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Good morning, worktop fans! If you’ve got that ‘Monday morning feel’ again then fear not – we’ve been sent from Worktop Express® HQ to cheer you up. We would like to remind you of our fantastic fabrication sale that has been running throughout September. Today – the 30th September – is your last chance to take advantage of the massive 25% saving on all worktop fabrication services we have to offer.

Our fabrication team have years of hands-on experience: whether you need your replacement counters cut to size, or would like an ellipse end to create a handy breakfast bar, we are confident that you will be satisfied with your beautifully fabricated items.

So, grab your ruler and start measuring – the sale ends today! Take a closer look at our website or give one of our friendly team a call to book your worktop in. We are confident that you will be delighted with the results.

We are always delighted when Worktop Express® products appear in the media. As such, we’re very excited about our most recent claim to fame: Grand Designs will be featuring some of our finest solid wood worktops during next week’s episode. The show follows presenter Kevin McCloud as he visits individuals embarking upon extravagant architectural projects in the hope of building their dream house. With millions tuning in to watch every week, we feel privileged to be involved in such a prestigious programme.

We recently supplied Mr and Mrs MacKinnon with four beautifully fabricated solid beech worktops for use in their new home. The couple were approached due to their ambitious metal sculptural house design and unusual location at Strathaven Airfield in Scotland, making it an interesting case study for the show! Mr MacKinnon sent us a few pictures of our beech worktops amidst the building work – even when the space is still under construction, the worktops look marvellous. We can’t wait to see how they look in the finished house.

So, if like us you are looking forward to seeing our beech worktops in action, make sure you tune in and watch. Grand Designs will air on Channel 4 on Wednesday 2nd October at 9pm. Get the popcorn ready… viewing pleasure is guaranteed!

Worktop Express Beech Worktops on Grand DesignsWorktop Express Beech Worktops on Grand Designs

The Worktop Express® team wish you a very happy Monday – and thought we’d make you even happier by adding a quick reminder about our fabulous ongoing fabrication sale!

For the rest of the month (orders should be placed by 30th September) customers can enjoy a generous 25% off all fabrication options including our popular pre-oiling service. Visit the bespoke cutting page for more insight into the comprehensive range on offer: from edge profiles to sink cut outs and more, we can fashion your worktop to your exact specification. Installing a solid wood worktop is a breeze after a bit of help from our fabrication team!

Summer Fabrication Sale

Should you have any questions about the sale, our fabrication options or indeed any other aspect of the Worktop Express® service, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

At Worktop Express® we are always looking out for solid wood to crop up in weird and wonderful situations. So, when we discovered there is a Holland-based company that produces Apple accessories made only from solid wood, we couldn’t wait to share it with you!

The company – Miniot – supplies an array of items: from iPhone ‘pouches’ to solid wood docking stations, there are a host of wooden items to delight and astound. Please keep reading for a quick introduction to this unique range.

First off, the iPad ‘Miniot Cover Mk2’ caught our interest: available in a selection of designs, this case is extremely popular due to timber’s natural protective qualities. The durability and resilience of their selected woods – such as Worktop Express® favourites maple and walnut –set them apart… just like our fantastic walnut and maple wooden worktops!

Another interesting product is the solid wood docking station. This has specially designed holes that are utilised to amplify the sound – cheap, simple and beautiful. But that’s not all it’s got going for it; it’s eco-friendly, too! We love wood – it is a beautiful and unique material to work with – but it is also important that all purchases are made responsibly and from EUTR-compliant sources. Lucky for us, Miniot also care about the environment – so we recommend going on a timber craze and matching an environmentally friendly dock to your sustainably sourced solid wood worktop!

Although Apple accessories aren’t something we supply at Worktop Express® (though perhaps we should suggest that our fabrication team give it a try!?) we can customise your worktop in any manner that you desire; or, if the stylish two tone timber look is of interest, check out our end grain butcher blocks. We supply a maple and walnut combination; an eye-catching and practical kitchen utensil, the light maple is a perfect contrast to the dark hues of European walnut. With solid wood, the possibilities are limitless: explore our website for more information on what we can do or contact us to learn more!

Cherry & Maple iPad Case

After playing around a bit on the website we created our very own customised case – cherry sandwiched between walnut. If only we had an iPad to put this on ey…

Wenge iPhone Docking Station

A dark wenge iPhone 3G/3GS docking station.

Images courtesy of Miniot

Now that summer is almost over, we all need something to keep us in high spirits in preparation for the crisp autumn months. This has been a hot topic of conversation at Worktop Express® HQ, and in the end we decided to cheer ourselves up by helping out customers. You can’t say that we don’t look after you!

At Worktop Express®, we are proud of our exceptional worktop fabrication service. By using only the finest machinery, our extremely skilled and experienced team cut to precision, producing outstanding results. A popular choice, this service relieves you of any additional work or stress when it comes to your worktops – simply send us your requirements and we will do the rest. From hot rods, to irregular cut-outs, to butt joins, we offer a huge variety of options to accommodate every kitchen worktop need.

Beech worktop with belfast sink and irregular cut outs Prime oak worktop with irregular cut outs Wenge worktop with irregular cut outs

Therefore, we are very pleased to announce that from today (Monday 16th September) we will be holding a fabrication sale. Until the 30th September we will be offering a terrific 25% off all bespoke cutting services – there is no better time to invest in one of our solid wood worktops and enjoy some fantastic fabrication, too.

So, whether the falling leaves have you in the mood for some ‘autumnal’ decoration and you wish to opt for an edge profile, or if you’d prefer to give your worktop a treat with our pre-oiling service, there is something in the Worktop Express® fabrication sale for everyone. With a delivery lead time of only 5-10 working days to UK mainland (once fabrication diagram has been confirmed), you can receive your customised worktop in no time at all!

If you have any queries regarding the ‘New Season’ promotion and would like to discuss with one of the Worktop Express® team, please do not hesitate to send an email or give us a call – we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Black American Walnut

Here at Worktop Express® we’re dedicated to providing affordable products, as well as offering great incentives to buy – such as our fabulous ‘New Season’ sale on iroko (please see our iroko page for more information).

Even when dealing with rarer and more exotic timbers like wenge, we try to be as competitive as possible. It is necessary to consider suppliers’ prices and any associated transport costs, however; and on some occasions this can cause a slight increase in our own prices.

Due to widespread inflation on the costs of supply and shipping, we have applied a small increase to the prices of black American walnut worktops (in line with the rest of the market). Please rest assured that this increase is marginal and that we will continue to do everything we can to reduce costs; indeed, research has shown that – even after the price change – Worktop Express® consistently offers the most competitive prices for black American walnut in the UK, a fact that we are proud to share.

Ultimately, we put quality above all and simply cannot compromise on that, even if this necessitates a higher cost for supply. We are confident that our customers will share this opinion, particularly when witnessing the calibre of our solid wood worktops first-hand: black American walnut is an absolutely stunning timber.

For more information on our pricing procedure or any other aspect of our service, please do not hesitate to contact us; alternatively you are welcome to visit our black American walnut worktop sample page and order an affordable (fully refundable) sample before committing to purchase.

Iroko Worktops

This month’s ‘terrific timber’ award goes to iroko! We love all of our wood tops the same but each one is so special that individual attention must be paid! One of our most exotic timbers (sourced from the west coast of Africa), the popularity of iroko wood worktops is rapidly increasing – the wood’s durability and hygienic qualities make it a perfect addition to any space.

Harvested from the milicia excelsa tree, iroko has many interesting uses. During the 1990s, the ‘txalaparta’ – an instrument native to the Basque region of France and Spain – was constructed from this inimitable timber: iroko has therefore played an important role in the maintenance of cultural traditions. Furthermore, iroko is rich in oil and is therefore naturally water resistant – ideal for usage in outdoor furniture and the boat-building industry (and, most pertinently,kitchen worktops..!)

However, one of the most fascinating facts about iroko concerns its colour; or, rather, the way the timber’s colour develops over time. When first supplied, an iroko worktop will be a light yellow/golden colour but soon after installation – around 6-8 weeks – it will mature into a rich bronze shade. This is due to both increased sunlight exposure and the frequent applications of oil required for good maintenance (please view our worktop aftercare guide for more information). So really iroko is both blonde and brunette: two worktops rolled into one!

If your appetite has been whetted to sample some of our wondrous iroko, we have some good news: from today (Monday 9th) we will be running an end of summer sale on this exotic timber! Please consult the website or contact us to take advantage of the fantastic discounts that are now available.

We’re always excited to learn more about our customers and – even better – to see how our worktops have been used in the home. We also appreciate how useful it can be to new customers to see our ‘worktops in action’, as it were!

With this in mind, we’ve decided to supplement our healthy customer testimonials page by creating a full case studies page. Through this category you will be able to browse real-life images, hear what customers have to say in their own words, and learn more about the Worktop Express® process from start to finish.

We recently heard from John and Vivienne Dunn, who purchased some beautiful fabricated Prime Oak worktops (including a large biscuit-joined work surface). We’re pleased to say that John and Viv have been delighted with the finished product, commenting that ‘the result is excellent. We have been very pleased with your service and customer service team who dealt promptly with any queries […] The bespoke item that you produced for us was first class and we can’t ‘see the join’!’

Take a sneak peek at some of the images and see for yourself: we hope you will agree with their comments! And do keep an eye out for our expanded case studies page, which will be coming soon.

Case Studies Coming SoonCase Studies Coming Soon
City of Adelaide
Image courtesy of Sunderland City of
Adelaide Recovery Foundation

This week we are going to travel back in time for a brief history lesson – but naturally it’s still timber-related! We’re passionate about all uses of wood – though solid wood worktops are our favourite, of course – but ship-building is one of the oldest uses for this wonderful natural material. Oak, due to its natural density and exceptional durability, proved particularly popular in this arena.

The Worktop Express® team were therefore most interested to read that the world’s oldest surviving clipper ship – built in 1864 – is due to be transported from Scotland to Australia in the coming weeks. City of Adelaide has been residing in the Scottish Maritime Museum after being abandoned in the River Clyde, but will now be relocated to Adelaide after a voluntary group ‘Clipper Ship City of Adelaide Ltd’ offered to continue funding the restoration of this historic boat.

Between 1864 and 1888, City of Adelaide made 23 annual voyages from London and Plymouth to Adelaide carrying passengers and goods such as wool and copper. At an immense 54m long, she helped transport English and German immigrants which ultimately played a fundamental role in the development of Australia as a nation.

But what we love so much about City of Adelaide is that the bulk of the craft is made up of one of our very own favourite timbers – oak! The rudder, stem and stern posts are just a small selection of pieces that are formed from this wonderful wood. At the glorious age of 149, she is the only boat left from the Timber Trade period, as well as being placed in the top ten ‘nationally significant vessels’ by the National Historic Ships committee. We can’t help but feel that the inclusion of solid timber in the construction of the boat has helped in its longevity and adventurous life…

So if you fancy testing out your sea-legs in the comfort of your own kitchen, why not opt for a solid oak worktop or two? We stock several different varieties of this enduringly popular timber – from prime oak worktops to full stave oak worktops – and these pair brilliantly with dark blue and white accessories, to continue the nautical theme (which has also been one of the summer’s hottest interiors trends).