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The third test of the Ashes – that famous clash between Australia and England – is imminent; as such, we thought a cricket-related post would be most appropriate here – a little breather from all those rugby blogs we’ve bombarded you with recently!

Now, while we don’t recommend that you turn solid wood worktops into wickets, cricket is not exactly unrelated to our cause; after all, it’s a fairly ‘woody’ sport!

Let’s start with the cricket bat: a simple tool that holds the power of success within its 38 inches of fine hewn willow. As you well know, we’re bonkers about wood, so that fact alone is enough to get even the unsportiest amongst us interested in a good ol’ game of cricket. But that’s not all that is great about this particular tree – its uses are wide-ranging and unusual, to say the least.

For instance, willow bark contains salicin, which was used to produce an early form of aspirin – a medicine many of us are continually grateful for! The wood is a popular material in the manufacture of woven goods (such as baskets) and is also an integral component in the production of biomass and biofuel – two sources of ever needed renewable energy.


But perhaps the best thing about willow is its willingness to share the spotlight: for cricket bats are no longer made of willow alone. A revolutionary technique was recently developed which utilises tensioned oak inserts to increase the ‘sweet spot’ – meaning that an exciting new partnership has now formed between that Worktop Express® staple, oak, and the traditional willow. We couldn’t be more proud…

So come on, England: harness the full power of the awesome willow tree and bat your way to Ashes glory!

‘We’re all going on a cutting holiday No more cut-outs for a week or two. Fun and laughter on our cutting holiday, And cheaper prices for me and you, For a week or two.

We’re going where the wood gleams brightly To where we hear fabrication is best We’ve perused the Worktop Express® website Now we’ll put them to the test!

Everybody wants a cutting holiday But still needs their fabrication done too, Worktop Express will cut your timber products Precise and perfectly just for you,

For a great price too…

For a great price too.’

That’s right, worktop fans – you can enjoy a break from any fabrication work for another week, because our sale is running until the 31st July! Our brilliant 25% discount applies to all fabrication services, from edge-profile to sink cut outs and more: you can even use the saving on our handy pre-oiling service.

So what are you waiting for? Enjoy a better summer holiday than Cliff Richard – despite the thunderstorms – by treating yourself to some top-notch bespoke cutting, serviced by our experienced team. And if you’re in a hurry, never fear: from point of diagram confirmation, standard lead time for delivery to UK mainland is only 5-10 days (for more information on our delivery service, consult our delivery details page or contact us).

25% Off All Fabrication Orders: Final Week!

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, ‘flesh plugs’ are here to stay. In case you were wondering, the name refers to the short, cylindrical pieces of jewellery that are worn in larger piercings (commonly in the ear lobe) – and guess what? These plugs are now available in many varieties of wood…

According to eco-friendly jewellery seller Arka, wood is a great material for this kind of jewellery: ‘comfortable, lightweight but strong’. Arka also recommend avoiding excessive exposure to water and oiling wooden plugs to keep the wood in tip-top condition – just like Worktop Express® wooden worktops!

Arka provide wooden plugs in a range of different timbers, including that Worktop Express® favourite, oak. Crafted by an English woodturner and using ethically sourced timber, Arka praises the oak plug’s ‘rustic’ look and amazing grain – in fact they believe that solid oak jewellery actually ‘improve[s] with age’, something that we certainly believe holds true of our oak worktops.

Whether your ears are pierced or not, a wooden ear plug is a pretty impressive addition to any closet. We’ll be stockpiling these solid wood wonders along with the watches and bags already in our ‘Wooden Wardrobe’ – whatever will be next?

Over to you, blog readers: we want to hear your suggestions! So don’t hesitate to contact us if you come across any innovative timber products – whether these are wacky, whimsical or downright weird – or if you have any questions relating to the wonderful world of solid wood.

Wearable Wood Part 3

Oak Flesh Plugs – image courtesy of Arka

Just a quick reminder that our fabulous promotion, which is sure to whip you all into a fabrication frenzy, will only run for another fortnight!

We’re offering a 25% discount across all fabrication services until the end of the month, making it easy to customise your worktops in whichever way you fancy – from pre-oiling to edge profiling, and more. Solid wood is a wonderful material that offers a great deal of flexibility when in the right hands, so there’s plenty that can be done to make your timber worktop even more perfect: take a look at our bespoke cutting service page for inspiration.

Whatever you choose, our expert team will deliver the same stunning results, using cutting-edge machinery and techniques to meet your requirements with precision. We deliver within 5-10 days from point of diagram confirmation, meaning that the process is not only simple – it’s quick, too.

So for the most affordable prices around, give our bespoke cutting service a go: that handy 25% discount applies until the 31st July! And don’t forget to contact us if you’d like more information or if you have any questions.

Fabrication sale

We’ve always had a soft spot for this particular timber, but the more we learn about cherry, the more special it seems. Read on to find out why cherry makes us so merry!

The cherry is probably most famous for its wonderful blossom (after its use in spectacular cherry wood worktops, that is!), which is most readily associated with spring; but in fact the summer months are vitally important for this beautiful, naturally occurring phenomenon.

See, it wasn’t just favouritism prompting us to pick cherry for the blogspot this month: topicality had a big part to play. Because it turns out that this is a pretty important month for the cherry tree. Not only skilled when it comes to looking good, the cherry is a master of organisation – right now this hardy little timber is already preparing the blooms for Spring 2014!

This process is sometimes referred to as ‘flower initiation’, referring to the FT protein that relies on sunlight and helps ‘initiate’ the growth processes of the plant. This stimulation is most abundant during the summer because of the increased daylight hours; when sunlight is absent, the FT protein degrades or dies. Leading scientists now believe that this is crucial to the seasonality of plants – meaning that, in basic terms, the tree must do most of the ‘legwork’ when preparing new buds in summer and autumn the year before they intend to flower, so that when the days shorten the tree can simply drop its leaves and rest.

Clever, eh? But the prodigiousness doesn’t stop there: the trees use a kind of internal thermometer to predict the arrival of spring, waiting for a ‘temperature sum’ (a multiplicity of warm days) to occur. When the tree is satisfied that this level has been reached, the buds open – hey, presto, blossom!

So for a timber that truly has it all – vibrance, beauty and brains – look no further than the wondrous cherry.

Competition Winner

After weeks of waiting, The Worktop Express team have now excitedly collated all entries to our fabulous June promotion. We’re pleased to announce that the lucky recipient of £1,000 worth of Worktop Express® goodies was chosen yesterday through a random number generation tool.

So, without further ado, please allow me to introduce our winner:

Drum roll, please…

Mr Ian Cowley!

We contacted Mr Cowley straight away and he was delighted to hear the good news – in fact, he was speechless! Oak worktops and solid oak upstands are his products of choice at present, but he’s keen to learn more about our acclaimed collection; so we’ve invited him down to our lovely showroom in the next few weeks to discuss how best to spend his loot.

Huge congratulations, Ian! We’re looking forward to finding out which of our products will be finding a home in the Cowley residence – and we’ll be sure to report back to our faithful blog readers with all the details. Stayed tuned…

Summer Fabrication Sale

It may be perfect barbeque weather at the moment but most of us still use our inside cooking areas just as much – if not more – than the outside!

The good news is that the Worktop Express® bespoke cutting service makes it easy to customise your worktop to your taste. Got plans for some big summer gatherings? Why not add an ellipse end and transform your work surface into a wonderful breakfast bar, perfect for dining and entertaining. Relying on your kitchen as a valuable prep area while your grill works overtime outside? Install some hot rods and your worktop has a built in pan stand, a handy expansion of preparation space.

To help things along, we are pleased to offer a 25% discount on all fabrication services (including pre-oiling) from now until the 31st July. Our experienced team use innovative techniques and the latest machinery to ensure precision: with no compromise to quality, our affordable service will produce worktops customised exactly to your requirements. Best of all, standard lead time for delivery to UK mainland is only 5-10 days (from point of diagram confirmation).

To take advantage of the great savings on offer, be sure to place an order by the 31st July. We look forward to hearing from you!

Greetings, worktop fans! We’re just checking in with a quick reminder about our fabulous competition, which runs until Saturday 6th July (this Saturday!).

We’re offering one lucky entrant £1,000 worth of goods and services from our best-selling collection: the prize fund can be spent on anything from oak worktops to full stave black American walnut worktops and complementary accessories – not to mention the great customisation options available with our fabrication service.

To be in with chance of winning, simply swing by our lovely Gloucester showroom in the next few days: we’re open 9am-5pm on weekdays and 10am-2pm on Saturdays. We’ll give you a tour and put together a non-obligation quote before entering your details into the prize draw. Full terms and conditions apply; please click here to view.

The winner will be announced in due course, so stay tuned…and good luck!

In our quest to find the most unusual uses for solid wood, we’ve seen some pretty amazing things. Take our last Wearable Wood blog, for example, in which we discussed a new range of women’s handbags made out of solid wood – quite incredible.

And just in case the gentlemen amongst the Worktop Express® team were feeling a tad left out, we’ve now stumbled on another fabulous wearable wood item: the wooden bowtie!

Two Guys Bowties was established in Oklahoma in 2012 with the aim of reinventing the traditional bow tie. The result? A perfect combination of old school style and modern flair: a bow tie crafted from solid wood which is sanded, polished and oiled and then accented with a quirky fabric centrepiece. Though the business is fairly new, chief designers Adam Teague and Tim Paslay have already seen orders flood in; their designs have been featured by media around the globe, from GQ to MTV.

So, dapper gentlemen of the world, why not treat yourself to a zebrawood bowtie to match your zebrano worktop? Like Worktop Express®, Two Guys Bow Ties work with a variety of carefully sourced woods, ranging from exotic timbers to the more classic…

If that particular accessory seems just a little far out for your tastes, however, never fear. We’ve got plenty of other suggestions regarding complementary items for your solid wood worktops; take a look at our accessories page for more information… and keep checking back here for more wacky wood uses, we’re on a roll!

Solid Wood Bowties

Image courtesy of The Two Guys Bow Tie