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A new year approaches, and so naturally our thoughts turn to all things undiscovered: we simply can’t help but wonder what else is in store for Worktop Express® in 2014. What intriguing and unchartered destinations will our 2Man team visit? What new additions could we add to our solid wood worktop range? What fantastical feats are our fabrication team going to complete next?

Wacky World of Wood
image courtesy of mailonline

For inspiration, we have been seeking fresh approaches to timber across the globe… and it’s safe to say that we’ve found a mind-blowing source of inspiration! The recent work of well-regarded American artist Philip K. Smith, ‘Lucid Stead’, makes stunning use of timber and mirror to turn a run-down wooden shelter into a fascinating art installation. Founded on a timber framework, the installation makes use of electronics, lights, and reflective glass panels to produce an ever-changing aesthetic structure; at times blending completely into the landscape, at times partially transparent, depending on the natural light at that particular time.

A most impressive feat of timber engineering, and one of the most versatile uses of wood we’ve seen for a long time – Philip K. Smith, we salute you! We can’t promise that our own creations in 2014 will be quite as adventurous, but this amazing piece of art has certainly given us food for thought.

Got any wacky wood stories you’d like to share? If so, please don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re always on the look-out for new sources of inspiration!

Wacky World of Wood image courtesy of mailonline

Well, Christmas is over for another year, sigh… we hope you all had a wonderful day filled with presents, laughter and lots of yummy food (we definitely did)! After all that festive fun we felt in need of something pleasant to occupy our minds; and what better distraction than a reminder of some beautiful fabrication pieces from December? Without further ado, please enjoy a late Christmas gift from us to you: some pretty pictures to look at accompanied by some (hopefully) interesting fabrication insights!

  1. Iroko is a wonderfully exotic timber. Its high oil content means that it’s naturally waterproof, making it perfect for use as a solid countertop. This piece has been imbued with an irregular cut out to suit the customer’s requirements, reducing the width across half of the worktop. The perfectly executed undermounted sink cut out and apertures routed for a butt join – allowing two worktops to be joined together using the connector bolts provided in our installation kit – demonstrates the skill of our in-house fabrication team.
    Iroko Worktop Fabrication - December Top Picks
  2. Oak, glorious oak. The classic timber choice – and a great one, too! If you’re not convinced, we welcome you to take a look at the following solid oak worktop, which is truly magnificent; this work surface has been fabricated to incorporate both an undermounted sink cut out and an ever-valuable set of drainer grooves. The drainer grooves are angled to allow water to run off the surface and into the sink, preventing water gathering on the surface which can lead to staining and damage to the worktop. Finally, our team created an ellipse end to ‘round off’ the worktop, reducing any harshness or sharp edges.Oak Worktop Fabrication - December Top Picks
  3. From one classic to another: we just couldn’t leave fabrication in 2013 without mentioning beautiful beech! As can be seen from the image, the addition of two ellipse ends makes this a smooth and rounded worktop, and the simple design accentuates the timber’s natural charms and delightful colour variation. Furthermore, a biscuit join has been utilised to create a 1180mm, bespoke width worktop. We can’t help but wonder where this lovely piece was installed – who knows, maybe it was used as a dining table for a festive feast… Beech Worktop Fabrication - December Top Picks

Well, that’s about enough waxing lyrical about wood for this year: there are still a few days left so make sure you enjoy the rest of December and welcome 2014 in style. See you in the New Year!

Worktop Express® Showroom Timber Counters

Good morning, worktop fans! Christmas is so close now we can almost smell the turkey (or is that our lunch in the canteen downstairs…) Father Christmas has collected the last of this year’s worktops so the next delivery date will be Friday 3rd January. And here’s a quick reminder of our opening times throughout the festive period:

Sales line and showroom

We’re open until 1pm today before we close for the holidays.

25th-26th December – closed

27th, 28th, 30th and 31st December – sales line and showroom open between the hours of 10am and 2pm.

29th December and 1st January – closed

2nd January – office hours resume again as normal. Sales lines and showroom are open between the hours of 9am-5pm.

So please feel free to pop in and visit our showroom throughout the holidays – we’re happy to answer any questions you may have about our timber counters and accessories.

A very Merry Christmas to you all!

The Worktop Express® Team

German beech music box
Image courtesy of toyella

The wonderful world of wood continues to expand and with Christmas only 5 days away we thought this month’s Wacky Wood Uses should be dedicated to something seasonal and festive! As Christmas is a time for giving and receiving, we’ve found the perfect gift – something that stood out amongst the rest. Named the ‘Mozartkugel’, this German beech music box plays the sweet sound of Mozart’s ‘Voi che sapete’ from the Italian opera, ‘Marriage of Figaro’.

Ideal for entertaining children, or perfect as a beautiful ornament, this product is suitable for any age! It’s so delicate yet simple; as you can tell, we’re very keen of this gift idea – perhaps because of its similarities with our very own solid wood worktops. Just like the Mozartkugel, our worktops are constructed from solid timber; there’s no MDF hidden within them. The incredible quality does not mean an expensive price, however. Starting from just £75, our solid beech worktops are fantastic value for money.

So whether you’re as fascinated by the Mozartkugel Beech Music Box as we are, or looking for something more practical such as one of our kitchen worktops, wood is the perfect choice! As a material, it only improves with age meaning your investment can be seen for years to come – you won’t regret it.

Well there’s just one more wacky wood uses blog before we conclude the year – from fashion accessories to liveable pods, there’s nothing we haven’t explored and we can’t wait to see what wonderful inventions 2014 has in store for us. And remember; if you discover any weird and unusual ‘woody’ situations, we’d love to hear from you!

German beech music box
Image courtesy of toyella

Imagine a worktop where the staves run its entire length. And then imagine a worktop where the staves are uniform in colour and appearance. We think you’ll agree that a combination of the two would produce a truly stunning worktop: well, look no further – our full stave prime oak worktops tick all the boxes.

These worktops are certainly a worthwhile investment. Lighter than oak, the individual staves are handpicked before construction to produce a seamless blend of colour and to ensure that the surface is virtually free from ‘imperfections’ such as knots. Finally the staves are edge glued together. This construction necessitates a straight edge join, creating a worktop suitable for both traditional and modern home décor while retaining the beauty of oak; an innate aesthetic charm that cannot be replicated by any other material.

Oak is a staple of many industries such as ship building, which only increases our confidence that this timber will make a brilliant addition to any kitchen – oak counts incredible strength, versatility and durability among its many valuable qualities. And because we love this timber so much (and because we’re feeling the festive spirit) our 40mm stave prime oak worktops are now on sale! If you place your order before the 18th December (for any standard orders), you can even receive them before Christmas.

So, whether you’d like December’s worktop of the month in your kitchen, or if you’d prefer to enjoy some fantastic savings with 40mm stave prime oak, we’re sure there’s a wooden worktop here for everyone. Please browse our website or take advantage of our full sample service to find out!

The attention our website has achieved this year – winning ‘Best Business Website’ at the 2013 Gloucestershire Business Awards – demonstrates our commitment to the maintenance and improvement of our site.

As such we are pleased to announce that our customer reviews page has now been updated to include our current customers’ comments. Taken from a variety of sources including e-mail, Facebook and Twitter, we believe that customer reviews are one of the most reliable forms of information. By partnering with external, independent review sites like Trustpilot – on which we have a five star rating achieved through close to 9,000 reviews – and regularly updating our own customer reviews page, we hope to get to know our customers, learn from their experiences and give potential clients the opportunity to gain some true insight into the experience of buying with us.

Another important recent update to the website involves the press and media section. Featuring local newspapers, glossy magazines and appearances on national television programmes such as DIY SOS, this page holds an account of our media attention dating all the way back to 2010. We’re always proud when the exceptional quality of our wood worktops is recognised in the press and we hope you will enjoy reading about it.

Our aim is to continuously update our website whenever new material appears, and real-life photography is more valuable to us than any other kind! Therefore, if you’ve recently installed one of our worktops in your home, we’d love it if you could send any photos, comments and order number you have to – your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

At the start of each new month we like to take a little time to look back over the previous month’s work, praise our team and give some more insight into the fantastic fabrication service we provide. We have many a beautiful solid worktop surface this month, and choosing just three was difficult. But – without further ado – here are November’s top picks:

First up, we have a caramel bamboo worktop. We just had to include this delightful timber; not only because so many enjoyed the fantastic sale we ran throughout November, but also because it looks simply wonderful, too! Bamboo is pretty incredible; naturally hygienic and one of the most sustainable materials in the world, it certainly deserves a place in this month’s top three. The sporadically placed nodes that connect this plant’s individual sections together takes the ‘natural look’ to a whole new level, something that just can’t be replicated by any other material. Some skilled fabrication techniques have been demonstrated in the pictured bespoke piece, too; notice the irregular cut out to the back of the worktop, accurately executed by our in-house team to accommodate the customer’s requirements. The hob and two sink cut outs have been perfectly and smoothly routed, completing the worktop so it is ready for installation.

Next, we’d like to discuss a stunning piece of deluxe walnut. Deluxe walnut is a worktop unique to us here at Worktop Express®: the staves are wider than our standard range (approximately 90mm), which allows the timber’s natural beauty to radiate through. This is a deceptively simple but valuable piece of fabrication work – the undermount sink is accompanied by two conveniently positioned tap holes, ready to begin use! An additional hole has also been cut into the timber at the customer’s request. Finally, a radius corner has been applied, softening any harsh edges and giving the worktop a complete look.

Last, but certainly not least, we’ve chosen a wonderful example of full stave zebrano. Sourced all the way from Africa, this is a truly exquisite choice. The timber is blessed with golden toffee staves that run the full length of the timber, intertwined with exotic dark brown grains to give a delicately ‘striped’ effect. This bespoke order has had two pieces biscuit-joined together to create a wider solid wood worktop, with irregular cuts to fit the customer’s supplied dimensions.

These pieces are just a taster of what our fabulous fabrication department can achieve! For more information regarding this service, please visit our bespoke cutting page or contact one of our friendly sales team.

iPad Giveaway: We Have a Winner!

Happy Friday, worktop fans; and what a beautiful one it is, filled with festive cheer! The tree is up, decorations are on and the soft hum of Christmas classics is floating around the office. But let’s not forget what a great month November was, too. Not only did we run a wonderful bamboo sale but also launched our first facebook competition, giving visitors to our page the chance to win a free iPad. The number of entries we received was overwhelming – thank you to everyone who got involved.

There could be only one winner, however… and that winner was Rach Lines from Worcestershire, who is now the owner of a brand new iPad2! It has been great to hear from Rach since she received the iPad; she’s been kind enough to let us know how delighted she is with her prize and even sent in a photo for us all to enjoy. Congratulations, Rach!

Now, November’s competition may be over, but never fear: December looks pretty exciting, too! And not just because of Christmas (although that’s always something to look forward to); no, we thought our worktop fans deserved a special treat to finish off the year, so we’re giving you the chance to save money on our popular prime oak worktops. This beautiful timber is on sale for the rest of the month – and, better still, if you order before Wednesday 18th December, you can receive your worktops before the holidays.

So go on, treat Father Christmas this year and let him eat his mince pie off a beautiful solid wood worktop: you’ll be his favourite visit of the night… ho ho ho!