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Our fantastic fabrication team have been hard at work this month and there are plenty of brilliant bespoke pieces to share – in fact, it was hard choosing just three! Nonetheless, here is our February countdown…


We can never get enough of oak worktops, and this is a beautiful specimen; the characterful grain pattern and warm colour give this timber a really rustic, inviting appeal. The irregular cutout has been machined to the customer’s specification – and though we don’t know exactly what the worktop was customised to fit around (a pipe or two, perhaps!), this cut out will surely come in handy when it comes to installation.

Oak worktop with irregular cutout Solid Worktops

Full Stave Iroko

Full stave iroko is, in any form, a delightful work surface: a deep, rich bronze colour once matured, the extra wide staves that run the full length of the worktop – hence the ‘full stave’ name – give unique insight into the African timber’s aesthetic character. This particular piece includes some fantastic bespoke details: a large radius corner, internal radius and a host of irregular cut outs, all of which make the worktop well-equipped for its purpose as a bar.

Full Stave Iroko worktop with two radius corners and irregular cut outs Solid Worktops

Oak (again!)

Well, we did say that we can’t get enough of oak…! Perfect for solid worktops, this versatile timber lends itself very well to any kitchen design. For this customer, we produced an undermounted Belfast sink with a delicate ogee edge profile that encompasses the internal and external edges. Classic and stunning.

Oak worktop with undermounted belfast sink cutout and an ogee edge profile

This is but a small selection of this month’s work; after all, the possibilities are boundless with our affordable and amazing bespoke cutting service. Whether your needs are big or small, we thoroughly recommend giving it a try!

Solid Oak Stormtrooper
image courtesy of GotWood

Goodness me, we just can’t get enough of solid timber! Not only is this natural material astoundingly beautiful but also incredibly flexible in terms of usage: a fact that continually amazes us. We were in for a real shock – and a real treat – this month when we came across another unusual example of wood’s fantastic versatility.

The team behind the GotWood Workshop have long been pioneers of working with solid wood timber, making wonderful items such as personalised toy boxes, carvings and even customised furniture… including one chair that has now become infamous: a solid oak ‘Stormtrooper’ chair! But the creativity doesn’t stop there – GotWood Workshop have also made Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle chairs and VW Camper chairs for their customers.

Now, while we can’t quite achieve the same height of innovation with our wood worktops, our fabrication team have produced some absolutely marvellous bespoke worktops over recent months; and the introduction of our sophisticated CNC machine has only improved the efficiency and precision of the service. Whether you require a hob cut out, an ellipse end or perhaps a radius corner or two, our experienced craftsmen will work to your specification, producing flawless results for an affordable price.

If you’d like to learn more about our service, please visit the bespoke cutting page or browse our fabrication gallery. Together we can create the worktop of your dreams!

Alkerton Rangers sponsored by worktop Express®

For the last month or so, thoughts of Christmas, new iPads and wooden worktops have been filling our heads. As such, it’s been a little while since we posted anything sports-related, something that we feel must be remedied! Please keep reading for a quick update on our sponsored football team’s recent success.

Alkerton Rangers are based just six miles away from our head offices in Quedgeley, Gloucestershire and have had a flying start to the season. Winning 9 out of the 10 matches they’ve played so far, the team have maintained an impressively high standard of performance. And whilst they’re currently sitting in fourth position, Alkerton Rangers are only five points behind the top of the table with an extra four games to play. Furthermore, our very own Michael Brennan is currently the league’s top goal scorer, tallying up a remarkable 21 goals in just 8 appearances…wow! Things are certainly looking good for our sponsored team.

We can’t help but feel that the wonders of solid wood might be something to do with their success: perhaps Alkerton’s keeper is using wooden worktop samples instead of goalie gloves…?! Only kidding…

We’ll keep you updated on the team’s progress, and hope that their successful run can lead them all the way to promotion. Good luck boys, you can do it!

Picture Perfect Kitchen Worktop competition

Forget Valentine’s Day – here at Worktop Express® we’ve been feeling the love for the past month or so: our Facebook page has been full of wonderful images of kitchen worktops sent in by customers as entries to our fabulous ‘Picture Perfect’ competition.

The competition for the ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ trophy was fiercely contested: and as such, we felt that our five most popular photos deserved a prize. Mark Jeffery and Justin Hubbard will shortly receive a timber chopping board and Paul Daykin an oak or beech cutlery tray. Congrats guys, enjoy your wooden goodies!

And our runner up, Clare Copus, will enjoy a £50 gift voucher –we hope you treat yourself, Clare! Finally, the winner of our first iPad Air is Elliot Ruff and his beautiful wooden worktop (plus cute pets, too)! Well done, Elliot, and have fun with your new gadget. Send us a picture!

The second iPad Air-winning photo – as chosen by our expert judging panel – was submitted by Dawn Pedley. This light, airy kitchen is a perfect setting for your oak worktops, and the black and white colour scheme is modern yet classically chic. A lovely photo.

But we couldn’t stop there, not with so many wonderful submissions! We felt that the runners-up in our ‘Best Photo’ competition certainly deserved a prize. Congratulations to Godfrey Evans, Jenny Mitchell, Archie Cunningham and Dusanka Popovska – you’ve each won a chopping board in the timber of your choice.

Although the competition is now over, there are still some ‘winning’ promotions to take advantage of at Worktop Express®. Our deluxe oak worktops, for example, are now on sale until the end of the month: a product unique to Worktop Express®, the deluxe construction –utilising extra wide, 90mm staves of varying lengths – showcases the unique beauty of oak to stunning effect.

Be sure to make the most of the chance to receive these superb worktops at a reduced price – and, if you do, we’d love to see a picture of your installed items (competition or no competition)!

Last day for to win an iPad Air

Today is the last day of our ‘Picture Perfect’ competition and with two iPad Airs up for grabs, the competition is as fierce as ever! One will be awarded to the photo that has received the most likes and shares; the other will be awarded to the ‘best’ photo by our very own judging panel, who will take into account a number of factors such as lighting, style and overall effect.

As this is the case, it’s not too late to enter our competition, so if you have ever made use of our solid wood worktops in your home, we’d love to hear from you. All you need to do is post the photo to our Facebook page and share amongst your friends.

We’ve had an incredible 597 entries so far and the number continues to increase. So get posting to be in with a chance of winning. The competition deadline is 4pm today (GMT, 10/02/2014) so please ensure that you enter before then. We will not accept or consider any late entries and our team will be closely monitoring the Worktop Express® Facebook page throughout the day. Good luck!

Oak: it’s a classic, and with six different worktop types in stock there’s plenty to choose from. We could only choose one ‘Worktop of the Month’ for February, however, and we felt that full stave oak worktops deserved our attention this month.

Being such a versatile and durable timber, it is no surprise that oak is one of our most popular wood worktops. The abundance of colour and attractive natural knots makes it an appealing material, and such qualities are enhanced further through the use of the extra wide, 90mm staves that run the full length of this worktop, rounding the traditional look off perfectly. Full stave worktops showcase the timber like no other construction: a luxurious and elegant choice.

Oak is a fascinating timber – it’s no surprise that it is so well-loved. Did you know that oak trees can grow over 30 metres tall? And we thought our oak worktops were long enough! It also contributes to the beautiful colours we commonly associate with autumn; oak is a deciduous tree meaning it loses its leaves in preparation for the cold winter months. Furthermore, it’s a species that’s treasured across the world – oak is the National Tree of England, the USA and over ten other countries, so it really is something special.

Best of all, oak matures and improves with age, meaning that when you purchase from us you’re making a lifelong investment. And if you fancy the opulence of full stave oak with a lower price tag, we’ve got another great option for you: deluxe oak worktops are on sale for the whole of February! This worktop construction is exclusive to Worktop Express®; the staves are extra wide, as with full stave constructions, but are of varying lengths, creating a stunning, unique finish.

And don’t forget, if you can’t quite decide which great version of oak to go for, don’t hestitate to check out our brilliant sample service. Happy Friday, everyone!

Win an iPad Air competition ends on 10th February 2014

Good morning, worktop fans! It’s Monday again… *sigh* but fear not! We’ve been sent from Worktop Express® HQ to cheer things up with a reminder of our exciting Picture Perfect competition. The competition ends on the 10th February – meaning that there’s still a week left to enter – so please post your photo on our Facebook wall for your chance to win.

There are two iPad Airs up for grabs, here: one for the photo with the most ‘likes’ and ‘shares’; and one for the best photo, which will be picked by our expert judging panel. Their decision will be based on a number of factors including the composition, lighting, and other technical/stylistic factors, so be sure to keep this in mind when snapping your worktops.

We’ve been really impressed with some of the wooden worktops presented in this competition and it’s great to see what impact they’ve had in your homes. There are some truly wonderful pieces.

The prize for ‘Best Photo’ will be decided once all the entries have been gathered, but the ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ competition is well underway – and hotly contested! Right now, our competition leaders are as follows*:

  • Elliot Ruff
  • Clare Copus
  • Justin Hubbard

*data is correct as of 10.30am on the 03/02/14.

Well done guys, good work! There is still time to make it onto the leader board, though: a whole week. Don’t forget to spread the word and tell your friends and family so that they can show their support and gain you extra points.

Please note that the competition cut off deadline is 4pm on Monday 10th February. We will not accept or consider any entries after this time. We’ll be closely monitoring the Facebook page throughout the day until the competition deadline. Please visit our dedicated page for the full terms and conditions.