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December is here, which means our sale on bamboo worktops is now over – but before you get too down-hearted, never fear, the discounts are still plentiful when it comes to wood worktops! This month we’re running another great promotion to see you through to Christmas: a sale on all Prime Oak worktops!

Prime Oak is one of our most popular worktop types; beautiful to look at and blessed with a uniformly elegant grain pattern, it is also extremely hardy. As such any type of oak – be it oak or Prime – makes a wonderful work surface in even the busiest of kitchens.

That said, we do think our Prime Oak worktops have something special to offer. Constructed from staves chosen for their even tone and blemish-free appearance, these worktops have a subtle blend of natural figuring and gorgeous colour consistency. This flawless finish creates a less rustic look than that achieved by our standard oak worktops, and as such we particularly recommend choosing Prime Oak worktops if your kitchen design is contemporary in style (though to be truthful they look great in any space). For more information on the differences between our worktop variants, please consult our recently published ‘Choosing a Kitchen Worktop’ information guide.

If you’d like to see Prime Oak for yourself before committing to a purchase, we welcome you to make the most of our full sample service: we deliver samples of all timbers with our next-day service for only £5 including VAT. It couldn’t be simpler to ‘try before you buy’.

Either way, don’t hesitate to take advantage of our fantastic sale: you can enjoy up to 15% discount on Prime Oak worktops – but be sure to order before the 31st December as the sale will run only for this month. Catch it while you can!

National Tree Week and Replacement Work Surfaces.
Image courtesy of Trees Direct

Here at Worktop Express®, we’re passionate about all things ‘woody’; as such, we were thrilled when National Tree Week came around again.

National Tree Week was first launched in 1975 and celebrates the start of the winter tree planting season. It’s a truly great way for tree-lovers alike to band together and enhance their local communities; each year bodies affiliated with the Tree Council organise lots of fun and informative events to get the nation involved in planting and learning about trees.

There’s nothing we like better than going out into the forest and revelling the beauty of solid wood. We also know the value this fabulous material can bring to your kitchen; versatile, resilient, and full of character, timber makes the perfect worktop choice. As such, we market the largest range of replacement work surfaces in the UK.

However we are careful to only purchase our timbers from thoroughly vetted, legal sources with established replanting programmes. The wonder of nature can be enjoyed by us all both in its original habitat and within décor, but only if we purchase responsibly; that’s why all Worktop Express® worktops are made from sustainably-sourced materials. Please visit our environmental page to learn more about our policies.

Now, seeing as it is National Tree Week, we suppose we should finish this blog by finally revealing our favourite timber of all!

Okay, here goes: our favourite tree is .

Hope that clears things up…

It’s Monday again… but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a cheery one, worktop fans! We’re feeling full of festive spirit here at Worktop Express® HQ; Christmas is just around the corner (rumour has it the Christmas tree is being decorated as we speak!) and we’re all working extra hard to ensure that our customers will receive their wonderful worktops before the big day.

To spread this festive cheer, we thought a reminder was in order: our fantastic ‘Win an iPad2′ promotion is still on… but not for long. This is the last week to throw your hat into the ring, so get entering! All you have to do is follow this link: and enter the competition via our app – it’s quick and easy to submit your details, simply follow the straight-forward instructions. Just imagine how fabulous it would be to receive an early Christmas gift in the shape of an iPad – it could be you!

And if you’re in the mood to do a little festive-themed shopping, please check out our kitchen worktops. We’re always competitively priced but this month we have even better bargains in store: our wonderful bamboo worktops (both normal and caramel) are on sale throughout November!

But all good things must come to an end, so please don’t forget to place your orders and get your competition entries in by the 30th November to take advantage of these fabulous promotions.

It’s always great when customers let us know how our worktops are making a difference to their homes. We were delighted to hear from customer Dave Wring just this week; not only is Mr Wring very pleased with his worktops, but also his newly refurbished property is due to appear in ‘Selfbuild & Design’ (a magazine containing advice for those hoping to build their dream homes).

In June this year, we supplied two worktops for Mr Wring who was in the middle of an ambitious redevelopment project. The family own a 200-year old cowshed which was formerly used to hold the largest dairy herd in St Columb until 1950. After a string of unreliable tenants, they decided to convert it into their dream home. The build took over 7 years to complete and makes a brilliant article for the magazine. Due to appear in January’s edition, we’ve had a sneak preview and think our solid counters complemented the overall design scheme beautifully. The project was a risky move, but it certainly paid off.

The Wring’s choice of oak worktops was ideal: oak’s strong grain pattern and natural features add character, making them a perfect fit in their traditional kitchen. The timber was not only used for countertops, but created a stunning, rustic dining table too, which takes centre stage in the open plan living room/kitchen – a truly atmospheric place to dine.

Hearing from the Wring family really made our day, and we were also very impressed with their worktop choice – oak was a perfect fit within the refurbished house, which has bags of character! We will soon be updating our customer reviews page with personal testimonials from customers like Mr Wring, so if you’ve recently purchased anything from us please don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’d be thrilled to receive your feedback.

We’re always striving to advance the quality of service provided here at Worktop Express®, and investing in a fantastic new machine for our workshop – the CNC machine – is just one example of our recent efforts.

But what is a CNC machine, and what does it do? First, let’s start by explaining the name: CNC stands for computer numerical control. This machine is one clever bit of kit; by converting your CAD fabrication diagram into a set of numbers, it can produce coordinates that control the movement of the axis during use.

The Homag Venture 316L CNC machine will benefit our fabrication service in a number of ways. When cutting your wood worktops, we currently utilise manual routers, so switching to a computer controlled machine will ensure we consistently produce impeccable results. Furthermore, we can execute precise and accurate angles in a clean and safe way; something we hope will help us to expand the variety of services available. To cope with the increasing demand for our products, the CNC machine will improve the speed of our bespoke cutting service: it only utilises one axis so what once required an array of units can now be completed with this single-axis machine.

Ultimately, our aim here at Worktop Express® is to continue improving all aspects of our popular cutting service. The benefits of the Homag CNC machine will increase our efficiency overall and – in the near future – allow us to reduce the current fabrication lead time.

If you have any further queries about our fabrication service or the tools that we use, please do not hesitate to consult our website or contact one of our friendly sales team.

The versatility of wood continues to astound and delight us! Our latest (and possibly favourite) discovery comes in the form of a unique, egg-shaped pod that is constructed almost entirely from solid cedar wood. The pod, which took over three years to complete, was built to help artist Stephen Turner create some innovative pieces of art, as well as understand and record the ever-changing natural habitats around the river.

Mr Turner has been living in the wooden pod since July 2013. Stationed on the River Beaulieu in Hampshire, the surrounding weather conditions coupled with water from the river has caused the pale cedar wood to gradually change to a silvery-grey colour – a transition that also occurs in our iroko block worktops, with delightful results. The freshly cut timber is initially a light yellow/golden colour but oiling and exposure to natural light matures it into a rich bronze shade. Furthermore, its high oil content makes iroko a naturally waterproof and extremely durable worktop – perfect for use in your kitchen.

Mr Turner’s ambitious pod cost around £40,000 to build and maintain; however, it certainly looks the part and fits in beautifully with the natural surroundings. Now, that may seem expensive for a solid timber construction, but fear not, worktop fans: our products are just a fraction of that price! Starting from just £75, our replacement worktop surfaces can accommodate any kitchen budget: we offer competitively priced products without compromising on quality.

Although solid wood, liveable pods are not something we currently supply (not yet, at least – who knows what the future holds for Worktop Express®?!), we can help transform your kitchen and home into a comfortable place to spend time in this winter. So, whether you’d like traditional oak, exotic zebrano or something in between, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

For some inspiration, we welcome you to contact us or take advantage of our full sample service: for just £5 (including VAT and delivery) you can try our timber before prior to purchase. We’ll even get your money back if you go on to place an order – a winning combination!

The Wonderful World of Wood: From Replacement Worktop Surfaces to Solid Wood Pods!

Image courtesy of Nigel Rigden

At Worktop Express®, we are full of enthusiasm for the magnificent bamboo plant! Last month we focused our attention on natural bamboo, but November’s Worktop of the Month accolade belongs to its golden cousin. The caramelising process our caramel bamboo worktops undertake creates a rich, distinctive colour, and also highlights the ‘nodes’ that connect each individual section – this material can make a perfect focal centre piece or simply look fantastic as a new kitchen worktop.

In order to produce our caramel bamboo worktops, the solid wood staves are subject to a lengthy drying process; this is what gives the timber its distinctive golden hues. A modern twist on bamboo, this worktop still boasts the same fantastic attributes: hygienic; environmentally friendly; and durable – a perfect combination. And did you know that Thomas Edison, inventor of the carbon-filament light bulb, utilised a bamboo-derived filament when improving the bulb’s life span? Now that’s what we call versatility!

If that wasn’t enough of an incentive to tempt you toward bamboo, all of our bamboo worktops – natural and caramel – are on sale throughout November, with brilliant savings to be had. But when it comes to the brilliance of bamboo, you don’t just have to take our word for it: with our affordable sample service you can purchase a representative example of caramel bamboo from us and see how fantastic this product is for yourself. Samples are just £5 including VAT and delivery charges, and if you proceed to order any worktops, we’ll even refund the cost on a one to one basis.

For more information regarding our bamboo worktops or the November sale, please consult our website or contact a member of our team. We look forward to helping you.

Get Your Real Wood Worksurface Delivered Before Christmas!

Christmas is rapidly approaching; soon enough we’ll be celebrating 2013’s success and getting ready for a whole new year. We’re hard at work here at Worktop Express® so we thought we’d keep you updated with a few important dates and delivery details for the upcoming Christmas period.

Wednesday 11th December: the last date to place fabrication orders. You must confirm the fabrication CAD diagram by midday on the 12th December at the latest.

Please note: these dates are based on orders for standard delivery areas only. For delivery to non-standard areas including Scotland, Ireland and off-shore islands, fabrication orders will need to be placed by Wednesday 4th December. Please consult our delivery details page or contact us for further information on the available services for these areas.

Wednesday 18th December: the last date to place non-fabrication orders to receive delivery before Christmas (to standard delivery areas).

Friday 20th December: the last 2Man delivery date in 2013.

The showroom and sales lines will stay open until 1pm on Monday 23rd December before Worktop Express® HQ closes to enjoy the Christmas festivities. They will re-open between 10am-2pm on the 27th-28th and 30th-31st December. Normal office hours commence on January 2nd.

Friday 3rd January: First available delivery date in 2014.

So, if you would like your real wood worksurface to be delivered before Christmas, please ensure orders are placed on or before the above dates. The earlier you order, the sooner your goods can be delivered. We are sure that you would be a worthy recipient of an early, worktop-shaped Christmas present… we won’t tell if you don’t!

Here at Worktop Express®, we’re feeling so excited about our new iPad competition that the very skies seem to be crackling in anticipation! Or is that the sound of fireworks going off outside…?

Either way, what better way to celebrate Guy Fawkes’ Night than by entering our wondrous iPad competition? You won’t need a sparkler with the dazzle of the iPad screen to light your way, even on the blackest of nights.

Entering our competition is very easy: all you need to do is visit our facebook page and click on to our app, liking and sharing via the app as instructed. In just a few moments your entry will have been submitted – what could be simpler?

Just think of all those fantastic photos and videos you could take of your gorgeous wood worktops with your new iPad; indeed, you could even share the news about our bargain bamboo worktops sale via the social media app of your choosing! There’s lots of worktop fun to be had with an Apple gadget, particularly if it’s free…

The competition runs until the end of November, so be sure to submit your entry by the 30th to be in with a chance of winning. Good luck!

We’ve got that Friday feeling here at Worktop Express® HQ; everyone has been working hard all week and we are ready for the weekend. And – as if that weren’t exciting enough – we’re launching two superb promotions today: November does need a little cheering up, after all!

First up, our fantastic bamboo kitchen worktops and caramel bamboo worktops are on sale throughout November. Last month we showered this inimitable timber with attention as it was deemed our ‘Worktop of the Month’, and the brilliant savings that are now on offer mean there’s even more reason to love it. We’ve already discussed how extraordinary bamboo is: durable; environmentally friendly; and naturally hygienic, too – it really is multi-talented! Unlike the rest of our products, bamboo is constructed from 20mm wide, individually compressed sections, which are layered to create a stunning and unique wooden worktop.

Our second November ‘Promotion’ is an exciting competition to win a brand new iPad 2! All you need to do is click on to our facebook page and enter via the simple app for your chance to win. And of course, spread the word to your friends – not only are we sure that they would love to hear about this brilliant promotion, but also if you share the competition via the app, and a friend enters as a result, you are awarded an extra entry!

Well, there you have it: we highly recommend taking advantage of these super savings, so please do enter our Facebook competition today and invest in some beautiful bamboo in time for Christmas.

If you have any questions about our promotional offers please do not hesitate to contact us – our friendly sales team will be more than happy to help.