickness of our standard worktops, measuring 80mm thick on the front edge, with a recess on the rear that reduces the thickness to 40mm. Two large radius corners and a smooth pencil edge profile finish off this worktop in style, creating what will no doubt be an excellent breakfast bar.

Love the look of this lavish full stave black American walnut worktop as much as we do? View more examples our full stave black American walnut worktops gallery.

If you would like us to fabricate something similar for your kitchen, get in touch with our fabrication team and give them your worktop requirements. Our bespoke cutting service is performed in-house at our Gloucester headquarters; and, once finished, your goods will be delivered directly using our own fantastic 2Man delivery team.

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This February, our Twitter & Facebook accounts have been getting all loved-up with our #WoodYouBeMine competition.

Now into its final week, the competition has seen 3 winners receive a total of £450 in vouchers – £150 towards purchases from Worktop Express®, and another £300 of vouchers from One4All® to spend at the high-street brand of their choice.

We have made entering the competition as easy as possible: every day this week we will make a new post on Facebook that includes the hashtag #WoodYouBeMine along with a picture that explains why we adore our wood worktops. Every day we give a different reason – which isn’t hard, because our surfaces are just so lovable!

If you want a chance to win £150 of vouchers, simply like our page and the daily post and either share it, or comment on it telling us exactly why you love solid wood products. On Monday March the 2nd we will announce our final lucky prize winner!

Want to know more about our fabulous wooden worktops? There are so many reasons to love them over in the information guides section of our website, and if you aren’t familiar with our range, click here to view our entire collection.

Here at Worktop Express® the standard thickness of our solid wood worktops is 40mm. For many kitchens this is the best ‘fit’: a quality worktop with a solid, chunky look that shows off the beauty of our timbers.

In some of our worktop timber choices, however, we offer a 27mm thick option that is ideal if you are looking for a thinner work surface for your kitchen, to create a dining table or for office desk table tops. As we have not featured them before, we decided that the oak variation of these excellent alternative-thickness worktops should be hailed as February’s ‘Worktop of the Month’.

These thinner oak worktops also feature 40mm wide staves, and so are still able exhibit all the beautiful aesthetic qualities of this hard-wearing and highly-regarded timber. Should you wish, we can apply any of the bespoke alterations provided through our worktop fabrication service, such as profile edges and irregular cut-outs.

27mm Oak is our Worktop of the Month

If you think 27mm worktops might be ideal for your home, and would like to see the worktops up close, samples are available through our worktops sample service for just £5 including delivery. Each sample is oiled on one side to give a good representation of the finished product, and the £5 cost may be refunded if you go onto place an order.

Our Top 5 Utensils Timber WorkbenchesFor us, a love for timber doesn’t stop with our timber workbenches: indeed, there is something innately appealing about the unique properties of solid hardwoods. Beautiful figuring, hard-wearing resilience and a distinctive aesthetic are just a few of the wondrous qualities that wood possesses.

Whether you are whipping up or serving up some scrumptious grub within your kitchen, there are plenty of gorgeous wooden kitchen utensils available to match your timber worktops. Here are our top 5:

Large Walnut Wood Spatula Timber Workbenches

Large Walnut Wood Spatula

Without doubt, walnut is fast becoming one of our most popular timbers. If you are looking for matching utensils for walnut worktops then this large hand-made walnut spatula from Kitchen Carvings on Etsy is a great place to start.

At 10cm wide and 30cm long, this spatula is big enough for serving up even the largest slices of lasagne, and the thin tapered edge has a curve to fit right up against the edge of a pan.

Priced at £20 and hand-finished in mineral oil with a coat of beeswax.

Ash Salad Servers Timber Workbenches

Ash Salad Servers

Ash is one of our newer worktop materials, but is quickly gaining plenty of admirers thanks to its light, oak-like appearance and distinctive grain pattern.

This set of salad servers from John Lewis is a perfect match for ash worktops. Their design is simple yet elegant; and, with measurements of over 36.5cm long, they are more than long enough to reach into even the largest of salad bowls.

Keenly priced at just £8 for the pair.

Beech Toast Tongs Timber Workbenches

Beech Toast Tongs

Until you see these you may have never even known how much you need a set of toast tongs; with these 17.5cm beech tongs, however, you will never need to suffer burnt fingers again.

Beech is a resilient hardwood, meaning that these tongs will last for a long time and are sure to match beautifully with any of our beech worktops. They are also much safer than common metal tongues, as metal tongs and toasters simply do not mix – for obvious reasons!

Just £3.95 from

Grip-It Beech Wood Citrus Reamer Timber Workbenches

Grip-It Beech Wood Citrus Reamer

For juicing lemons, oranges or any other citrus, this beech utensil from Typhoon’s ‘Grip-It’ collection is just the ticket for squeezing that last drop of juice from your citrus of choice.

Hand carved and finished, then treated with natural Danish oil – like our bespoke worktops – this 17cm reamer also has 3 bands of olive green silicone that make the handle much easier to grip.

Only £3.37 from

Bamboo Parmesan Grater Timber Workbenches

Bamboo Parmesan Grater

Want a utensil for your natural kitchen that will look the part alongside Italian meals? With its bamboo body, this grater can claim sustainable credentials, whilst being naturally water resistant and anti-bacterial – just like our bamboo worktops.

The stainless steel grating blade is a perfect fit and capable of producing lovely fine powdered parmesan, but can also be used to grate other cheeses and vegetables.

A bargain at just £9.99 from

Like the look of these wooden utensils? They are not only a perfect match for our wood worktops but would also fit in nicely alongside one of our solid wood chopping boards, which are available from just £20.

Tree Planting With the International Tree Foundation

Since September last year, we have been joined in partnership with the International Tree Foundation in order to fund local tree-planting schemes; out of our £10,000 ‘pot’, grants of up to £1000 have been available for communities in the UK and up to £3,000 for projects in Africa.

The enterprise has been very successful so far, and we were very pleased to receive an invitation to a tree planting day that was organised by Ranger Paul McNeill in the Ham Hill Country Park, Somerset (as a result of their successful application for a Worktop Express® grant last October).

On Wednesday the 11th of February, our Marketing Director Alexandra Finlay visited the site near Yeovil to get her hands and boots dirty and plant some young trees alongside park rangers and members of the local community. The site is set in the beautiful surroundings of Pit Wood, near the Ham Hill Standing Stones, with beautiful views of the surrounding Somerset countryside.

The project aims to plant 1,000 trees over the course of two planting days (one of which took place last Wednesday, with another to be held this coming Saturday). The chosen trees are a mixture of hazel, oak, rowan hawthorn, field maple and wayfaring trees, and the intention is to enrich the forest in the area, which is dominated by sycamore trees. Luckily, our photographer was on hand to capture the event as Alexandra got work – and even took a few snaps as she planted an oak tree sapling! This was a rather special moment for us, as our sustainable oak worktops are by far our most popular product.

Further tree planting initiatives in conjunction with The International Tree Foundation will be taking place throughout the next two years; and by the end of 2016 we hope that tens of thousands – if not hundreds of thousands – of trees will have been planted throughout the UK and Africa.

To find out more information regarding the sustainability of our kitchen worktops and our environmentally-sound processes, please visit our Environmental Policy page. Keep your eyes peeled for more information on our tree-planting schemes on these pages, too!

The Walnut Frog Table Timber Tops

It has been a little while since we presented you with some truly wacky representations of solid wood in weird and wonderful forms.

When we came across this solid wood frog, we simply knew we had to share it with you here on the blog.

This curious carving by designer Hella Jongrius is whittled entirely out of a construction of solid walnut staves – much like our excellent European walnut worktops.

Jongerius’ work has been shown in design museums throughout the world, but this bespoke piece was created especially for a private collection in Rotterdam.

The frog is a highly polished walnut brown on one half, and covered in a translucent blue enamel coating on the other – a colour scheme that wouldn’t be out of place on a tree frog in the Amazon rainforest.

It was originally featured alongside a turtle coffee table constructed from multi-coloured resin, in Paris’ Galerie Kreo, where Jongerius held an exhibition in May 2009.

We are quite taken with this bizarre take on nature and the expression of such through the organic medium of solid timber. Being such a beautiful and hard-wearing wood species, we aren’t surprised that the designer chose to use European walnut. Though our own timber tops may not be quite as playful as this design, they are still a striking centrepiece for your kitchen, dining room and many other living spaces.

If you’re looking to create your own bespoke table, why not get in touch? Having just launched a range of solid oak restaurant table tops, our fabrication team have become quite adept at creating wooden masterpieces. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your requirements or use our exciting online bespoke worktop tool to dream up your own wooden masterpiece.

Solid Wood Restaurant Table Tops

You may already know us as suppliers of the finest quality solid wood worktop surfaces , but due to increasing demand from our customers we are very proud to announce that we are now putting our rather good wood to use for other types of surface.

Our new solid wood restaurant table tops are cut from the same high quality wood that is used to make our fantastic worktops.

To begin with, we are keeping three shapes of our oak table tops in stock – a square 620mm option, a 620mm x 995mm rectangular surface and a 620mm circular table top. They are currently available in either a 40mm wide or 20mm wide stave construction – depending on your budget and preferred look. Each table top comes sanded, but without treatment – we recommend using Rustins Danish Oil for a water-resistant and hard-wearing finish.

If you are looking for a table top of another size, thickness, or in another of our wood species, such as luxurious black American walnut or striking zebrano, they can be fabricated to any bespoke requirements with a lead time of 5 – 10 working days.

Whilst we are marketing them as restaurant table tops, these gorgeous wooden surfaces are suitable for a wide variety of settings, from cafes to bars, and many home uses.

Our restaurant table tops start at just £45 + delivery, but if you would like to see the quality of these surfaces up-close before placing an order, then why not try one of our worktop samples for just £5 including delivery.

Square Solid Wood Restaurant Table TopsRound Solid Wood Restaurant Table TopsRectangular Solid Wood Restaurant Table Tops

We have a lot of exciting stuff ahead in February, with a sale on full stave maple (one of our most luxurious worktop options)and an exciting competition on our Facebook and Twitter pages that will see four lucky winners drawn over the course of the month.

Save 10% on Full Stave Maple Solid Wood Worktops

This month we are offering 10% discount on our full stave maple solid wood worktops – a perfectly lavish worktop for a variety of kitchen design themes. This timber is a light and bright variety that is particularly ideal for darker kitchens, as it helps reflect all available natural light back up towards the ceiling.

If you think our full stave maple worktops are the right choice for your kitchen, you have until 23:59 on February 28th to order worktops at this exceedingly low price. There is no discount code to worry about with this offer as the discount has already been applied; simply add the full stave maple worktops to your shopping cart.

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Our latest competition might be the help you were looking for!

New Valentine-Themed Competition

If you are in the mood for love this February, we have a special treat for anyone following our Facebook or Twitter social media pages.

Every day between now and the 28th of February we will be posting a loved-up message with the #WoodYouBeMine hashtag.

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The more passionate posts that you like and share or retweet, the more chances you’ll have of winning! Alternatively, you can mention us in a loved-up tweet or Facebook message with the #WoodYouBeMine hashtag, and let us know why wooden products like our worktops have stolen your heart – and why we should pick you as our weekly winner. Whether you have a weakness for worktops or you’re feeling tender towards timber, you’ll want to get your entries in fast to be in with the best chance of winning! As usual, our competition terms and conditions do apply.