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Deluxe Iroko Worktops

After introducing our Deluxe range of timber work tops in February 2013, they’ve gone on to become some of the most popular items in our range. After introducing you to the new Deluxe Iroko worktops last week, it’s now time to have a look at our other tantalising new timber: Deluxe Black American Walnut.

Whilst our standard range of worktops are constructed from 40mm staves, the Deluxe collection has extra-wide 90mm staves. This unique construction allows you to fully appreciate the timber’s grain and rich colouration whilst enjoying the textural variation of altering stave lengths. After working closely with our manufacturer in Europe, we’re finally able to offer this excellent product in an American Walnut timber, which looks simply magnificent. Starting as a rather lovely chocolate brown, some staves darken to be almost black over time – hence the name.

An incredibly versatile tree, American Walnut (scientifically known as Juglans Nigra), grows to around 40M tall and generally lives for up to 200 years. It bares the nut that is widely used in bakery goods, ice-cream and other confectionary. The tree also contains ‘Juglone’, which is a mild toxin that can poison other nearby plants. Because of this, you’ll often find American walnut standing in relatively solitary confinement in its natural habitat of Middle America (it’s a perfectly safe and hygienic kitchen worktop though, so don’t worry!)

If you’d like to see this luxurious option up-close, why not order one of our worktop samples – they’re only £5 including delivery. If you then go on to order a worktop from us, you’ll get the cost of the sample refunded on a one-for-one basis. Too good to miss!

Another month rolls by in the Worktop Express® fabrication warehouse, and it’s no surprise to us that some stunning wood block worksurfaces have made their way through our facility and in to the hands of our customers – we hope they have been as pleased with the finished results as we are.

Black American Walnut

We’ve been waxing lyrical about black American walnut worktops recently as they’re currently on sale, and were the subject of our latest information guide. It may come as no surprise, then, that one of our favourite fabrications this April is an unusual piece of 960mm wide black American walnut. This work surface has been subject to two irregular ellipse ends, an under-mounted sink cut-out as well as a 35mm tap hole. A stunning kitchen island in the making.

Black American Walnut Wood Block Worksurfaces


Oh wonderful walnut worktops! We are glad to heap praise on all types of walnut, and now direct our attention toward the gorgeous European variant. The fabrication team added an end cap and soft radius corner to this piece before finishing beautifully with a pencil edge profile: all additions that work fantastically well with walnut’s characteristic colour variation. As with all our fabricated worktops it then passed through our combination of hand-sanding and machine-sanding, followed by multiple layers of oil to seal and protect it. This worktop will make a fantastic end piece to someone’s lucky kitchen counter.

Walnut Wood Block Worksurfaces


Our fabrication team have excelled themselves with this fine example of a solid beech worktop by creating some rather special bespoke cut-outs. The first more straightforward cut was made to make room for a top-mounted hob, but the second cut is rather more ingenious. Using our highly accurate CNC machine, a recess was routed 27mm in to the worktop. You might be wondering why – well, this cut-out is to make room for a matching beech chopping board! This’ll make a fantastic food preparation area for our customer, allowing them to remove the chopping board and easily wash it. They’ll never have to worry about damaging the exquisite finish of the worktop with sharp knives, and the chopping board can be replaced in the future should this be required.

Beech Wood Block Worksurfaces

If you’re thinking of getting a custom creation for your kitchen, keep in mind that there’s still time to get a great discount on our black American walnut worktops: this range is currently on sale, but for a limited time only!

Deluxe Iroko Worktops

The latest worktops in our Deluxe range come from some of the most popular timbers in our collection; first let’s take a look at the beautiful species that is iroko.

Our standard iroko worktops are manufactured from individual 40mm staves. To fully appreciate iroko, some customers have requested extra-wide 90mm staves – but have asked if there is an option with a lower price-tag than the most luxurious full stave product. We therefore worked very closely with our European manufacturer to produce a Deluxe Iroko surface that exquisitely shows off the colour and grain of this timber, whilst still retaining the character that comes with stave variance.

After maturing to a dark brown hardwood, this West African tree – which is sometimes referred to as African’s native version of teak – can grow up to 50 metres high, and is naturally found in wet savannah, rainforest and low-altitude evergreen forests.

If you’d like to see a sample of this gorgeous timber up-close, then why not take advantage of our excellent value worktop samples. We’ll deliver you a 200x150x40mm sample cut from our worktop stock for only £5 including delivery, and if you order a worktop from us we’ll refund the cost of the sample on a one-for-one basis.

After progressing to the final of Gloucestershire’s FA Minor Cup Final, as Alkerton Rangers’ sponsor, we were excited, tinged with a suitable amount of nerves as to whether they could pull it off against the mighty Poulton to take the win. We sent our resident football pundit (and wood kitchen work tops expert), Andy ‘The Cobra’ Cotty along to get us a match report:

“It was a beautiful evening in Gloucester at the grounds of Tuffley FC, where these two titans of local-league football meet to decide who’ll be the minor league winner of the 2013/2014 season.

The first half’s underway and both teams have fired out of the gate with the action going back-and-forth up the pitch, but neither team managing to initially break down the defence. Alkerton took great advantage of two breakaway attacks and caught Poulton off guard to score two well worked goals. Poulton managed to come back with a consolation goal in the dying moments of the second half. Both teams went in to half-time with high spirits, but with Alkerton showing they might have the edge.

The second half was delayed a little as officials chinwagged over a half-time brew, but before too long the whistle was blown and the match was underway again.

Early pressure from Poulton searching for an equaliser saw two changes go agonisingly wide of the Alkerton goal mouth. The next 15-20 minutes saw both teams probe at each other’s defences a number of times, culminating in a free-kick deep in the Alkerton half. Poulton’s chosen man swung the ball in to the Alkerton box, which was cleared to safety by the central defence.

Alkerton’s midfield picked up the ball and played out wide on the right wing and the ball made its way to the dangerous Alkerton striker. Sprinting clear of the Poulton left back defence, a 20 yard run found him at the edge of the Poulton box, where he let fly with a shot that bobbled twice in front of the keeper before squeezing through the keeper’s legs and in to the net. 3-1 Alkerton!

Poulton, clearly frustrated by the goal came flying in with some dangerous late tackles on the Alkerton players, resulting in 3 yellow cards in just over 5 minutes.

With just 5 minutes remaining in the half, Poulton struggled to get any fresh opportunities to break through the Alkerton defence, and the final blow was dealt when a lovely ball found its way to the Alkerton striker, leaving him 1-on-1 with the Poulton keeper. 4-1!

With the game firmly wrapped up, a minute of injury time drew the game to a glorious end. Alkerton players and coaching staff were in jubilant celebration, with the 4-1 win thoroughly deserved.”

A massive congratulations from all of us here at Worktop Express®, who all look forward to supporting you through the next season. If you’re interested in following Alkerton Rangers’ progress and finding out about our other sponsors, remember to keep a close eye on the blog.

wooden counters - Easter 2014 opening hours

It’s coming up to that time of year where we’re given license to indulge ourselves beyond the joys of wooden counters and get stuck in to mountains of chocolate instead. Of course, there’s also the joys of meeting with friends and family to celebrate the merriment of Easter with, but we can’t blame you for prioritising the sweet treats.

Although we love meeting lovely customers, this means that we have to limit the opening hours of our showroom and offices accordingly.

On Friday the 18th of April, Saturday the 19th of April and Monday the 21st of April, our showroom and customer service lines will be open between 10am and 2pm. As usual, all our departments will be closed on Sunday the 20th of April.

Don’t worry, we’ll be back to normal opening times from Tuesday the 22nd of April.

We first introduced our exclusive range of Deluxe worktops back in February last year and the popularity of these superb hardwood worktops has only increased over time. By combining the wide 90mm stave width with the affordability of a standard length stave (rather than a more costly full stave worktop), we’ve been able to deliver some truly knock-out real wood counters to customers up and down the lengths of Britain and beyond.

The latest additions to our Deluxe range are two timbers that rightfully deserve their place alongside the Deluxe Oak, Deluxe Prime Oak, Deluxe Walnut and Deluxe Zebrano worktops already on sale. Ladies and gentlemen, please be upstanding: let’s give a warm welcome to our new worktops, if you please!

Deluxe Black American Walnut

Deluxe Black American WalnutThe natural chocolate hues of our black American walnut have been given the extra special treatment of an extra-wide stave that shows off the stunning grain structure. Over time, and with regular oiling, the worktop will darken further to become a luxurious centrepiece in any kitchen – or wherever else you decide to use our magnificent worktops. To find out more about Deluxe Black American Walnut worktops, follow the link.

Deluxe Iroko

Deluxe IrokoWe love iroko so much that we’ve surrounded ourselves in it at Worktop Express® HQ! The variation of colour, impressive grain form and reflective qualities make for a worktop that shines as a centrepiece to any kitchen – be it modern or traditional. So, could there be any more justification needed to create a Deluxe variant of our iroko worktops? We think not. To find out more, simply head over to the Deluxe Iroko Worktops product page.

With Deluxe Zebrano Worktops being flavour of the month on our blog, we’re going all out on Deluxe love this month – but can you blame us? If you’re after a worktop with a big impact, an incredibly smooth finish and stave widths usually reserved for highly expensive premium products, our Deluxe worktops are for you! Feel free to contact us for more information on this stunning worktop collection.

Willy Wonka had his chocolate factory, Alice had her wonderland, and here at Worktop Express® we’ve got our very own wooden wonderland in the newly refurbished Gloucester offices.

After expanding so rapidly throughout 2013, we had fully outgrown our existing offices so they have been expanded on the ground floor to accommodate some rather swanky new sales, customer support and logistics office suits.

It should come as no surprise that – as we’re so obsessed with wood – it was the natural choice for the Worktop Express® team to construct our colleagues’ desks out wenge and iroko: two of our most decadent and hardwearing worktops.

If you’re thinking of refurbishing a home office, or maybe treating yourself to a new dining room table, our wooden worktops look simply stunning in a whole host of environments – not just the kitchen.

For some, zebrano really is the Marmite of solid wood kitchen work surfaces – it’s not for everyone, but most love it; and at Worktop Express® we’re firmly in the lover’s corner. The combination of a warm golden surface with irregular deep brown grains creates a unique worktop that really stands out from the rest.

So if you’re not yet a paid-up member of the zebrano appreciation society, have a gander at our Deluxe Zebrano worktops. Short of the full stave variant, there’s no better way to enjoy the simply stunning grain pattern. Whilst our standard worktops have 40mm wide staves, our Deluxe products have staves of 90mm for an extra-wide chunky look, which brings out the beauty of any timber – especially those with the striking natural figuring that zebrano possess.

Native to Central Africa, this unusual wood – also known as ‘Zebra Wood’ was first exported by British colonists of the West African coast during the 18th Century and became very popular in furniture construction. Since then, this exotic decorative wood has been used for anything from car interiors to highly-prized guitars.

So, to get yourself a slice of this alluring African timber without breaking the bank, pick this exclusive Worktop Express® Deluxe selection for your kitchen – you’ll be the proud owner of something quite special. For more information on this worktop or any other of our products, feel free to drop us an email or have a chat with one of our advisors by phone.

There’s few more beautiful yearly occurrences than the spring bloom of the cherry tree’s blossom. Though cherry trees are native to Europe, north-western Africa and parts of Asia, they can be found as far north as central Norway, and as far south as Tunisia.

National Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington D.C.

Every year, the blossoming of the cherry tree is cherished around the world in the form of a host of festivals and events – though none more famous than America’s National Cherry Blossom Festival, based in the capital city of Washington from March 20th to April 13th. The city’s residents and many more from the District of Columbia gather in the city for a calendar of events that are held to honour the 1912 gift of some 3,000 Japanese cherry trees from Tokyo to the city of Washington, and the special friendship that still exists between the two nations.

In 1965, a further 3,800 trees were gifted to America, to cement the spectacle in the city’s calendar, and every year since it has been tradition for First Lady of the United States to visit the festival, usually planting another new tree to symbolise their appreciation of Japanese culture and tradition. Events at the festival range from kite flying, to sake tasting, as well as a whole host of other activities for residents to get involved in.

Here at Worktop Express® we cherish cherry in another respect – the reddish-brown hardwood is a beautiful material for wood worktops, which is often overlooked in favour of more well-known timbers. Cherry is however a distinctive timber with a straight grain and caramel-coloured details: simply stunning.

Take a peek at our cherry worktops gallery to see some bespoke examples for yourself; you won’t be able to resist this wonderful tree’s innate charms!

Sale on American Walnut Real Wood CountertopsAmerican walnut has stolen our hearts this month at Worktop Express® – can you blame us? This gorgeous timber only improves over time, growing richer in colour and eventually boasting a variety of dark surface shades that make it feel incredibly sophisticated.

With up to 10% off each of our black American walnut worktops, now’s the perfect time to get a new work surface installed. The clocks have gone back and bestowed us with extra daylight time to admire some real wood countertops as nature intended: in a wash of natural light.

If you haven’t already considered American walnut for your kitchen, then have a look at some of the fantastic examples of our bespoke handiwork in the worktop gallery. This luxurious full-toned worktop contrasts exquisitely alongside lighter coloured door frontals and walls for a high-class, modern look.

Alternatively, head on down to our Gloucester show-room to get your hands on this fine American timber. We’re open from 9am – 5:00pm during the week, and 10am – 2pm at the weekend.