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Our Top 5...Foody fans will be well aware that the BBC’s Great British Bake Off is in full swing; as such, we couldn’t think of anything more appropriate than a feature incorporating top 5 wooden baking accessories. These wooden baking essentials are ideal for cooking up cake or perfecting a pastry.

Traditional pastry brush Hardwood Worktops

image courtesy of procook

It may seem simple, but a brush for glazing pastry or dough is a must-have for bakers in the kitchen.

This traditional designed pastry brush has a solid beech handle, and – like our hardwood worktops – has been sanded to perfection and oiled to bring out the colour of the wood and make it hard-wearing.

You can’t go wrong with this 19cm brush – only £1 from

Baking moulds Hardwood Worktops

image courtesy of Pipii

Bin that rusty tray, forget the musty cake tins, these baking moulds are perfect for baking a cake or loaf of bread in, and also make excellent presentation box if you are baking as a gift for someone else.

Manufactured from poplar veneer and complete with crimped parchment paper, they’re available in three sizes – depending how ambitious you are!

Prices start at £2.40 for a pack of 2 medium moulds from

Pastry pusher Hardwood Worktops

image courtesy of Lakeland

Now, you might think that a pastry pusher is someone keen to offload some black-market Danish pastries, but actually it’s just a handy little tool that’s perfect for making quick and consistent pastry casings.

Simply place a ball of pastry into a pre-greased muffin tin, and push down with the wooden pastry pusher; you’ll be left with perfect pastry pockets for mince or apple pies.

Constructed from rubberwood, and only £3.99 from

Tapered hand-turned rolling pin Hardwood Worktops

image courtesy of Etsy

No baker’s toolkit is complete without a good rolling pin, but as this ‘French pastry’ maple and walnut pin beautifully demonstrates, they don’t have to be boring and basic.

This tapered, hand-turned rolling pin is perfect for rolling out dough for bread, tortillas or any number of other baked delights, and is sanded to an incredibly smooth finish. Finally, the item is sealed with oil and beeswax.

Buy this bespoke rolling pin for just £15.49 on

hand carved wooden spoon Hardwood Worktops

image courtesy of Etsy

This isn’t just any old wooden spoon: it’s a gourmet quality, hand carved wooden spoon, made from rather lovely maple hardwood.

We know maple makes an unmistakably hard-wearing worktop, so it is the perfect material for a resilient stirring and serving spoon.

Maple also has beautiful grain and figure and an almost iridescent quality that makes it stand out from less feature-heavy woods such as beech.

Handmade to order in the US, finished in beeswax and olive oil and just £11.15 from

August is drawing to a close, and we’re heading firmly towards the end of the holiday season. If you have yet to jet set off to the destination of your dreams, then hold your horses – we might have just found the ideal holiday location for lovers of our solid wood kitchen worktops.

The ‘New Hotel’, a 79-room hotel in Athens (previously known as the Olympic Palace Hotel), recently underwent a major renovation and rebranding by the award-winning Brazilian design duo known as ‘The Campanas’.

This is the first hotel interior from the Brazilian brothers, and their unmistakable design flair, love for solid wood and reclaimed materials, along with a keen eye for ultra-modern design accents really shows through in the variety of bespoke rooms that are now available.

Walls in the reception and restaurant are adorned in a jumble of reclaimed hardwood scraps, reminiscent of the designer’s famous ‘Favela Chairs’, which can be found in some of the bedrooms.

Wacky Wood: The New Hotel of Wooden Wonders solid wood kitchen worktops
Wacky Wood: The New Hotel of Wooden Wonders solid wood kitchen worktops

Many of the rooms feature solid bamboo floors and tables, whilst corridors are covered in dark, tactile paper made from the processed bark of fig trees. There’s an abundance of natural wood influence throughout the hotel, and the design is as much organic art installation as it is a comfortable place to stay.

If you’re after your own little slight of natural hardwood beauty, then consider one of our solid wood worktops as the centrepiece in your kitchen. We may be a little biased, but we think they suit all manner of contemporary interiors, from galley kitchens to restaurant dining tables.

9 days left of our Super Summer Sale (21st August) Block Wood Tops

It has been a manic month here at Worktop Express; we can’t help but wonder if the dodgy weather (sad face) has been driving people indoors to think about their kitchens… and of course, the fantastic 10% savings on offer through our ‘Super Summer Sale’ has also helped keep us busy!

Much like the summer, the fabulous discounts across all block wood tops and installation accessories can’t last forever. With limited time remaining to take advantage of this superb offer, why not make the most of the bank holiday weekend by ordering a brand new worktop with us?

We think our prices are incredibly competitive, but that’s never stopped us doing whatever we can to deliver the best quality wooden worktops at the best prices possible. So, to enjoy a 10% reduction off your order, simply enter the code SUMMER10 at the online checkout, or mention the code to one of our customer advisors when ordering either by phone or email. Be sure to order by the 31st August at the latest!

If you want to see our worktops, accessories or any of our other natural kitchen products, then why not visit our Gloucester showroom? The showroom will be open from 10am – 2pm this Saturday and on bank holiday Monday, and 9am-5pm from Tuesday-Friday next week.

If you’ve been watching television keenly recently, you may have noticed some rather splendid beech worktops on an equally splendid baking programme. Look familiar? Well, if you’re as big on wood block worktop surfaces as we are, then the unmistakable quality of a Worktop Express® worktop should be obvious.

We were delighted to supply worktops to the production company involved with this television programme, and to see our hardwood taking centre stage is a real delight. If you like the look of beech, and think it might suit your kitchen, then why not take a look at our variety of beech worktops? As well as our fantastic value standard beech worktops, we also offer a ‘Prime’ variant that offers beautifully even colour and grain.

Should you feel that you’ve not indulged enough in the televisual delights of beech, do check out our recently-filmed beech product video over on the Worktop Express Youtube channel – we’ve got a Prime Beech version too! And don’t forget, we don’t just stock beech worktops but a range of accessories too: our solid beech chopping boards are only £20, and are perfect for preparing your next baked delight on. Fine quality is assured – it’s the ‘yeast’ we can do! (sorry for the baking pun, we couldn’t resist…).

This year is positively flying by – we’re already about to set out our deck chairs for the final summer bank holiday of the year, so we thought it best to let you know when you can get in touch about the beautiful wooden worktops you might be considering.

We’ll be closed on Sunday the 24th of August as usual, whilst on Saturday the 23rd and Monday the 25th of August our showroom and sales lines will be open between 10am and 2pm. Because of these limited opening hours, please also note that there will be no deliveries on Monday, though our delivery schedule will resume on Tuesday the 26th of August.

So if you’re thinking of paying us a visit, or getting some help over the phone from one of our customer advisors, please be sure to take note of our opening hours. On Tuesday the 25th of August our phone lines will be open as normal from 9am – 7pm, whilst our showroom will open from 9am – 5pm.

Bank Holiday Opening Hours
Saturday 23rd AugustOpen 10am – 2pm
Sunday 24th AugustClosed
Monday 25th AugustOpen 10am – 2pm

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, have a great one!

Deluxe Black American Walnut Worktop

We’ve featured our standard black American walnut worktops as a previous worktop of the month, but this timber is so utterly gorgeous that once wasn’t enough! We simply couldn’t resist featuring it’s more luxurious Deluxe variant this month.

We introduced Deluxe Black American Walnut worktops alongside the new iroko equivalent at the end of April, and since then they have become a very popular worktop option indeed.

Featuring approximately 50 extra-wide 90mm staves – rather than the 40mm staves that make up our standard solid wood worktops – the unique construction of these opulent worktops means that you can fully enjoy the beautiful textural variation of American walnut’s grain and its characteristically rich colour.

American walnut (Juglans Nigra) is an elegant and versatile tree that, when mature, reaches heights of up to 40m tall. Moreover, the tree can live for 200 years or more – impressive! Age and height aside, you’re also likely to be very familiar with the tree’s nut: the walnut. It’s widely used in baking, tasty ice-cream and other sweets and confectionary.

The black walnut is not all sweetness and light, though: the tree also contains ‘Juglone’ when alive, which is a mild toxin that can poison nearby plants, acting as a defence mechanism that allows black American walnut trees plenty of space for their roots to grow. Because of this, you’ll often find these trees standing alone rather than amongst a variety of other vegetation. But never fear, they’re perfectly safe when enjoyed in worktop form!

Black American walnut worktops really are a treat: these worktops look simply stunning in a variety of kitchen settings – both modern and classic. The dark hues of the timber works really well with lighter coloured cabinet frontals, and deserves pride of place in any kitchen lucky enough to have it.

If you fancy seeing black American walnut up-close, then consider ordering one of our worktop samples. They’re only £5 including delivery, and are made of the exact same stock as our actual worktops. If – after receiving the sample – you then go on to place an order with us, we’ll refund you the cost on a one-for-one basis.

New London Depot

Since opening in 2009 Worktop Express® has expanded rapidly – we’re proud to now be the UK’s largest online supplier of wood worktops. After consistently filling the capacity of our Gloucester warehouses, we recently followed through with our plan to expand availability to the further reaches of Great Britain by opening a new depot just north of London.

This new depot will allow us to expand delivery options for customers in the East and South East of England by offering a full 5 day delivery service. This service improvement will also enable us to make more deliveries using our own superb 2Man fleet, thus relying less on 3rd party carriers. By taking a larger proportion of the courier service in house, we have far greater control over the speed and quality of the service.

This expansion, along with the addition of two new 3.5 ton delivery vans, is just the start of our ongoing service improvements that will be rolling out over the course of the next year. For example, though this facility will be used as a depot only to start with, in the near future we will be opening a showroom within the premises – and customers will be able to collect items, too!

To keep up to date with our delivery service, do keep an eye on this blog and check out our Delivery Details page; and if you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us.

New Product Page - Oak Worktops

At Worktop Express® we know how important it is to make your online shopping experience hassle-free, whilst providing you with all the information you could possibly need regarding our superb wood worktops.

As such, our creative team have spent the last few months preparing a new look for our worktop product pages, along with some fantastic videos that give you an unparalleled experience of our worktops: a worktop overview that can only otherwise be enjoyed through a trip to our showroom.

So far we have improved the pages featuring oak, beech, iroko, walnut and black American walnut, and their Prime variants, and will update the rest over the coming weeks. Amongst other minor tweaks, there are now easy shortcuts to your chosen worktop’s sizes and prices, gallery images and an incredibly informative guide right at the top of the page. The video for each worktop can also be viewed in its full glory directly from the page.

However, if you want to be the first to see our latest product videos, then you’ll definitely want to head over to our YouTube channel, hit the subscribe button, and give your favourite video a ‘thumbs up’. Equally, if you’ve got any feedback on our website, then do get in touch with us either via email (), Facebook, Twitter or Google + – we’re constantly striving to improve. Enjoy our ‘new look August’ as it continues!

Sales Lines Now Open until 7:00pm

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve our website (more on that in the near future!) and indeed the overall service here at Worktop Express®, we are delighted to announce that our opening hours will be extended from 5.30pm to 7pm on weeknights during this month’s sale. Our showroom will closed as normal from 5pm and we will be unable to service collections out-of-hours, but our friendly team will be at the end of the phone or computer to answer your calls and emails.

We hope that this will allow customers to place orders for wood block workbenches at their convenience or have their queries answered after work, should the need arise. This change will also allow you to take advantage of our ‘Super Summer’ sale – which offers 10% off worktops – for an even longer period of time each day. Late-night shopping, here you come!

When coupled with our extended delivery cut-off hours, which now allow you until 11am to place an order for next-day delivery, you could soon be in a worktop wonderland around the clock (well, almost). Please enjoy – and as ever, do contact us if you have any questions!

The Super Summer Sale: Save 10% on ALL Real Wood Tops

We have had some incredibly popular promotions on our variety of worktops over the last few months, but now it is time for the big one: our ‘Super Summer’ Sale.

Not content with discounting just one species of our delectable hardwood real wood tops, we’ve decided to give our customers a generous 10% discount off absolutely every worktop, all installation accessories and almost everything else we offer. The only exception is our (already incredibly cheap) worktop samples.

Whether you’re after a new worktop for the kitchen, some of our fantastic new solid oak shelves or maybe even one of our hardwood tablet stands, you’ll get 10% off the whole lot right through until August 31st.

How can you take advantage of this fantastic saving? Just enter the code SUMMER10 at the online checkout, or mention it to one of our customer advisors when placing an order over the phone.

If you haven’t seen an example of our worktops – or any of our other fantastic natural products – then why not take a trip over to our showroom? There’s a host of demonstration kitchens on show, and the designs include our most popular worktop options. It’s just off the M5 south of Gloucester, and open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday, and 10am – 2pm on Saturdays.

Though our prices are already extremely competitive, we hope this great offer can bring an extra-wide smile to the faces of our customers this August!