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The start of 2014 has been a busy one, resulting in the production of some truly outstanding fabricated solid wooden worktops for kitchens. The addition of brand new, state of the art machinery has not only caused our bespoke cutting service to grow from strength to strength, but has meant that we’re able to successfully cope with the increasing demand for this service. Please continue reading for January’s top fabrication picks.

Full Stave Prime Oak

It’s only fair to start the year with one of our most popular timbers. Full stave prime oak worktops have a delicate, golden grain pattern with very few natural imperfections; the uniformity in colour combined with the full length staves creates an aesthetically appealing finish. Measuring 4 meters in length, we’ve biscuit joined this piece to create a 900mm wide, bespoke order as per the customer’s request. Furthermore, two irregular cut outs have given this worktop a unique shape, with a pencil top edge profile rounding off the existing square edge of the timber. And finally, the finished product has been pre-oiled for protection – just one additional coat is required immediately after installation.

Black American Walnut

It’s not hard to see why black American walnut is our Worktop of the Month when viewing this fantastic piece. The worktop has been butt joined together to create a wider piece of timber, ready for any other adjustments the customer may wish to make on site. The delightful curved shape has been routed by our new CNC machine, leaving a smooth and inimitable finish. An undermount sink cut out and accompanying tap hole also demonstrates the accuracy and skill of our in-house fabrication team. One of more unusual profile edges – a small chamfer top and bottom – completes this black American walnut bespoke order perfectly.

Full Stave Iroko

Iroko: a wondrous and fascinating timber. Whilst the wood starts off a yellow/light brown colour it matures into a rich bronze shade soon after installation. Two radius corners have been skilfully cut either end of this full stave worktop, rounding the piece off nicely. As with all fabricated items, this timber has been pre-oiled, sealing and nourishing the timber so that it is ready for installation.

So there we have this month’s fabrication top picks, we’re proud of our entire team! And don’t forget that today is your last chance to take advantage of our prime oak worktop sale, so get ordering for fantastic discounts on all products.

Good morning, worktop fans, we hope you had an enjoyable weekend and that your week is off to a good start. In any case, there’s no better way to beat that Monday morning feeling than with a reminder of some exciting Worktop Express® promotions.

First up, our fantastic sale is still running with 10% off all prime oak worktops. The staves are handpicked before construction to ensure a uniform look, minimising the amount of natural imperfections that are present (such as large knots). Such qualities make prime oak one of our most popular timber choices. We’re also running a fabulous fabrication sale, with 25% off all services including pre-oiling (please view our bespoke cutting page for more information). Both promotions have proved very popular this month, so make sure you order soon – the sale ends on Friday and we’d hate for you to miss out on these great savings.

Secondly, our ‘Picture Perfect’ Competition gives you the opportunity to show off your worktops and maybe – just maybe – win a brand new iPad Air. Simply post a picture of your kitchen worktops on our Facebook page by the 10th of February – the aim of the competition is to gain the most ‘likes’ and ‘shares’.

But there’s a twist! We don’t just have one, but TWO iPad Airs to give away. Whilst one winner will be chosen by the world of Facebook (i.e. the number of people who interact with their picture), the other will be chosen by our judging panel. They will base their decision on the quality of the photograph, taking technical factors like composition and lighting into account.

So, with just two more weeks of the competition left, post your photo today and get competing. Invite your friends, family, neighbours, colleagues, pets (…! just kidding) to visit our page and ‘vote’ for your wonderful worktops – it really is that simple.

Please refer to the competition terms & conditions or contact us for further information regarding these promotions. Good luck to everyone!

Solid wood maple vaseimage courtesy of solidwoodusa

The Worktop Express® offices have been looking a bit empty now that we’ve taken all the festive decorations down; and so who can blame us for doing a little investigation online into ornaments and the like? Little did we know that we would find another ‘Wacky Wood Use’ to add to our collection along the way…

As a matter of fact, ‘wacky’ might be an inaccurate title – perhaps ‘wonderful’ is a more suitable word to describe the extensive range of beautifully hand-crafted products sold by online company Solidwood USA. A visitor to the website can find everything from wooden platters to bowls; but perhaps one of our favourite items comes in the form of a solid maple vase. When combined with colourful dry flowers, the look is simple yet elegant.

Every solid maple vase is wonderfully unique, just like our own, inimitable maple kitchen worktops. The timber’s tight grain structure makes an extremely durable material – ideal as a kitchen countertop. Maple not only works wonders in a practical sense but is also aesthetically appealing. With staves that slowly mature into a rich honey colour, it’s not hard to see why this worktop is so sought-after. We market a comprehensive range of sizes and two worktop formations – 40mm stave and ‘full stave’ 90mm stave worktops – so that maple solid wood worktops can be enjoyed in every kitchen and on every budget.

Sometimes the true beauty of maple has to be seen to be believed, though; we welcome you to try it for yourself! Simply visit our sample service page and order one of our low-cost samples. For just £5 (including VAT and delivery) you can enjoy a beautiful sample of this unique timber – and best of all, if you go on to order from us, we’ll refund your samples on a like-for-like basis.

At this time of year, we might feel a bit guilty for treating ourselves; Christmas was only last month, after all (though it seems a distant memory!) However, we firmly believe that there is no harm in a little indulgence – as such, we have selected black american walnut worktops as this month’s pick.

Rich, dark and elegant, American walnut is a sophisticated addition to any kitchen. Our ‘standard’ collection comprises 40mm thick sections of timber that are high-pressure glued and finger-jointed together to form a durable yet stunning work surface. For true opulence, we have our full stave collection, which utilises extra-wide (90mm) timber sections that run the entire length of the worktop: a unique showcase of the timber’s grain pattern and natural features.

But American walnut isn’t just used as a worktop: here are some interesting facts about this unusual timber…

  • Blessed with a robust flavour and appealing crunch, the nuts from the tree are shelled and sold commercially. The sweet sap from the tree can also be turned into syrup.
  • Native Americans are said to have used the husk of the black walnut to dye clothing and other materials.
  • Historically, the husk was also used medicinally – to treat intestinal worms!

Our favourite use for black American walnut is in wood worktops though, of course; and we’re confident that you’ll find a perfect solution to your worktop needs with Worktop Express®. Available in a comprehensive range of sizes, from 2m lengths right up to 4m, this luxurious worktop range never goes out of style.

We’re well into January now and it’s already been an eventful month; what with videos, competitions, and sales going on – there’s plenty to choose from when it comes to wooden worktops

2013 Wooded Worktops

However, we are nostalgic types, and as such we’ve been having a good old mull over 2013, and the targets that were set this time last year. Did we meet them…?

The good news is that we did: 2013 was a fabulous year. We expanded our ever-popular 2Man delivery service, invested in some high-tech machinery to make our fabrication service even swifter and more precise (including an innovative CNC machine and automatic oiler), and introduced a new range of Deluxe Oak worktops, a collection that is already a favourite with customers.

And here are some of the all-important figures:

  • Over 30,000 worktop orders delivered
  • Over 2,500 positive independent reviews published on Trustpilot
  • Close to 1,000 positive reviews published on sites such as eBay and Review Centre.

We can’t thank our loyal customers enough for all the support – we’ll keep introducing improvements to our service so that we can meet every consumer need to the best of our ability. And don’t forget, we love hearing from you; so please do continue to ‘keep us in the loop’ with any feedback or images.

Here’s to a great 2014!

Worktop Express® price comparison video

Over the past few months the Worktop Express® team have been secretly navigating new waters into the exciting world of videos; and we’re delighted to announce that the that the first video in our burgeoning collection is now ready for your viewing pleasure! This initial video aims to offer valuable insight into the processes and solid worktops for kitchens that set the Worktop Express® offering apart from the rest. Please take a look and let us know what you think; simply visit our youtube page, turn your speakers up, sit back and enjoy!

Once you’ve had a good watch, we hope you might be inspired to order right away – and if you are, don’t forget to take advantage of some of the fantastic promotions we’re currently running, including a 25% sale across our bespoke cutting service. You can reduce the stress of oiling or customising your worktops by letting our experienced team do the hard work for you – so please, get ordering before the end of January for some superb savings!

We’re constantly striving to maintain and improve for our customers and our foray into informative videos is just one part of the strategy for 2014. If you have any feedback regarding our products and services – or maybe some suggestions for our next video! – please get in touch: we’d love to hear from you.

Post a Pic of Your Solid Wood Worktops and Win an iPad Air!

Well, we’re almost halfway through January and not only is the festive period a distant memory but also the country has been plagued by misery-making storms – ouch. Time for a bit of post-Christmas cheer…

Here at Worktop Express®, we believe that nothing beats the January blues like a competition, especially if an iPad Air is up for grabs – so we’re launching one today! And it couldn’t be easier to enter: simply visit our facebook page and post a picture of any installed solid wood worktops that you have purchased from Worktop Express®. Be sure to encourage your friends to support you as much as possible, too, because the person who has posted the photo with the most ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ will win a brand new iPad Air! But that’s not all: we’re feeling extra generous so we’ll also be awarding another iPad Air to the photo our esteemed Worktop Express® panel judge to be the best, taking technical factors like lighting, composition and subject into account.

So it’s ‘double trouble’ this January, meaning that there are not one but two chances to win with our fabulous competition – what are you waiting for? Get posting those pictures and do everything you can to get the ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ to mount up. We’ll be running the competition for a full month (from the 10th January to the 10th February inclusive) so there’s plenty of time to surge ahead in the race. For more information please view our terms and conditions.

Good luck and happy snapping… we’re looking forward to seeing your beautiful pictures!

information guides

Our information guide library was launched in June 2012 and has proved to be a popular resource for many of our customers. This unique library has been compiled in order to give insight into our products and services, providing tips and recommendations in a customer-friendly manner. There are plenty of fabulous guides to come in 2014 – but first, here are a few of our favourites from the past year:

5. Five Stages of Kitchen Worktop Installation: A Worktop Express® Nutshell Guide

We’ve broken the installation process for wood worktops down into five simple steps. From correct storage to maintenance after installation, it covers the entire process from start to finish. Handy if you need a little extra guidance.

4. Five Reasons to Choose Wood Worktops: A Worktop Express® Nutshell Guide

We just wanted to wax lyrical about how fantastic our timbers really are. The list could have been endless – there are so many reasons to invest in solid wood! – but we narrowed it down to five for a quick and easy read. A useful point of reference if you’re undecided about choice of material.

3. How to Maintain Your Solid Wood Worktops in Five Simple Steps: A Worktop Express® Nutshell Guide

Though some key tips regarding maintenance are touched upon in other guides, we felt it deserved a guide of its very own. By following a simple but vitally important programme of maintenance, the outstanding quality of your timber will be preserved for years to come. Covering a range of topics including oiling, cleaning and protection from damage, this information guide is useful for your general timber knowledge.

2. Top Ten Questions About Worktop Delivery: Answered!

Choosing the correct delivery service for your worktops is one of the most important decisions you will make. As we have a number of options available, we decided to collect some of the most frequently asked questions and create this information guide as a supplement to our delivery details page. And by the looks of it, the guide was a success! Not only was it our second most popular one of the year, but we’ve also seen a significant reduction in delivery queries.

And drum roll please…our top information guide of the year is awarded to:

1. Solid Wood Worktop Aftercare Kits: A Worktop Express® Nutshell Guide.

Our aftercare kit makes oiling a simple and easy process. This guide explains all you may need to know about our Rustins Aftercare Kit (suitable for both DIY and pre-fabricated worktops) and gives tips on application procedures. A must-read for all worktop owners.

We’ll be working hard to update our information archive this year, so if you do happen to have any suggestions for new guides, please get in touch – we’d love to hear your ideas!

Please note: this guide was updated on 27th October 2014 to reflect recent changes to the products utilised in our pre-oiling process. For more information on the changes, please visit our Improvements to our Pre-Oiling Service for Wooden Worktops blog post.

January 2014 worktop promotion

2014 is finally upon us and we’re ready to face the excitement of the New Year. Not only have we launched a superb fabrication sale, we’ve also extended our prime oak worktop sale into January too – we just couldn’t resist helping our customers out. Prime oak is a fantastic choice: each stave is carefully selected during its construction to give a uniform and even finish, with the delicate linear pattern containing few imperfections such as natural knots. Suitable for both traditional and modern home décor and affordably priced, this worktop makes the perfect choice for any kitchen design.

You could even combine promotions and take advantage of our bespoke cutting service at a reduced cost. With a fantastic 25% discount running for the rest of the month, remove any stress when it comes to cutting your worktops by allowing our in-house team to do the leg work for you. We’re extremely proud of our fabrication service here at Worktop Express® – years of experience paired with top of the range machinery allows us to produce accurate and impeccable results every time.

January already looks like a promising month – a good start to an even better year. We’ve got lots of wonderful promotions up our sleeves so keep your eye out for even more savings. And remember, we always love feedback from our customers, so if you’ve recently purchased or installed one of our replacement workbenches in your home, we’d love to hear from you. Here’s to a prosperous 2014, worktop fans!

Christmas may be over but not at Worktop Express® – we’ve decided to keep on giving!

That’s right, our super January sale is now on! We’re offering a whopping 25% off all bespoke cutting orders; so whether you are going for oak, maple or beech, your worktop will be finished exactly as you would like it – and all for a great price.

With our fabrication service, we are proud to deliver impeccable results for fantastic value. Our skilled team utilise only the finest machinery to cut your worktops exactly to your specification and our experienced fabrication department will offer support and guidance throughout the process. Best of all, our lead times are only 5-10 working days for delivery to UK mainland (from the point of diagram confirmation), meaning that customers can receive their kitchen worktops without delay.

However, this wonderful sale will only run until 31st January (inclusive) – so be sure to get your orders in before the end of the month!